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  1. My take is Mitch is a Axe FX fanboy and the tests were an effort to discredit the Helix by giving the impression it is a HD with a face lift. Now it might seem distrusting of me but below that seemingly impartial demeanor shown in his videos; he comes from the Fractal Camp well and truly. But that said, he did try to give a fairly impartial review in comparing Hx to the Axe and given that he hasn't used the Helix as long as he knows his Axe the Helix wins on ease of use and functionality but the very deep editing and amp tones of the Fractal remains his preferred choice; which is really a stab in the back for Helix where it counts. To me Helix was as good and in many noticeably better. The Axe seems to be overly complicated to be edited onboard and really requires the Edit software. The supernumerary versions of Amps taylored to satisfy without editing. Just scroll the presets is laughable. But the pros of the Axe is the FX that are in many Artist Rigs and their Ace. I'd go Helix LT if I could afford it, meanwhile still loving the HD
  2. I tend to go for high gain models that can be cleaned up. The master on the amp I used to crank full to rule out too many variations between amp models when trying to level match different amps. To really hear the interaction the master on the amp gives just play with the gain knob with it in the extremes. But cleaning up a high gain model so that it is slightly crunch or clean needs the master up. The other DEP parameters have more effect as well with it up
  3. Happy in the pocket anyway! There is no doubt the Hx models are not just improvements above the HDs but the Hx is above and beyond the top contenders in ease of use, quality builds and as good or better in some cases in tone. Not to mention versatility and routing options put it in the headway. The HDs are versatile units with some annoyances when it comes to consistent tone. Fractal has great many amp choices and presets which work well from the get go. Helix also; but Helix can be navigated and personalized where fractal is scroll the presets and minimally edit. The HDs are fully editable and on the unit itself; sound better the more you tweak them where the GT100 is the opposite. If one decides to get the Helix Native we already got a variable impedience device!
  4. Actually the Trio is devil's evil. Not okay to be replacing the bass n drums. You will soon tire of it! LOL Seriously destroy them all! For routing the Trio would be best inserted into the FX return and back in via the normal HD output!
  5. I am looking forward to the trial as well. It could very be that Native will be top dog of the Amp sims as I doubt it would be released if inferior to current top amp sims. If so, that it is also hardware compatible will win a lot of hearts. For me I havent been using any sims since I got the HD and there have been some developments. All exciting!
  6. First and foremost is checking the cable that you are using. I recall this issue happening recently for someone else on a Helix or was the the HD forum. and the solution was in the menu pages settings. Someone will chime in and solve this for you soon.
  7. Yes there is a kind of clunk when you press hard enough and the light changes to show which one is engaged. It should be noted that there is very little chance you can engage it with your hand alone if it is new or never used much. You got to tread with your weight on the toe. You will feel like it is too much force for the unit but it is solid and takes it okay. I had the same issue when I bought mine. Many others too!
  8. The toe switch is renound for the hard rubber (probably a polyurethane) under the switch that requires standing up and pressing down with lots of weight to engage it. Some shave the rubber or you could soften the rubber with some kind of solvent. Or just learn how much is required, More then is expected that is for sure. Some amps do sound shrill on the HD models and I have found selecting preamp models in the amp or changing the output mode to Combo or Stack then attenuating the high a fair bit and lowereing the focus to the low mid area helps it sound more like it should.
  9. Yes I agree the HDs are great and not too far off a Helix. While a full Helix would be the go, the LT really is clever. Less ins and outs which for most is a non issue. Lacking the s/pdif was my first concern but I realize that the over usb functionality is all there in the LT which the HD's dont have. But here is the crazy thing! I am still finding new and improved uses out to the HD. It is incredible that after 4 or near 5 years now I still love it,is a testament how good the Helix must be because Helix is so much more and improved. Right now, I am using the HD as an FX device for bass plus since getting my new computer am having fun loading IRs which gives the HD new flavors. I am also working out how to oversample on the way in as to me the Helix sounds like the HDs in more detail' like better converters. My pessimistic self. But alas even on the s/pdif out at 24 bit 96k I suspect 20 bit and the rest truncated. So how do I upsample on the way in? Better still, swap out the converters chips for something better but is it even possible let alone worth it? Meanwhile, still sounds good and amp interested in hearing the Native version!
