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  1. Yes I have the M20D and the stage source speakers and yes with the beat and it was an outside gig
  2. The first time that I took my system out and cranked it up I did not realize till later in the gig that the limiters we're staying on quite a bit. I only had my set the gain at 12 o'clock.
  3. You're not already in record mode push the record button and go to the folder where the recording you want to hear is, Load it then you will be able to play it back by just hitting the play button
  4. Go right ahead brother, Feel free to talk about your dog if that's what you want to do?!?!?!?!? LOL , I guess I was a little frustrated with the M20D being so awesome of a unit but then seemingly this media player has been like an afterthought or something.
  5. when I posted this "there should be a bar with an indicator that can be used to advance through or quickly rewind to any part of the song" I had not used the recorder and didn't know that there "IS" that feature on the GUI for the recorder and works great when playing back your performance.... so if it is there it should definitely be on the media player as well and not much trouble to add. I like to get the speakers set up and have some tunes play wile I get everything else plugged in and tuned up and wile tearing down. On another note: I need to try that foot switch thing too, it would be nice to come up with a "intro" kinda mahogany rush live style... here is the Intro.
  6. Yes but if you don't buy anything or give any credit card info they can't buy anything... And I did not. So I guess I have to change or clear the password on the apple site, huh?
  7. I found what you were talking about but it still asked me to sign when I go to the app store to install anything it's just a little aggravating, I solved this problem another way on a Mac mini by making my password just a simple 1, I do understand why I just wish I could turn it off. The main reason is I am not a typer I am a hunt and peck style typer and the way that I am writing this is with the microphone.
  8. That's cool! I learn Something new about this thing everyday
  9. Don't forget you can go into deep tweet go down to the bottom where it says L6 link and there's a 31 band EQ also. And you can just drag your finger and make it whatever you want.
  10. They don't specify on that particular item they do on the others however (wifi sticks and the apple USB to ethernet adapter). Which would lead me to believe that there makes no difference on that part... You can use any Wi-Fi router If you want, The airport allows you to play music off of your iPad but I got my iPad today and I can go into a USB stick (My USB stick is the engenious one and I have it plugged into a USB hub with another flash drive with music on it) or into the SD card and played music fine!!!
  11. Okay Just got my ipad today and I would like some help to turn off the stinking password so I don't have to put it in every time I want to install something. There has got to be away right? BTW It is very cool doing The remote on it.
  12. well I looked at it like this, 4th gen isn't even a year old yet and this one I ordered strait from apple and it is refurbished and has the same 1 year warranty as a brand new one. I should be good for a wile. Also you know that Line 6 is working on a fix for the recording problem and the firmware update may also be fallowed with an app update as well just like before.
  13. I bought a 64 gig SD card and the m20d would not recognize it, windows wouldn't format it to fat, so I used minitool parttion wiz free and formatted and it worked. my usb flash drives are ntfs and the work good you just have to wiggle them around and the m20d will find them, I have seen on the forum somewhere someone said they have to "shim there's up" to get it working.
  14. my concern was that the app needs iOS 5.2, sooner or later it will be getting an update that will push it past an iPad 1 or 2, you know it will happen. Lets not forget when apple went to intel based hardware, it made everything else obsolete. at least this way I should be good to go for a wile...
  15. I just ordered a refurbished 4th gen iPad for 419 from the apple store, wish I could use my andriod and save the cash, never would have bought one!!! :angry: :( :wacko: The m20d is the only reason...
  16. I looked at the advanced manual and don't think that you can get a stereo mix out of 2 monitors they will both be mono. you could go to another mixer with the main outs and use L6 link for main speakers. the computer main mix out should give the same result as the main outs and L6 link pa speakers.
  17. yeah I confirmed it tonight, definitely the one 10" speaker is the mid range and the other 10" is the lows even when L6 linked into the L3s. I had to pull up my wife's base to even hear any sound out of the other 10" speaker.
  18. I hooked up my 11 rack to my L3T's one at a time and I discovered something weird with the bottom of the speaker to my right it sounded like the speaker to my right (of the 2- 10" ones in the L3T) was much louder and clearer than the one on the left at first it seemed as if it wasn't working at all, I thought at first maybe its a factory defect but the other L3T did exactly the same thing. it is late at night right now so I can't turn it up but what seems to be is that one is for different higher frequency's and the other lower, I guess I thought that if I was to connect it laying down and plugged in to the #1 and #2 channel on the side and switched it to guitar it would put the separate amps inside in stereo so one 10" would be left and the other right. Has anyone ever tried this and got the same results? I guess I'm asking if it is normal? I even tried a mic with the same results.
  19. After our first gig on Saturday, I need to have this stupid iPad I guess.... :angry: if i can get 300 bucks for my 16 channel 100' live wire snake that has lifetime warranty I guess it will take some of the burn off the price. You want to talk about Android versions what about all the different versions of this iPad you got. you must have iOS 5.2 I think is what they said and it is hard to find out anywhere on the web if a first generation iPad will run iOS 5.2, the cheapest deal on is the Apple Store for a refurbished 4th generation for 409 dollars, I could get the generation 3 with a retina display for 379 But for 40 more bucks you might as well get the dang 4th gen.... so if I want to take advantage of what the m20d can do I guess I'm going to have to go ahead and buy a stupid iPad because I wanted to eliminate having to use and run the snake every time. Side Note: I have a 10 inch Android pad and about two days after I got it I gave it to my grandson because it was just kind of well the fun wore off I guess. It would be nice to have got some use out of it. I'm a PC guy and I got a MacBook Pro because everybody talking about how good it is and well I don't use it anymore and yes I spend quality time with it to learn all the ins and outs in short cuts and found out that the PC is way better, and I am a tech guy and built my own computers and do repairs many of the apples in the PC's also have build a hackintosh, really the insides are all the same it's just the OS this different. So I'm sure it will be the same with the iPad, if it wasn't for the m20d I would not even buy it. enough with my rant thanks for everybody's input
  20. NO, there is a progress bar you can move in recording mode play back but not in the media player mode and there definitely needs to be
  21. I looked around manuals and I couldn't find anything about using a USB hub and a wifi adapter at the same time to remote with an iPad and record or playback a USB flash drive or USB hard drive. I will try this myself some time but I haven't got a iPad yet so has anyone had success doing this?
  22. With as awesome as the m20d is it lacks surprisingly in the media player department, not in sound quality by any means but in functionality, there should be a bar with an indicator that can be used to advance through or quickly rewind to any part of the song and a "whats playing now" box or area to display whats playing now and whats up next. I've noticed that when trying to scroll though the playlist sometimes the song would start playing when my finger touched it. So maybe a scroll bar would be helpful as well. Also an automatic playlist option so the m20d could scan the media used (USB/SD) to find the songs on it much quicker than me adding from 1 folder at a time. I think a firmware update could fix this quite easily. any thoughts or suggestions? and what do you think with your experience?
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