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  1. Pretty sure you can't do that but you can copy and paste blocks Just use the editor and remember to save each time you change presets to go back and copy the next part.... I had to do this before
  2. Hey you forgot to complain about the tuner and the time it takes to switch between presets.... LOL Oh yeah almost forgot to mention I nailed that tone last week and you can buy it for the low low price of 3 easy payments of $49.99... Wait but that's not all you get the "Pick Hand" if your one of the first 100 callers. Yes that's right I will send you my pick hand absolutely free as a bonus when you buy this preset.... but wait there's even more... I'lll include the stray cat, no its not another preset it this cat that has been hanging out at my house and spraying my front door... that's right you get all this for.......
  3. Check out the Fernandes Sustainer pickup, it is basically an ebow on steroids and has a mode that changes what ever note or chords you are playing to a harmonic.... This kid on YouTube made something that feeds back though the guitar to create a similar effect
  4. jaminjimlp

    Helix questions Scroll down and see my post here
  5. jaminjimlp

    Helix questions

    Get the latest drivers in the Helix updater and editor files pined at the top of the forum.... search this forum for exp and I posted on a few about how to rewire foot pedals to work with helix....
  6. I can answer question number one for you but not number two question number one You definitely would want to get the L3t it has two 10-inch drivers in it and a built-in crossover so one driver is for high-frequency the other driver is for low frequencies I'm not sure where the cutoff frequency is and it maybe different on the different settings on the back guitar definitely would not want to use L3t because you would never get into the frequency range to use the second driver unless you were doing dive bombs and stuff I found this out myself a long time ago when I plug directly into one of my L3t with my old eleven rack and didn't hear anything out one speaker at all and then realized as I am search surround and tried a base and then it magically was working so I will tell you if you wanted to have low bottom then you will need to L3t for a base and I do believe that's awesome choice.... the short version is there is a crossover so it's good for bass but not good for guitar or not to say not good but kind of a waste for guitar
  7. You know as I read through here I think that if you did have a broken Helix that this was all you could do with it, it would still be better than 90 or 95% of the units out there
  8. Did anyone try this??? They sound great, before the PRS amp models I used these exclusively and even made a preset with all 3 in 1... there was only 1 reverb block that I couldn't squeeze in there but now with the 2.0 FW coming and the optimizing of some FX to save DSP it may! I will share the preset if anyone is interested...
  9. PRS Archon Lead chl w/ the combo block cab!!! enough said
  10. WOW!!! Not like Line 6 to give out any "early warnings" of whats on the burner?!?!?!?! What gives DI? I will say I like the change in policy here bro!!! Keep us on the edge of the seat... And Hay, I am happy for the bass Guys, really... Enjoy brethren!!!
  11. Do exactly what this guy does making these patches and your you should have it just about it exactly the same sound except for of course the Les Paul's going to be a little bit different than your Strat but if it doesn't sound really close to this and in the strap model sound as good as that then it most likely is your speaker is affecting a little more than you think. In my honest opinion I think these are some great tones.
  12. During my experimenting with the 3 amp patch setup tried to use the combination amp block to see if I could squeeze out a little more out of the memory but it seems that it uses the same amount of memory to load the combination block or the separate blocks
  13. You need to search a thread on the Forum where some guys were doing this and doing a four cable method type look up and we're very enthusiastic about the sounds they were getting
  14. post this to the bug thread... I had my Vaiax setting change every time I have installed new FW since getting my 89F and just switch it back to per/ preset and all patches that had the Variax models where they were in the previous FW
  15. The L2M or T version are a great choice for your Helix, I use 2... get the FW update and try the PRS Archon Model it is my new goto amp... Welcome home bro..
  16. Enjoy my friend... I try to add more as I find them so check back once in a wile.
  17. Tell him he has to supply one of thease so he doesn't jack up you tone... lol Seriously though I like the studio monitor idea.
  18. What you where quoting must have been deleted by the poster.... Posably?
  19. Since you've only had your Helix a few days maybe you've not made 50 yet and could just make a template preset for this particular thing you described with play and stop buttons for Midi and just dial up that template each time when you start to make a preset. And for the ones you've already made you can just copy all the other blocks that you've done To the template preset
  20. I'll just stick with my variax I was trying a bunch before I got it too get acoustic sounds and was never satisfied variax does a great job emulating an acoustic guitar... upon reading this I was thinking about the stage source speakers The "T" versions that have the acoustic model knob on them to bring the body of the guitar sound up or back however you would like to say it or they say it and wondering if that was something that would be able to be added to the Helix as well
  21. I know this thread has not been a waste of time at all I actually got a pretty good chuckle out of it.
  22. And if Line 6 can Model An incandescent light bulb why not a fuse and dose each amplifier model have it's fuse accurately modeled within it? Enquiring minds want to know!
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