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  1. Hmm not sure if it's worth saving the $100, I like my amplifi :D. Though if I ever used a processor it would have to be POD HD series
  2. how is the fx 100? Any better or different thn the amplifi? Looks interesting, but if it's a speaker less amplifi wouldn't it work with my orange micro terror and BlackStar cab?
  3. With all my issues I keep solving I think this Gem is hellbent on trying to make me not like it :p but seriously it's a great little amp, has some quirks, but I think it's fun for practice. Hopefully that USB port could be used for some awesome PC things in the future. Now I can finally do a video review of the amp (assuming my plethora of happenings is over with)
  4. Make sure the volume setting on each tone is relatively the same, sounds like a tone patch issue
  5. I flashed the update again and the amp connects automatically to my iPad now, no struggling. Perhaps was a bad update?
  6. Why doesn't line 6 make a list of tones for us to type in by name ? Would make searching better
  7. got it 6 days ago I do believe The store doesn't have anymore in stock because it's not a popular item where I live, the only thing they'd do is give me a refund I believe.. although they do have one 150W, I could try and exchange it for that and just give them the $100 extra, otherwise I'll probably be financing a full tube head or combo..need something reliable to practice on. I submitted a support ticked a few days ago for a similar problem and they haven't responded yet.
  8. It actually just quit showing up period now
  9. Yup, forget then power cycle the amp. The iPad started just dropping the connection every few minutes. I'm deleting and re installing the app to see if that helps, the shop thinks there might be an issue with the amp Bluetooth
  10. I did this, it works but now every time to pair to my iPhone I have to forget it...I'm seeing if it's an iPhone issue ATM. Lovely little amp though, I'm finally getting the hang of making tones on it!
  11. So, I was using my Amplifi today, and the bluetooth just quit. I've reset all of my devices including a software restore on the iPad and the amp bluetooth is never picked up anymore on the iPhone and only sometimes on the iPad. Any troubleshooting tips that you guys can give to help out? I've also power cycled and updated the amp
  12. I too wonder where those presets are...perhaps they only show for new users that haven't already made a bunch of tones?
  13. Isn't that why this forum sort of exists though? I admit a manual would be great, but personal experience is better IMHO than reading an entire manual...to an extent
  14. Transfer photos to PC and remove em from iPad, then everything you've bought like apps...remove from iPad as we'll and back up only important data, restore as new, restor iCloud, download only what you need and give that a try
  15. Do the restore, an iPad THAT full is bound to have 10-20Gb of "other" and assuming you updated via Wifi very prone to corrupted software on iOS. Make an iCloud backup and restore/update as a New device. And don't restore from iTunes backup..any issue the iPad has will return with an iTunes backup, iCloud doesn't transfer system issues. If it lets you use the amp it's worth it right?
  16. Thanks line 6, keep the good work up :>
  17. Updated the app again, and signed back in...I'm happy my amp is now sounding just fine, I guess the sound patches just went funky. Now I can do some songs and give this Gem a proper review! I didn't know the new update was out, thanks to L6 for a good update!
  18. Music sounds as great as ever, except for the drums always sound choppy now, other than that it sounds fine New development too: amp is dropping connection to the device, stays connected to BT But the app always states "not connected" so I can't use tones...happens ever 30 secs or so on a consistent basis.
  19. My amp has had some weird distortion issues recently...the patches I've made keep sounding routinely worse as if the speakers on the amp are going, as proof I went to my local music shop and tried them on another amplifi and they sounded fantastic...is my amp dying?
  20. If that's your aim then set it's presets before you to a gig, from the sounds of it you'll be fine, yes you can use the knobs to up the volume. Just don't expect to change each presets' amp model on stage
  21. Spider IV looks to be on the way out, I haven't seen an update in some time and 2.0 is what mines on, haven't checked in a while either though, use monkey to check and see maybe?
  22. Fair enough, not sure why cleans sound great but distortion has changed, I'll keep playing around with it. OK WITH THE APP: updated my iPhone to 7.1.1 and the app no longer works and I'm on the old version, keeping iOS 7.1 on iPad until it's fixed. If Line6 is reading this, the patch for amplifi remote, check version compatability please? Until rune everyone stay on pre 7.1.1.
  23. Yes, the cloud for amplify is not the same as custom tone servers, that is why it isn't working. You will have to reprogram that tone on your apple device in Amplifi Remote. Hope this helps!
  24. My iPad Air is working just fine as of last night on the update, uninstall and re-download the app and see, my iPhone also works now for some reason too. That being said all the distorted tones sound incredibly cheap and fuzzy since updating, any connection between those?
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