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  1. I got it working on my iPad! And now I can make some tones :3
  2. Even if they could fix the app now..it take 7-10 days for apples approval process...sadly I JUST got my amplifi after having fun with it at the store...to discover the dang app isn't working on my phone x.x and the iPad version has none of the new things that are supposed to be there x.x
  3. Oh indeed, and today the store is giving me the opportunity to take one 75 & then a 150w so I can give them a review to help boost poor sales and misguided people. (Ergo the layaway they have means I can switch them out until one is paid off). Friday should be the day I bring my 75 home, that 150 I think only sounds better when it's louder due to the different Celestion in it, but man I can't wait to try it for more than 4 hrs!
  4. I really wanted a DT head, and POD HD500x, but it's just not good for my situation for college and practicality right now. I found the amp nice and easy to use, and this one in the store actually works without flaws while I was using it...I even got a phone call and the amp stayed connected, The tones only temporarily cut out. I'm going to play it a few more times before I get it to make sure, plus the really neat part is the store doesn't know how it works they're actually giving me $20 USD off the amp to teach them how to use it, plus financing without a credit check so I can get it! After I get the thing I will make a new topic with a really in depth (as far as I can get) Review of it. Now that it works in store, I really can't understand the hate this amp gets other than unrealistic expectations..I got an orange micro terror to sate my tube amp/cab needs anyways. I can't wait to do the full review of this thing!
  5. Sorry to hear that you didn't like it, the BT is really picky using it, can't have other running apps or switch betweens. It is normal for it to cut out when switching sounds and songs though, has to establish a connection with each tone I assume. Though what kind of amp were you looking to get, amplifi might not suit your needs.
  6. So I went to my local Willis Music to try out some box amps and noticed an Amplifi 75W. The one at GC wouldn't connect and it's sounds banks were terrible, so I figured I should give it a second chance and I'm glad I did. Sounds: The amps clean tones were just as good as the Vox and Blackstars I've played, very chimney and full bodied if using humbuckers, and twangy with singles. And after spending 2.5 hours at the store actually showing the staff how it works, I've gained a new appreciation for the effects and distortion. Yes the bass is weak, but I actually prefer that (sound is subjective right?), and the effects are easy to tweak. Functions: as a speaker it's great, as an amp it's absolutely good, as practice tools, it is almost perfect. The song tone match thing works good, I could upload custom tones (search for X japan-X for one I made) and when it couldn't find them, I made some. Saving was easy, and actually switching tones mid song was just fun. USB does nothing yet, the aux in for mp3 works fine, headphones are good as they can be, and the amp is quick to set up and start playing! Construction: Plastic and what seems to be cheeeeeeap cheap wood...not my favorite, but it'll do. The amp looks sleek though, and definitely more modern. Most of the time I was concerned it would fall apart, but it got knocked over once, bumped on the wall (by staff members), and a strat fell against it without more than a little scratch, so in my book that's good enough. Playing: I started with just the defaults, and they were as expected...generic as can be, which is fine. When I started picking music in my library the app did it's absolute best to find tones, even when I picked x Japan it found 1 tone, which is phenomenal to me, so I made another. The overall quality of the sound was interesting, it depends on how you combine certain things. I'm sure with firmware and software updates the sound can be improved, but it seems pretty solid; those tones I wanted took about half an hour of tweaking, but I found them satisfactory and more unique than on say a valvetronix or Blackstar amp. The amp never lost connection, connected to the server just fine, and loaded presets fine. My only complaint is that some people make bad sound patches on occasion. Overall as a bedroom or even small stage amp, this amp is great if you use it for what it is and I think that my initial dissatisfaction was because the one at GC has issues, plus I had no idea what I was doing. After spending 3 hours with it today, and tomorrow, and Friday to help the store show people how to use the amp so they can sell it, I think I will end up replacing my Spider IV with it, it simply to me, sounds better, and the dt25+500x are Very expensive and I think I'll hold off on them while I'm at university. Verdict: is this amp worth $400? Well for what I'm getting and the 2-year warranty the store gives free, plus the fact I own apple devices...yes to me it is, plus it's not a toy for me, but one heck of a multi effects modeling amp. I considered the 150 watt, but I didn't really notice a sound difference on it at all. Even with the weakened bass tones it.is a good amp, because I really didn't like the bass sound on the spider, and I truly see it's potential as a teaching tool, awesome speaker, and practice amp, plus the store has a policy where if during those 2 years I don't like the amp, they will let me trade it for another that is just as much..I'm going to play it more, and if I pick it up ill do an extended review after I set some custom tones onto it! -cheers Brad
  7. I want the DT-50 head, but would it wrk through a 40 watt cab?
  8. Neato, I just feel the 75w should be no more than $275 and 150w $325 for what they do as of right now...I may wait till next generation to buy one if it gets a huge improvement, great job though!
  9. The one I played on was a 75watt, and it took forever to get the app working..the amp was fine but it is true the bass is a little weak. The main problems I had were the app constantly saying "cannot connect to line 6server"!ecen with perfect 4g and or WiFi, since everything is digital, I believe an app and firmware update would help to fix it. And other than the large price, the amp was ok for me, just too expensive for what it currently does.
