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  1. Here is a good representation of the line 6 dream stage in action as it was all recorded with the M 20 D when I did this for my friend so they could shoot a video and a guy that is known pretty well around Georgia name Swaf did the mixing and mastering of this track and then it was put to the video....
  2. I use the Engenius too, make sure the M20D is in "stand alone" mode then make the iPad connect to it and you should see a device down below the other networks it should be the M20D. sometimes [most times] I have to start stop and restart the M20D app and plug and unplug the Engenius dongle several times before it connects, mine seems to work better on channel 3 as well.
  3. mind you I haven't never tried what you are doing but 1. iPad connects to router? and stay connected? 2. you open the M20D app and it never connects? 3. does the M20D show that it sees the router network?
  4. I would try to delete the old setup first and see what happens
  5. if there is no way to power it besides the usb connector you can get a powered usb [2.0 or higher if available] hub so that u can use the HD you have invested in.
  6. did you change the setting in the M20D to network, make sure it is not on the stand alone mode, sorry I am not at my unit right now and can't remember the exact wording. I use the "engenius" dongle and it is temperamental at times but works most of the time and was thinking of going the other rout as well.... you can try connecting with the dongle over the router network as well as with the usb to ethernet way.
  7. I'm hoping that Yamaha will take what Line 6 is good at and run with it, similar to what Beringer has done with Midas, when they acquired Midas they utilized what they were already very successful and competitive at and used that in the x32, which is one of the mixers I was looking at before I found the M 20 D I'm really glad I made the choice on the M 20 D no doubt, but that x32 mixer is a pretty sweet. It would also be nice if they leave the Line 6 name and productline the way it is and not just change everything to the Yamaha name, maybe let it be there Cadillac and even put out some of the same equipment with the Yamaha name At lower price. Hopefully the marketing will get much better as well and they will get the product out there a lot more than Line 6 has been able to if it wasn't for the Internet and me searching for the functions I needed in a mixer, I probably would have never seen the M20D. And here is a for instance, the guitar center that is closest to me doesn't even carry the M20 D in stock so people can't even come in and test drive it, I had to go all the way to the north side of Atlanta to the guitar center up there to even be able to see the system and put my hands on the mixer and test it out, now that's kind of silly if you ask me.
  8. hope this means more support and firmware updates
  9. If you have an extra channel you could set up a second Mike channel and just switch the cable from one slot to the next and that would be pretty quick. No fuss no music.... However you may want to hit the mute all inputs button before pulling the plug and sliding in the next channel
  10. Oh that's great info I really appreciate that because sometimes I don't want to go ahead and have to wipe everything off and that would be a really easy way to do it with M 20 D still have space and not mess with the stuff I want to leave on there. that's why I love this forum because you can find out so much cool stuff that you can really use
  11. I am in no way affiliated with this but I use it and highly recommend it... MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition is a free partition manager software designed by MiniTool Solution Ltd. Our partition manager supports 32/64 bit Windows Operating System including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Home users can perform complicated partition operations by using this powerful yet free partition manager to manage their hard disk. Functions include: Resizing partitions,Copying partitions, Create partition, Extend Partition, Split Partition, Delete partition, Format partition,Convert partition, Explore partition, Hide partition, Change drive letter, Set active partition, Partition Recovery. and a + 1 on DB's post
  12. wow, how many inputs are recording at once and dose that include the main mix as well? I have done it before but since it was recomended that you use the SD cl 10 card I bought 1.
  13. +1..... Also I found that if you take any songs off of the card on a computer when you go back to run it in the M 20 D that it no longer works (records a few seconds and then stops ) I use a 64 GB SD card and do not erase anything anymore but I have copied some of the folders and it is fine. You can get minitool partition wizard for free. each time that you were setting up did you do the auto trim and then record your sound check recording?
  14. I am sorry its the "StageScape" M20D touch screen mixer and when used with the L6 Link and "stagesource" speakers ie..L2..,L3.. it is ca the "DreamStage" It's the most advanced and best sounding digital PA system you can get!
  15. Have him check out the Avid Eleven Rack as well that is what I use and the amp models are stellar, the tones I get with it are phenomenal and you get pro tools to boot.... I am intrigued by the HD 500 and the Variax and I would love to check them out in person but the GC in my part of town doesn't stock them.
  16. Pretty sure you'll just have to plug him in with XLR's into the M20D there is a preset that is in the icon line that is for an Pod HD500, when you plug it in to two of the inputs of the M20D one right after the other without hesitation there will be a small icon that pops up asking if you want to join them as a stereo link click on that and then pick the preset for the HD 500... Pretty sure this will be your best bet
  17. Do you have your input sensitivity on your speaker set to unity or 12 o'clock at the notch? The speakers have a built-in limiter and the red means that they're limiting so it will not blow the speakers.
  18. Yes I do, I have but I use it into the dreamscape 99.9% of the time. Check out (I am on that forum all the time as we'll) for some awesome presets. How are you connecting to it? Are you using 1 or 2 L3T's
  19. have you tried setting up the presets on you computer with the usb connection to the hd500?
  20. It dose not make any difference what you're hooked up to if the switch is not working, it is the M20D, I don't know if you have the new firmware or not but you could try loading the new firmware or if you do have the new firmware reload it, it is available at the top of the page in the forum
  21. so is surge protection built in as well? dose the potential of "start up issues" negate my 3500's protection against power surge? and could the start up issues cause any damage to my speakers?
  22. SurgeX is what DB suggested and I took a look at them on google and there web page and they are quite pricey, the Monster unit I use has not let me down and has a 5 year warranty. or a ups for the M20D
  23. I have an amprobe as well and I will take some "real world" measurements with it as well as take a video at our next gig so you can see the amp read out wile in action.... cheers!!! you know the old saying "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see." -Benjamin Franklin
  24. If I did not need this stupid iPad I would bust it right now!!! I just lost 20 minutes work on replies to everybody's comments when I went to a different tab and came back it was all gone don't you love it. The monster power pro 3500 can handle 15 amps at 120 volts which is what we have over here in the states, there is a real-time voltage and amperage read out on the front of this power conditioner so you can effectively see what your equipment is drawling at any particular time, at Idle all of our equipment, an SGX2000 express, Avid 11 rack, a set of digital drums and my FCB 1010 foot controller, an MP3 CD player and our dream stage system is pulling about 2.4 amps when I crank it really loud The most have ever seen the system drawl is about 3.4 amps. Hey I'm all about the overkill on making sure that there is plenty of headroom for whatever I'm doing so I guess I'm a little "mad" as well. Next time during the set up at a gig I will definitely crank it wide open and see what the Amp drawl is and report back, I do have 13 years of experience being a an electrician around DC Maryland and Virginia so that really helps whenever I'm looking at power issues. @DB... We had a gig where we had really extremely bad power hum in the system and no way to fix it on an all day gig years ago with our old sound system and other gigs where we had bad ground hum situations that couldn't be fixed, ever sense I been using The monster PowerPro 3500 And we have not had any problems like that. I have thought about using a UPS as well.
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