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  1. alright don't hold back.... tell us how you realy feel
  2. When I first got it it had firmware 1.0 I went through the whole factory preset one and was not really happy at the sounds I was hearing then I noticed there was a factory 2 bank started going through that and was pleasantly surprised and really liked the presets that were there I have yet to go back to the other factory presets even since loading the newest firmware. I have been able to make some pretty decent patches myself which was a task for me on my 11 rack I also have found that using third-party IR's is definitely good...
  3. At this particular time I am using my iPad fourth-generation retina and one thing I do like is using the talk text part but sometimes it doesn't get my words right the one big thing aggravates me about the iPad on this particular site is when I go to login it will put my name and password in the register new user instead of in the sign in blocks does it every time oh and I am using chrome with my passwords saved.
  4. seems to me that it is hitting the side of the opening
  5. I'll have to look for that.... it has "no latency" mode as well in PT but I've never had to use it. You are absolutely right about that... I never thought about using FL or if it could even use an interface, the only time I ever use it was a trial several years ago and messed around making some sequences
  6. I've used mine with win10 and PT12 256 samples 96khz/32bit with no issues and had my BR1600CD hooked up to the SPDF to use the drum machine on it, the one thing I did notice was that I had to mute the track my guitar was on ( my 11 rack did that automatically) because it sounded like I had turned on a chorus or a doubler or a little louder or 2 guitars playing the same thing but it didn't effect any of my recordings. My PC: AMD FX 8350 8 core, 32gigs ballistic ram, MSI Mobo, intel 180 gig SSD (for OS) 3TB data HD (where all my sessions record to) ATI R9 270. when I put it together I wanted to make sure I had plenty of power to spare when running PT
  7. Here is a company that sells them and are great quality IR's...
  8. EXP Squeaks when I put my foot on it to use it for the wah (or what ever). It seems to be scrubbing the side of the opening. I had not put this baby on the floor until the other day and soon as I went to use it well it squeaked and I tried to move my foot to the right and it still dose it , if I barley touch it or move it with my hand it doesn't do it but that's not how I use my regular wah wah or my other EXP, any one else have this happen? I posted in bug thread on this as well.
  9. EXP Squeaks when I put my foot on it to use it for the wah. It seems to be scrubbing the side of the opening. I am starting a topic on this as well.
  10. If you can swing it hock what you got and get a Helix an L2 (2 if you can afford it, the stereo FX sound Killer) ... I never liked the HDs' never tried the DT's I have a Eleven Rack an EPSI and the Dream stage setup (mostly used the 11r through XLR's into the M20D and plan on using the Helix the same way) and that's the bomb... just got a Helix last week and since then it's been hooked up to 2 of my L2M's with the L6 link and It totally rocks and I found a Taylor acoustic IR and with the neck pickup on my electric it totally sounds like an acoustic! The Helix smokes my Eleven Rack too...
  11. great tone bro!!!
  12. A +1 on all what he said also you could try to get another hard drive and reinstall windows on that hard drive so you wouldn't mess up your other one and see if a new install of Windows 7 cause the same problem then you will absolutely know if it is your install driver set or your hardware
  13. I am totally using USB no other connection to my computer it sounds great and it is totally digital
  14. This is from a thread where I had asked about my GC mission engineering EXP...... Hope it helps. Posted 19 October 2015 - 01:27 PM BEST ANSWER BigRalphN, on 19 Oct 2015 - 09:21 AM, said: Yes absolutely that's a brilliant idea I didn't think of doing that I thought of taking apart the pedal but yes you're absolutely right you just have to find the right combination of wiring because really the expression pedal is basically just a volume pot or a potentiometer. Well I should start taking orders now anyone wants one I'll pick up a TRS cable cut it in half and add some female ends too it in the right combination of wiring stevekc, on 19 Oct 2015 - 2:36 PM, said: thanks for this I had not had a chance to look this up and I can see simply swap the tip and ring and it will do the trick...
  15. you can then also use the joy stick to sift though the other blocks and set or clear the assignments.
  16. what were you doing when this happened?
  17. check to see if you have "legacy support" enabled in your bios what ever it is set to change it. all my pc's are set that way.
  18. the Helix rack will have "world clock" is that the same thing?
  19. I put 1 at the beginning of a path and I noticed a degradation of the loop when playing over it.... any one else have this happen??? I even got rid of all FX except amp and cab and it still did it. It was less when I played the lead through the 2nd path using the EXP #2 to swap paths... ie: toe down = path #1 and heel down = path #2
  20. What is your Daw? I use PT12 on pc and had no problem running 44/24, 48/24 and 96khz/32bit floating. Have you tried setting the session up before starting it?
  21. +1 on both!!! the best work around I have found so far is to save after every change you make so if you turn instead of bump just turn the preset knob back and forth and your ready to go again... no problemo! after losing multiple changes I came up with that. and for now it works.
  22. the only issue I had was a freeze wile adding a second amp on the 2nd path but I had already filled every block too so I had to reboot and I just cleared another block and loaded the 2nd amp and filled the one I cleared and its not done it again since. I can tell you Get It!!! you will be amazed at what it can do...
  23. I have tried both 24 48 and 96 with the Helix and I can't tell any real difference and they all do work. I use the Ownhammer Modern collection and it has a few different levels in the pack also used them on both 2048 and 1024 and it sounds the same to me. but I am not a sound engineer either.
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