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  1. both line and mic level where to hot for our Church board so I had to keep the volume control to pull it down a little... we have a Beringer board thats about 10 years old.
  2. some one else posted this before: These instructions are from page 46 of the Line6 manual from the section "DI Recording and Re-amplification". There is an illustration which I could not cut and paste that shows how to connect the Helix to your DAW and studio monitors: Re-amping Through Helix If your DAW software provides options for routing individual audio tracks to outputs other than just the main Helix USB Out 1/2, then you can use these steps for re-amping a dry recorded DI track back through Helix. 1. In your DAW software, set the DI track's Output setting to a Helix stereo USB Out other than USB Out 1/2. For this example we'll use Helix USB Out 3/4. 2. Create a new stereo track in your DAW project and set this track's Input and Output both to USB 1/2 - Let's name this track "Re-amped." Arm the track for recording. NOTE: In some DAW software it may be necessary to also activate the software monitoring feature on this "re-amped" track to monitor the Helix-processed signal when playing back your project. See your software's documentation 3. On Helix, select the Input block and set it to receive from the same USB stereo pair (USB In 3/4) and keep the Output block set to "Multi." Load your choice of amps and effects on the current Helix preset. 4. Now play your DAW project and you'll hear the DI track "re-amped" through your Helix! Adjust the DI track's volume slider to make sure the signal feeding into Helix is not too hot. Tweak your Helix amp & effects as desired while listening with the playback of your project mix. 5. Once you have your re-amplified guitar tone they way you like it, Solo both the DI and re-amped tracks, rewind to the start of the project and hit the DAW Record button, allowing it to capture the signal into the new re-amped track in real-time. Allow the DI track to play to the end, stop recording and you've created your new re-amped guitar track! TIP: Note that you still have your original Guitar DI track, and you can repeat this process to create additional re-amped tracks with different Helix settings, add plug-ins, blend with your original guitar track and more.
  3. This is a pro tools question... go to I/O's and click the default button under each tab, then you will see them and be able to assign them to tracks, I think there is a template for the re-amping with Helix. (in the Helix presets)
  4. Anyone who doesn't have a db meter can download from the play store for Andriod many free apps that do just that I use "Physics Toolbox Sensor Suite" it has a bunch of other tool besides the db meter. I sure apple has one as well but don't know if there is a free one.
  5. Sorry I started an other thread on this question and some others before reading this one, but for the placement of the Helix it seems not to bulge on the side with the handle as much if I put it in EXP side first...
  6. I just got mine today it was on back order over 3 months.... first off it looks awesome!!! when I got to the house to try it out I was a little shocked how hard it was to get the Helix in to it were I could zip it up I tried it EXP first and the other way and it seems to fit better with the EXP in first at the bottom. I did wonder why there is reversed zippers for removing the side foam. Also are the 10 Velcro loops supposed to go through the bandalera type loops on either side of the small compartment a the top I assume for holding rolled up cords or something? I was able to get both EXP's in the front compartment with some cords and stuff and I have my Relay G50 in the small compartment up top. What are your thoughts and uses for it?
  7. Try This, I put the control as EXP 1 and used EXP 2 to prove there was no sound coming past the split. Just put what ever FX you want to control with the EXP in the path. Exp 1 controls both a, b split and Merge mixer to get a true path if you don't do both it is a noticeable difference.
  8. If you have trouble with that I will make a basic preset and post it for you to see but I will have to do it later tonight
  9. try putting in an a,b, split (add a volume block select it and move the joy stick down, this will create a second path) and put the volume pedal at the end of it and all the FX you want to control with the EXP before the volume block and bring the merge of the path back to the next spot after the a, b, y and that will do what you want hope I explained that clearly
  10. no matter where you put the fx the cab should be after the amp somewhere in the chain, stuff in between don't matter but if the cab ain't there it will sound "fizzy" unless you are using an external guitar amp and cab. I was stuck thinking like you at first "must be as in the real world" but since have found that I like better having my volume pedal at the end of the chain so I have full force drive tone at very low levels when I need it instead of the former where the amp tone would clean up if I have the volume pedal first in the chain
  11. I'm not sure what you are saying here but you can use the toe switch of the EXP 1 to turn blocks on and off....
  12. I like the way you answered that DI I am reading between the lines here..... "If you're talking about heel bypass, no, Helix doesn't currently do this." ;)
  13. I like using the editor to adjust tones of patches by putting a looper block at the front of the chain and recording something and playing the loop and then dialing in the preset I guess you could use re-amping to do this as well, it really beats strum, tweak, strum method... I also used it hooked up to my pro tools with the redwires MIXIR2 plug in to mix IR's and one night drove the wife crazy because it was about a 20 sec loop :lol: its kinda like having someone play your guitar wile you fiddle with the FX
  14. I find it's good to take a little break from here a few days at a time and then come back and see that a couple things have been done and am most of the time pleasantly surprised, so take a few days off and come back and you will see it's good to get away and hey maybe what you been waiting for will be here for you.
  15. Or a way to adjust the main output (like in the global settings where you can change what the big knob controls) with MIDI or and EXP pedal globaly
  16. now if some one out there knows a way to make a simple servo control for the helix volume knob.... I thought of rigging up an old rc radio control but a compact wired one would be better look at this idea it would be better to have a knob though
  17. Currently you can copy each block 1 at a time and paste it into a new preset on the Helix itself and yes it is a lot of back and forth and saving but it does work... I have done it a few times... Though I haven't tried it with the editor...
  18. Very nice. I like the tone just post the link to the preset here from your Dropbox or something very nice sounds on the guitar and I totally agree with what amsdenj said
  19. Pretty much any expression pedal will need modification except for the Line 6 versions they only use sleeve and tip where most expression pedals use tip ring sleeve if you do a search on here for expression pedals you will find several that I had replied to showing how to rewire different versions of mission pedals
  20. I believe it's exactly what ur2funky says... if you open up file explorer and go to the top and left hand side and find "folder options" go to the tab where you can change so that you can see file extensions I would bet that they are hidden (default ) that way you've got txt or something else afterit like... *.HLX.Txt or *.wav.txt or *.hlx.Doc or something similar.
  21. 1 or 2 Stagesource L2m's IMHO thats what I have and there great...
  22. WOW it's about time DI. :lol: ... I've already bought 2 EXP's and to answer your question that was my intention but also to add a bunch more toggles ;)
  23. same problem here with the church mixer so I changed the global setting to control the XLR output with the Multi Knob and turn it to about 1 o'clock
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