  10. Checking the price when it hits here(Sydney) is still too expensive so sticking with my HDs for now.
  11. Not tried but another method of softening the rubber is to use a solvent like acetone squirted in a few times and wiped. The residue should be enough t soften it up but hopefully not too much. Depends on what is used. Most likely the rubber is a polyurethane which is not as rubbery as rubber. Mentholated spirits will soften it more gently then acetone which will dissolve it.
  12. Good Question! And you kinda answered it. 4CM is really for using the preamp of your amp as needed. But if it isnt needed just straight to the Pwr Amp of the amp will be fine. Where you put your time based FX depends on you and what tones you are going for. When tape delays came out and even the famed Boss delay they mostly went to the front of the amp as few amps actually had a send return. That came later and so generally the advice is to put the time based FX after the amp. But, A BIG BUTT! You are also right about the mixer but if you really consider it; time FX, they would come before the cabinet but there is no way on the HD to put the time based FX between the Amp and the Cab except by changing the output from Studio Direct or only using the preamp models(no mic or cab) You could also make a preamp patch only. You will need to use your actual amp as the cab and now the FX placed after the preamp before your amps cabinet will be as it is in the real world. Applies to Combo or Stack output mode which will need plenty of high and some low end attenuation with the focus in the low to mid midrange area for guitar but depends on your combo or stack. I can emulate Studio Direct tonality albeit at a lower volume this way. What you can do? Get a good modeled amp sound into your amp. It might mean using Preamp models only but you go for a couple of good tones you like. No FX, none ziltch at this stage. You want a great amp tone. Next, Trial and error the placement of the FX in the amp block before the mixer or after. But remember that the only real authentic routing is before the amp block and by not using the full cabinet models. If recording use an Cab IR loader in your DAW . Some find the full models sound great and work just fine into amps etc. You will have to try that for yourself. The Helix allows placement of FX before the cabinet but not the HD unless as explained above.
  13. The sample power supplies nowadays are different to the old transformer type. Apart from the dollar exchange rate (.75c) difference, there is an added $130 or so import tax. And about the same in shipping which makes the cost close to actually buying it here in Sydney NOT There is another couple hundred added to the cost of getting it here thanks to the distributer. That makes the Helix an additional $1,000 here. Artistically, it would be nice! Just not giging enough to make it a viable business decision.
  14. Me too, but the upgrade is tempting as it has always been.
  15. Thanks everyone for your responses to how you use your FX loops.
  16. The LT will be the better backup of your Helix for obvious reasons. This is an entirely different beast
  17. Tied to your licence manager
  18. It is only the last week or so I became aware of the new LT and the soon to arrive Helix Native. Unless you venture from just the HD forum it will be new for you too! To me the incentive to get a Helix is going to be irresistible. All new bass amps plus the LT is about two thirds the cost. Not just that you get Native for $99 but the integration from your computer to the Helix and back. It is going to win hearts in Pro Studio's for sure especially if the sound quality is better than other similar software. Will it be better or will it be as good that is the question. Well Done Line 6
  19. More incentive to get a Helix! If Helix Native is stellar in sound quality compared to other software MultiFX it is going to bring hoards and who wouldnt want to take what they use in the Studio out live. To me it pushes the Helix into the Kemper territory not in profiling but in what can be created then used on the road! Truly groundbreaking even though you were the first to do it back in the day! Kudos Line 6
  20. okay cool, seems using the loops to incorporate fav hardware FX trumps other uses so far.
  21. Thanks for your replies so far. Excellent! How you use or not use the FX loops is of interest to me with the LT version now available. How you use any routing possibility that includes the FX loops, I am especially interested?
  22. What I'd like to know is how many of the FX loops you use and any innovative uses for any of the ways you use your Helix? How you use any routing possibility that includes the FX loops I am especially interested? Thanks in advance!
  23. After re reading your post!
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