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  1. Does anyone know what size the screws are for the TBP06, which is the belt pack/transmitter for the G30 wireless? I ordered a replacement case but it came with no access (ahem, really, Line6?)
  2. Have you tried reaching out to him on social media? Maybe he'd share
  3. AC30/Plexi stereo: Gibson dual mic'd:
  4. If you have a smart phone or iPad, I really like Bias FX from PositiveGrid for practicing. Line 6 Mobile POD is an Ok alternative.
  5. Could it be the metal plug cover on the 1/4 cable touching the metal R jack like I see in the video causing it?
  6. His introduction sounds a lot like this guy
  7. Sweetwater posted a pretty good video
  8. I have a Boss bag L2. Perfect fit, plus two zippered compartments for cables, etc. I've used mine for probably about 5 years and its holding up very well. Best $50 I've spent on gear.
  9. FWIW, I moved from the X3L to the HD500x. I had the same reservations--starting over building patches is a big investment in time. So that's a given no matter which option you choose. But, it's also a good excuse to do some spring cleaning. I completely reorganized and simplified my patch structure as it had become kind of a mess. For me, the transition was not that difficult. HD Edit felt familiar, having used GearBox--it actually felt like a better version of GearBox. You still had dual amp paths, you can assign foot switches to anything you want (don't remember X3L, but it seems like it was more limited there). Most of the amp sounds are better--I'm not opening the debate here. I never really A-B'd it cuz once I laid out the $500 for the HD, it wasn't like I was going back. The effects that are available are greatly improved, comes from the M9-M13 multi effect unit I believe. You have a lot more options there. For me, it was a more natural transition than Axe FX or something else...also the price point makes it doable. I sold my X3L on eBay, so I ended up only being out a few hundred bucks, net.
  10. I do the dual mic trick too, same amp/cab a lot of times 57 on axis on one amp, 57 off axis on the other. Pan both to center. I also like to mix different amps. My favorite is AC30 and Marshall Plexi. Pan them hard left and hard right, and add a digital delay to one of the amps signal chains, before the amp. Set the delay mix to 100% and a very short delay time. The idea there is to delay the signal to the second amp, giving a better stereo separation--sounds more like two guitars playing. Finally, in both of these setups I assign a foot switch to each of the amps. In some songs I might turn one of the amps off say for the verse and then kick it back on for the chorus.
  11. The new model is right on. Makes me wonder what they were thinking with the old one.
  12. We're all old guys whose backs can't handle lugging around 100 lb tube amps anymore, and kids who are content to play into headphones in their bedrooms. So, the average age: 27.
  13. This is an idea that I wondered about too. Just to point out, the Amplifi And Firehawk devices do this exact thing, so it's not true that Bluetooth is too slow to handle this. A single patch consists of a very small amount of data. I doubt Line6 would build this though. Maybe it will be in the next product (which will have to be named either POD 4k, if they follow the TV metaphor, or POD Firehawk x3 Live if they redo the past). Maybe I'll start a Kickstarter...hmmmm
  14. If you're looking to tweak parameters and have them stay put (e.g., add reverb and leave it there till you want a change), I use the NosePedal purple. It's basically a small footprint pedal with a single big knob on it. Works great for how I use it--it would be a terrible volume swell or wah solution.
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