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  1. Yamaha Super R'n ROLLER guitar is MIJ, if you do a google search you don't find any that are HSS or have Seymour Duncan pick ups he also dose the little vi-bro whammy bar trick that can only be done with a floating bridge so that said it has been modified and could have a humbucker installed. Most of those MIJ guitars from the 80,s and 90's were real top quality builds, I have a couple Fernandes guitars that are MIJ and are better quality than most big brand guitars I have ever seen or played. I think the preset sounds pretty good too... I will try to replicate it as well to see how it sounds.
  2. When I made the order at GC 3 days ago there was one on hand and then yesterday I got an email stating that it was back ordered and won't be in until mid August... UUUUGGGHHH!!! I sure hope there has been a mistake and it will be in next week (like they told me)... I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT!!!
  3. t Yeah I guess I exaggerated a little bit I was just funning around with you on that though but if you do happen to get a chance to mess with one you can get 4 Amps in one preset but you don't have much DSP left for much else so if you went with two really good amps and then change the settings on them you could have a pretty good selection for wide range of tones.
  4. Watch his video do exactly what he does and you will be pleasantly surprise how good that these presets sound and they are so very simple, And definitely has other suggested use your BX fives directly from your helix to get an idea of how it really sounds I do think that you will be pleased with the help of the settings after the video these sound good with a couple different guitars even won I won at Six Flags that was a very cheesy Strat version
  5. When the 2.0 firmware came out I was actually thinking about you and some other fellows that Had a problem with the time between the presets and was wondering if the snapshot idea has helped you or not or do you need 9 or 10 snapshots and Helix only has 8 LOL... Really I'm not trying to be mean I just feel like nothing was going to satisfy you, I know you were saying you switched between different sounds in your songs 5, 6 or seven times the song, just curious to know.
  6. I think you really need to try the L2 you have the option of the L6 link and also plugging in directly with XLR's to give you an idea more of what you will get out of a PA they sound really good to me I know they're a little more pricey but you are paying for a much more quality product in my opinion
  7. Not sure if this is reported yet .... when selecting an amp combo from the menu and scrolling down fast (turning the knob) to get to the new amps it would select a random amp and sometimes get stuck on that amp and had to reset power. Side note: If you Export a "bundle" and then update the firmware do the factory reset then import that bundle you will have the factory presets from the previous firmware. Not sure why this is useful but there it is and I wouldn't have known and probably did it before and didn't realize it.
  8. I put all 3 of these presets into one preset. Plexi crunch sound on the second path, expression pedal to switch between the two paths the only thing was that I ran out of DSP with the Reverb on the Jazz rivet one but I made a very useful preset for my self
  9. FYI the 1/2" braided sleeve was a little small and I wasn't able to get an electrical cord end through so I just put the 2 XLR's I use to get to my M20D and had plenty left to put 2 1/4" cords in another one for the electronic drums we use. Next time I will get 3/4"..
  10. If at all possible find your ground rod (maybe one in a basement on a water pipe if you have that) at you incoming electrical service at you home check to see if the ground rod clamp is good and tight. thought I would add this to your list of "try this before you buy something" also make sure you are not to close to a computer or other electronics or the amp and try different guitars and cables....
  11. uh oh!!! :o you shouldn't have let that one slip buddy!!! you need to start looking over your shoulder and if you see some guys that kinda look like the "The Blues Brothers" B) just pretend you didn't see them and walk fast into a place with lots of people..... ;)
  12. Nice bro. One question though... Why don't you use the noise gate in the input section instead of using up DSP with a block? Is it not the same?
  13. Here is all 3 with an explanation.
  14. That's what caught my eye..... and that's what I like. I can't stand those fat LP necks, they do sound good though.
  15. Went to look and see what was the 69 and this video was at the bottom the dude is fantastic.... I too have been contemplating a JTV I like how the standard sunburst looks the best but after reading what was said about the 89 I want to do a little more searching on it.