  10. I know zzounds does 12 month financing and has a wonderful return policy, was considering (just as something to plink for a while) replacing my aging Spider IV with this, only because I'm going to use a BlackStar Cab and some other tube head with a POD500x as my main stuff. Can't wait to see the results!
  11. Good luck man! Those Alesis were almost $250 but sound great, and the Roland portable amps are pretty nifty! If possible call Roland and ask them about them to find one that suits your needs, or demo one at a guitar shop if ya can. Good luck and have fun at university!
  12. Why not (and to no dis-credit to the speakers) just get like a cox mini 3 or Roland micro cube gx ? You could use the POD with them and it would sound ok, better than cheap headphones. But if speakers are your thing, I use a pair of Alesis speakers that sound great
  13. True, after I get my l6 500x, any amp head recommendations?
  14. We'll it's $90. And in the past (ceiling at college collapsed and they refused to pay) guitar center has been very good to me with the extra warranties, they even gave me a Spider IV as a replacement for my III when it broke. Does L6 offer any extensions? Cause they have a 1-year on pedal boards I think. Though on my SG I never got a warranty as I can fix it myself
  15. I only missed 3 of em, though honestly I like both pedals AND POD equally
  16. Cool! I've got it on layaway at guitar center, will probably get the 2-year warranty for replacements too, I love plinking around with line 6 stuff, maybe the next generation of "amplifi" I might get into as the software develops. I eventually want a DT head but geezus they're expensive, I hear the 500X works USB to computer as well?
  17. So I was about to spend ~500$ in pedals until I heard about this HD500X. Now I had an original and a pocket POD and loved em, I'm hoping this pedal board/ effects processor works great! How is it with a Spider IV 75W? Because I am also building a little practice 1x10 half stack with my BlackStar cab and either a Peavy Valveking micro 20W head or maybe a 15-Watt Orange head..what's everyone's experience here with the 500x?
  18. I'm getting another head anyways, but I wanted to plug the cab in the the "headphone out" are in my amp, I tried it for 10 mins and the Celestion speaker in it sounds a wee bit better than the one in my Spider. My only concern is that it's a 40watt speaker and my amp is 75watts. Am I correct in assuming it will hurt my amp?
  19. True, and quite inspiring. I have just $580 left on my SG to pay tomorrow, then I begin the saving for a better amp! I'm a huge techie for just about anything, and I'm sure if I can find even the right combo of tube/digital it would be great. I wanted to use a variax but ~1500 when my gibson was the same price...I'll just keep my SG. I just wish our GC had more stuff to try, they don't even have the DT or Variax line, and the variety is dismal at best, high quality, just not many types. Right now I just use my tone port GC and epi lespaul with p-90's, that SG is going to be so much better :D I hope L6 knocks amplifi to about $150-200...I'd consider it then, the speaker are pretty nice for music.
  20. Just took a look at the L6 DT line...My goodness they cost! almost triple what a blackstar head/cab would be (a least based on what my local shops offer). But I do want that true tube sound, it's always better than digital provided the pedals are there. Would I be better with a smaller combo, or a 50W head + my blackstar cabinet I have...I do so love that little cab, incidentally I just found out I need the L6 FBV to update my Spider x.x but a POD HD500x seems pretty neat, and after a 2-year hiatus from guitar/bass, I've discovered I don't like the purely digital tones the spider line is known for, it's great don't get me wrong, but I played on the Vox and the Finder Twins..Night and day from digital sound.
  21. How is the DT line? I've honestly never heard of em..I saw a black star amp and head but I'm guessing not even similar? Anywho, I gave the amplifi another shot...app wouldn't stay connected, tone library is. Hard to use right, can't even make the tones I want (ie: X-Japan). I think a tube and some pedals will be my ticket there. Sad too because if it were only ~130$ it'd. Be fine, I like the idea of an online tone sharing community, but I think L6 has one for All their other stuff too. Can't wait to try a DT with a '61 SG if I can, what are they like?
  22. Hey, I was just wandering if I should Pick up an amplifi or just hang on to my spider IV. I've had the Spider IV since 2010 and it works fine, though I've never played with settings. I just tried the Amplifi 75W at GC today, however I was unable to connect the amp to the application and whenever I signed into line6 it ALWAYS said "unable to connect to line6.com" even under perfect Wifi and or 4GLTE. The basic tones were a grand disappointment compared to the Vox VT 20+ and I was basically appalled that on an American standard deluxe strat, the distortion was beyond weak, the bass was to flat, the mids were great, and the highs were..just *ehh*. I'm going to give it 1 more chance provided I can actually get the app working with it and make a tone or 2 (good luck finding tones for x-Japan songs x.x). But I was just wondering does it have any advantages over my Spider IV? I was just wondering because $400 is REALLY pricey for something that sounds (based on the 1 hour non app version of play) Far worse than the SIV, and the plastic top really threw me off with how cheap it looked to be, though major Kudos to the idea behind the amp. Plus i have an apogee Jam unit for my iPad, and I use some apps to practice from time to time with that, so I'm at a bit of an impasse here. ~thanks ---Brad
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