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  1. When a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it does it make any noise? So if the cover comes off the Helix and nobody is there to see it does it void the warranty?
  2. Nero wave editor would be a program that you could use to edit a WAV file to maybe take a little piece out of it and then save it as a *.wav file I've never tried it but it seems like it would work I don't know how long or short it will have to be.
  3. On the preset that you are trying to copy hit the save button then turn to control knob where it says it will be saved, save it to a spot where there is no preset currently and hit save again you will copy the entire preset and all of its settings and labels and all I have done this for several things like making capo presets for use with my variax and set up that I really liked and wanted to try different amps with like when the PRS archon came out I have a preset that is set up the way I like it and wanted to try the different amps.
  4. No problem brother anything I can do to help I'm not the swiftest at the helix but there are some experiences that I have had that I can share to help someone I will do it If you have been doing the bundle since the beginning the original firmware, we'll there was a glitch where most cabs we're using the same microphone and did not sound very well so that is probably what was going on there rather than the placebo effect that is definitely a proven fact from the original firmware the Helix was shipped with at its Inception into the market. I have seen after one of the firmware updates the same thing where I did the global reset on the factory presets after the firmware update it built the patches I turned it off and turned it back on again and it rebuilt them a second time where every other time it has always been one time it would go through that rebuild I don't know what that is all about either but it has happened to me as well.
  5. Exactly... and I had found this out myself as well, I don't think it is clear either... I got the Helix on the first shipment and the very first FW update I did the same thing and everybody was saying how the presets sounded so much better now that the amps had the right cab mike and the new factory preset were good and well I finally figured it out too... They should change the wording in the FW update to explain that the bundle will overwrite the new factory presets so you should just save the set lists separately (I had to do the whole process over after saving each set list) and if that's the case why even have the bundle option... makes no sense at all. also I thought at first the bundle saved the IR's too, doesn't it imply everything?!?!?
  6. If it was a snake it would have bit you
  7. I would consider that last addition of amps as being quite significant it has become my go-to amp. the archon is great and I love being able to have a lead tone I don't even need a distortion box on. And knowing that if I had to make the choice between the editor and that and I would have chose that but we don't know what's to come and Line 6 is not in the habit of telling you much about what's to come.
  8. I set up using different paths as well but you can also change when you're set up for per preset the variax model can be changed per snapshot, each snapshot can be a different Guitar model IE you can have a tele with a Fender amp or a Les Paul with a marshall on the same patch or even when you hit your lead boost snapshot you can change the guitar there as well. I really like it. You just have to activate that parameter to be changed with snapshots like any other parameter
  9. I would like to add to your quote. Those such people probably don't know how to use the Helix as well as they should and an offline editor would absolutely help them be able to spend more time with it without having the Helix on their hip ie: at work at lunch wherever they might be without the helix.... Now okay THIS IS for Line 6!!! LISTEN UP HERE BOY'S ( you can thank me later) The offline editor would also be a great sales tool!!! You know not many music stores (if any) stock a helix that you can go up to and check out if you wanted to... You have to buy it and they order it and you get it and then you can try it out.... But if a potential customer were able to download and mess with the interface on thier computer they would see how easy these things are to do, the routing the opions etc... the things that we've that own one have noticed and that would definitely boost sales of units. The sales that would provide you hiring more technicians that can make more amps effects and cabinets... I can guarantee you that me being able to download that Behringer x18 software and mess with it on my computer, cell phone, tablet, even without it being hooked up to the x18 intrigued me quite a bit, so much so that I had someone by one. I own a line 6 m20d and I can tell you if that was available at the time I purchased my m20d I probably wouldn't have the m20d. Simply because I was able to test it out even without sound.
  10. Wow!!! What brand of strap locks were they???... I just put some Ernie Ball ones on (used the screws that came with it) and it is still working (screw looked about the same length)... I can't void the warranty if I just take the cover off and check right? Warranty aside (I won't try this until it is out of the warranty period) if I routed out the body to fit the other battery and controls could that work? If I went as far as too add a pickup that was solely dedicated to the Sustaner circuit and no connection with the Variax wiring and circuit the it would work independently? I don't know if the Sustainer needs to be in the signal to operate fully... In the latter case I would probably just use a single coil in the middle position. Is this something that could be commissioned? Would line 6 do that?
  11. And if you're using a variax with a VDI cable and the Helix you can go from les Paul plugged into a Plexi High gain channel to a strat plugged in to a Jazz rivet clean channel with just one Touch of a stomp switch
  12. I would think that may be a preset reader/editor that could be done in HTML or something like that. I am not a programmer like Zoe but you could possibly have something that you could load a preset into and edit it to be able to load it into the Helix through the current editor when you got to your helix, I guess some type of pretty GUI is what people would probably want though which would take a bit more time to set up I would opt for more amps and effects vs offline editor. I know from using the Behringer x.18 it has an offline editor but that graphical interface is what controls that unit so I can see how that would already be and I guess I can see from Line 6 standpoint that if you made something that was basically the operating system for the Helix it would possibly be giving away proprietary software or something. Not sure if I made that clear what I'm thinking of would be a preset and setlist editor not a helix editor.
  13. I started using the output block the same way as described with the snapshots, but I also use it with each output (a lot of times I separate input and output on path 1 and 1a and 2 and then just put all the output blocks on one expression pedal to use as a volume pedal) instead of adding a volume pedal block
  14. yeah that guy is, wile some of the points he makes seem valid and dose explain how a chord might not sound totally in tune at least on my cheap guitar...
  15. Hey I may be off-topic but I just wanted to ask what your opinion is of the new PRS archon model on the Helix have you messed with it at all and do you feel that it's a very close representation of your amplifier
  16. This helped me a lot do exactly what he does and you will get the same great tone and sound... I also made them into one preset
  17. I use the Helix with the VDI cable, I don't know the pod, is there a "type of input" at the beginning of the signal chain. The helix has that and if you didn't have it set to multiple inputs it will only let mags or variax come through depending on the setting...
  18. If the light is on you are using models and if it is off your using mags... on 1/4 cable at least.
  19. I am interested in putting a Fernandes Sustainer in my 89-F, Not positive but I believe that any pick up can be used for the Sustainer position (neck pickup). If so I would just leave the original JTV pickups, just not sure if it could use the same battery as the JTV. Would love to hear if it's been done already by someone.
  20. My JTV-89F was almost in tune out of the box... still have the strings on that it came with (little heavier than I like but they're nice) stays in tune great... I tune with the Helix and the VDI cable too, Note: when tuning with the Helix don't look at the small bar to much just the big ones and here is what I found to be pretty good advice on tunning.... The LONG version...
  21. Fits nice and snug!!! SKB 66 Deluxe Universal Electric Guitar Case
  22. if you get it get this guys preset pack !!! he did wonders with the Eleven Rack... listen to what he did with the older model
  23. But will Guardians of the Galaxy 2 be able to live up to the first?!?!?!? I hope so!!!
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