  16. Here is something I posted before for anyone who wants to mod your EXP of what ever brand. Posted 18 January 2016 - 03:22 AM From: Wiring. Most potentiometers have three connectors; Clockwise, Counter-clockwise, and Wiper. Amazingly, there are multiple different ways these can be wired, all achieving largely the same result, which means yet more variations for expression pedals. The most common expression pedal wiring is to connect the pot to a 1/4″ stereo (TRS) instrument jack as follows: CW —— Sleeve Wiper — Tip CCW —– Ring An alternative is with the tip and the ring reversed as follows: CW —— Sleeve Wiper — Ring CCW —– Tip Yet a third way is as follows: CW —— Sleeve Wiper — Tip CCW —– Tip In this last one, the wiper and CCW are bonded together and connected to the tip and the ring is unused. This requires the use of a mono (TS) cable such as a regular guitar cable, in place of the stereo (TRS) cable used in the other two. These three are the most common that we see in expression pedals, but we keep finding more. Sometimes a dual gang potentiometer is wired in parallel to create a single pot with half the resistance. For example you may see a dual 20K Ohm potentiometer bridged into a single 10K. In this case the pedal will function the same as if it were a native 10K Ohm single pot. ..................................... OK so now we know we can do this: The third way is the Line 6 way. (after some google searches I found this out) This also alleviated the backwards operation problem and the 0 - 100 - 0 problem... which means after the conversion you don't need to use TRS cables anymore you can use TS cables. Also now with either the 12k ohm pot in the one and the 10k ohm pot in the other I get full 0% to 100% on the Helix control. here is what I did to make mine compatible so there would be no need for re configuring. the Potenteiometer on this 1 is 10k Here is before here is after... so just moving 1 wire (the green/ring) and put it together with the (red/Tip) and the (black/sleeve) stays the same. also I jumped out the back on the side pot that is for changing the "throw" of it to disable it and not doing it made it have issues when you adjusted it it would not go back to full throw. (If that makes any scents to you) My other one here is after... so just moving 1 wire (the green/ring) and put it together with the (red/Tip) and the (black/sleeve) stays the same. this model had a duel 24k pot and I soldered each connection 1,2 and 3 to 1,2 and 3 (you see it better in the picture above) making it a single 12k pot This can be done with a soldering iron with no extra solder. just heat up the green wire pull it off and put it on with the red and heat it up to connect it.
  17. Great video!!! I liked the lead boost, I had originally used volume on the amp, now I use a simple EQ increasing the level 3 db and just make it turn on and off that block with a foot switch... I will be switching over to your method to save DSP... Thanks!!!
  18. Exactly what I meant but you are way better at explaining, plus I knew you would know about the length
  19. Avid support might be your only hope... it always has worked for me PT11 win7, PT12 Win 7, pt12.5 win 10.... maybe try another cable just to rule that out...
  20. Short answer those guys are 100% right... BUT if your at home noodling and don't feel like going to another room to get the right cable (been there done that) the others work if there short (I used a 3' one) and none of the pins are grounded. I've used "live wire" DMX cables for years now with no issues one is 30' As far as quality of sound Digital either works or not, when it works quality is 100% when it don't.. it don't... So don't spend 80 bucks on an AES/EBU cable and expect it to be better quality sound than that one you spent 30 bucks on. And there is a limit to the length that an AES/EBU cable can be (according to line 6 specs) I think it's 50' ( I know either of the other fellows knows for sure)
  21. I was hoping when the editor came out we would have "tone match" because everyone (almost) said it was going to be... so you guys need to stop getting my hopes up...LOL :lol: I get the feeling it will be sooner than you think..... :D maybe tomorrow :P OK I'll stop now... are we there yet?!?!?!?! :o I hope you all get what you want this go round. I will be happy with what ever it is. I just can't believe that I just found out :o about the level control in the output selection thingy at the end of each path, how did I miss that :( so now I don't have to adjust the amp volumes to balance the presets... B)
  22. I don't think you can run both interfaces at the same time in PT unless one goes through the others digital connection and then you are limited to the two digital channels for it... unless they (Avid) changed some thing. You could call Avid support but you have to pay for it unless you just bought PT Try unplugging the Mbox and try the I/O thing again and I'll bet it works...
  23. this is probably more the case than not.... I would like to see them one day get a similar thing as bias and be able to hot rod the amps by tube changes and stuff... but I love the tone I get now so that would just be a little more icing on the cake.
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