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  1. you need to put mp3's on a sd card or usb stick put it in the m20d and select media player on m20d and hit the tweak button then touch screen "deep tweak" then you can make "playlist" by selecting the mp3 on storage (ie: sd card, usb stick) a foot switch can be connected to the m20d to start and stop the media player. for every scene you save there can be a different play list. or connect a computer via usb connection or Ipod, phone, mp3 player on aux in (17-18) 1/8 connection on M20D and manage the songs that way.
  2. Just to add... Don't forget to pan one channel all the way left and the other all the way right to get the full stereo separation on the pair, this is what I do for my eleven rack (on XLR's) and the electronic drums (13-14) we use. Also 13-16 are TRS and can be used balanced or un-balanced (TS), but if you use them for a vocal mic you don't get some of the functionality in the tweaking that you do with 1-12
  3. Eventide ultra channel plugin Sorry to post this off topic subject but hey everybody loves free stuff and it will be $249 after the 8 th.
  4. And if you're not going to use the L3t with a bass save yourself a little cash and you'll get the L2t because the way that L3 T is set up you will only be using one speaker because of the crossover in it.
  5. I had the same issue at our last gig and several times before, it always happens towards the end of the show and the m20 D is very warm this last show it happened after I cranked up the mains, in the next song is where it started to do it and I ran back and turned it down and the problem stopped for the rest of the gig, I though the m20d got hot. Thinking back it seem For me it always seems to happen when I tried to get a little more loudness.
  6. I really think you need to use the L6 link from your HD 500 to your L3m speaker in order to get full benefits of using using those pieces together. It's just my opinion fwiw.
  7. I just got to reading this whole thread it seems to me that we need some sticky notes on the forum with some basic questions that seem to be recurring information that is undoubtably essential. Maybe needs to be a new FAQ that is a sticky at the top of the form. I never realized that I had to save a scene before the setup I knew that I had to save them both but never paid much attention to which one I was saving first, that probably explains some of the gigs lately where things seem to have changed but I thought maybe was just me and I did not remember to save before shutting down or something like that... Also I want to do a +1 on "save all as". Idea I think that would be a good option Having issue with recording this weekend at a gig but it was outside inside in a truck that has a fold out stage and it was about 90° I thought possibly could be the heat I do have an SDXC card is 64 gig and has been pretty good about recording past several gigs that we have had but just to make sure I have ordered a new SDHC that is 32gig because of some of the other threads about recording. Also when I cranked up a little louder the system did start to cut out a little bit towards the end of the show, it went from 10 in the morning till 2 in the afternoon we didn't have the cutout problem till around 1 and the board was getting pretty warm it was not in the sun though however turning it back down did seem to stop the cutout problem, we were on one circuit but never kicked a breaker either. But a sticky FAQ would be a good alternative to having to search through tons of threads for the correct information or answer to question it's about time the old one got updated anyway.
  8. I believe that Don Boomer said that all L2 speakers come from the factory with 1.05 firmware, as none were every made that had any previous rev. besides fat32 format, check the security lock on the SD card to see if it got moved to the lock position accidentally.
  9. I did run a personal powered Sampson monitor from the "balanced mix out xlr" (all speakers and monitors were connected with L6 link) for a drummer once wile doing a show for a friends band and it worked perfectly.
  10. Gees and I thought everybody got the "Pro Endorsement Pack" when you buy a complete "Dreamstage" system ;) Next you'l try to tell me you didn't get the "buy 3 L2T's and get one free" deal either :lol: But man what a pain trying to return that "Line 6 Trunk Monkey" :o
  11. WOW!!! Great advice I will employ it at our next out door gig (which is what we do most often)
  12. This is what I thought was being talked about when Si was explaining the setup way back in the other thread. that is a great idea as well.
  13. I was noticing that when connected to the iPad and controlling the setup that I don't see the spectrum analyzer on the EQ screen like I do at the same time it is on the M20D... Is this normal? I use the EnGenius EUB9801, is it the same if you use the airport express router?
  14. I'll take a shot here..... I noticed the same thing the other night and thought it was a little crazy, My guess from the times I have set up a playlist is the as you build the play list if you go into a folder and select one mp3, add it to the play list and click again to the add button and go to a folder and select another single mp3 and so on and so on, it stays in that order but if you go to a folder and "select all" or more than one at a time then add them the M20D puts those mp3's how it wants. I use a usb stick with mp3's on it connected to an usb hub. On a side note I found that if you load another scene that you previously used and saved with a play list that play list comes back as well.
  15. Hey Si, I remember when you were talking about doing the light thing and I see what you mean now, thanks for posting the pic that is self explanatory, also thanks for the info on the poles, I have both sizes of the Line 6 poles. That set up looks great but one question as I remember someone (may have been DB or Ron) talking about getting the subs up off the ground for some reason and that was why they stand up as well as lay down. Someone please clarify.... Now I want that as well.... Love it!!!
  16. this really sounds like an acoustic If I didn't have the 11 rack I would get this setup for sure!
  17. You can play music with the way I connect as well but you must have (music) it on a usb stick in a hub with the dongle plugged in the same time or on the sd card. what is unique about the airport is you can play from your itunes or whatever you use on the iPad itself
  18. I Have the EnGenius EUB9801 one I found it on ebay for 23 bucks B) , I think someone on here said once that they used one that was not on the list it worked but that is not the "recommended choice" :unsure: Here is one for $33 looks like they take paypal as well.
  19. I have both size poles as well. most of the time you won't need the long poles but if you get in a situation where there is a lot of people in front of the band and you are on the ground and not on a stage you will need those long poles to get the sound to the back of the room or the back of the lot. Also one day I would love to have 2 more L3S's and 2more L3T's and lay them bad boys on there side with the L3t's on top (looks so cool) and have 10,000 watts to pump "ON DEMAND" :P B) :o ;)
  20. OK, "THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS:" If you were only putting a guitar and vocals through it then all you would need would be L2T's unless your a quartet then you would need the L3T's if you wanted to here your bass quartet singers voice good you'l need the L3S also if you have a bass running though the system you need the L3S, If you run vocals, guitar, bass and electronic drums through your "dream stage" system (like we do, and it sounds phenomenal) you'l need 2- L3S's 2- L3T's and 3 or 4 L2T's for monitors (like we have) and if you want to play tracks through it.... SO IT SOUNDS LIKE TO ME YOU NEED IT!!!
  21. Great video D the only thing I didn't know about was putting the icon in the icon gallery that is slicker than dogs snot!!! You definitely need to make more videos
  22. Wow that's great because usually when I would have a problem if I did not delete those files with the m20d, I have made three-hour in one shot recordings and had no problem but if I had deleted any files on a PC or Mac and then put it back and the m20d it would not work correctly. As a sidenote four hours is the longest you can do one consecutive recording you could have several recordings at four hours on the 64-gig card and wouldn't have any problem.
  23. I use a 64 gig class 10 sd card and my problem turned out to be me putting it in to a comp and erasing some of the folders and the only way I could get it back working would be to reformat, then someone here said they found if they used the m20d to erase the files or folders it was fine since then I have had no problems i recorded an 18 channel 3 hour show of my buddy's band and didn't even hiccup.
  24. I have 2 L3T's, 3 L2M's, 2 L3S's and a M20D and we run direct bass (my wife loves it, she the bass player) I use a very little of the M20D's on board fx on it, also a set of alesis electronic drums and my 11 rack with both right and left xlr's and it is all quite pristine and the bass is just awesome, the sound can't be beat IMHO.
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