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  1. It arrived and sounds beautiful. Threw it into LowPower mode and the stability is still here, even the tube breakup is great....wow it's beautiful. My concerns lie with a small dent in the side and torn black cloth right out of the box, and the first 2 times I turned it on as it powered up, it hissed and made a loud crackle sound followed by a Pop noise...hopefully doesn't do that again as it quit after the 3rd and 4th times. Beautiful sound though, sounds better than the 1 Mesa amp I've actually heard on distorted tones. So assuming I avoid all the horror stories I've read about here, I'll be sufficiently happy!
  2. That's true, amp arrived an hour ago, assuming I love it. I think that's next on my list
  3. True that, I've almost never used analogue pedals. I'm the guy that usually says hey (insert amp modeler here: usually a roland cube 80) is great. Always liked my tone port GX and use BIAS on my MacBook daily to record with. I like the warmth of tube amps, but the hard breakup of solid state amps as long as the quality is high. I'll play with my amp today and consider a PHD, always wanted one of the kidney beans, but the 500x really seems like a steal.
  4. Was debating or not a month down the road or so to buy a PHD 500x, or good old fashioned pedals. I recently sold my boss me-80 (sounded to...scratchy and ultra digital with its amp modeling to me) and I've just ordered a DT 25 combo as well so I want to keep that in mind also. $500 for a pod or looking at like $740-1000 for individual pedals (though I do have a ts-808) I am very tech savvy, but hardly ever use pedals save for volume and drive (never really needed more than a few anyway) advice?
  5. Ouch, I'd say take it to an amp technician if it's having these issues for another day or two. I wouldn't recommend biasing the tubes yourself, nor tampering with it unless you have experience with amps, I killed a fender champ like that x.x
  6. Well it should arrive today or tomorrow. I'll keep th8ngs posted to see how it goes
  7. Well it was $1,000 on SW and they are advertising it as $800 with the promo, either way though it's still $600 cheaper than a Mesa (which I seriously doubt is worth $1300). I love the idea of the DT topology and such. Would you say that it still has that warm tube sound that tubes usually give and not that super cold and dry Spider Tone?
  8. I don't need a "monster" metal sound. I will be getting a 1x12 or 2x12 with greenbacks for larger sound later. I think I'll order from sweetwater just to try it, if it's not for me I'll send it back
  9. I recently saw these go on sale at Sweetwater for $799. maybe I can talk them down to $499 or $599 I've been in the market for a good tube amp, and was looking at a Pevey 6505+ and a Mesa Rectoverb. not so sure about spending $1300 on a Mesa amp, and the 6505 is basically a Metal Monster, not great with the cleans. my question is Would this amp be suited well for Jazz and Hard rock/Metal; I Never plan to use a POD 500 or anything like that, I have a very nice pedal board I've worked on for a few years, or would I be better off looking at other tube amps for playing live?
  10. Definitely return the product, sounds like the Bluetooth on it quit for good.
  11. Get a converter, especially if you're in the UK
  12. Uninstall and re download the app, also reset network settings on the iPad. Hope this helps!
  13. Congrats! The manual is a bit useless but the more you play with it, the easier it gets. Have you tried just listening to music through it? That's definitely an awesome experience
  14. Update: connection issues rampant and the tone banks get frequently corrupted meaning I have to re safe to hardware. The sound is superb though! The store isn't able to get anymore in at the moment so they have to exchange it for another amp, so they've given me a vox AC4C1-PL. Was a nice amp with a huge plethora of features that everyone needs to try at least once in their life! (Amplifi). I'm sure I'll pick up another one around August if they get more in, it is highly useful and the tone for a SS amp is just great! Sad to see it go, and if the opportunity (anywhere but GC) presents itself again I'd Definitely buy it again. PS anyone interested in X-Japan should check out the tones I made, I'd like some feedback :3
  15. What they could do is show the most recent version BUT keep all previous versions in a sub menu
  16. Congrats on your new amp! It's not for everyone, but for general use I believe it's the best bang for the buck. Feature rich and fun it has a unique presence, though I do understand desire to use music other than I tunes music. Hopefully you'll get the most out if this box of joy. Enjoy!
  17. This is true, I must admit the 150 with the (in my opinion) higher quality Celestion sounds much better with certain amp types. I'm tempted to go to the shop and swap mine out for the 150. If only for the speaker XD. You'd think they would use at least the same types in both products.
  18. I've played them both extensively now, the 75W I have and a 150w at the store. Both have ups and downs, personally the rattling in the 150 breaks it for me..that and in a bedroom or small space the 75 just owns it without the extra punch. I'd say start with a 75w then if in a week you don't like it just take it back for the 150W, they do offer a 7-14 day buyers remorse period I believe.
  19. Indeed, also the speakers in the 150 are slightly larger, the Celestion sounds more pronounced and clear at mid-high levels in the 150w and some have said that it's distortion is a little better. Depends on your needs though as well
  20. +20 for zap, I forgot about iPad mini..plus if you wanna save up some money, opt for. Retina mini, powerful, will be supported longer, iOS7. And there's plenty more to do than just amplifi app. Hint hint: anything iPad 2 or newer would be good to get (including phone/iPod as well)
  21. iPad 1 is no go, I have a pod touch on iOS 6.0.3 and it's doesn't run the app, plus iPad 1 memory is far too low, don't jump to an iPhone 4/4s instead try and get an iPod touch 5th generation, thy work just fine if amplifi is what you're wanting (and waaay cheaper)..it's an excellent amp
  22. Sadly as of know I don't believe there is. Pop over to idea scale and vote on that feature though an we might get it
  23. Actually the effects are stereo, it runs them through the 2 little top speakers and guitar out of the Celestion. Turn it down and put your ears to the speakers and it's there, not as pronounced as pedals per say but it IS there. Shines through on chorus effects
  24. Great idea, it's great for small stuff, all the problems should be solved soon...gotta admit I thought it would fail because of issues..and mine physically did but re flashing worked..it's an interesting trip for me. Every time I consider returning it for problems, when it starts working again I just couldn't part with it, this thing is definitely where PRACTICE amps should be heading...just not be apple exclusives, and maybe have a preset bar like the spider series...would dominate the market
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