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  1. You said it, your Amp's FX loop wont take a Helix. Sorry it wont work out for you! There is nothing wrong with using your pedal board and Amp at all. Nothing beats the real thing. You are only going to regret it if you settle on the ease of use. Stick to a decision and you will be happy for it!
  2. Click, highlight and rename in the setlist view of EDIT seems the best way to change it.
  3. The forgot to save a few tweaks can also give the tonal differences unless you remain on the same patch when you switched off it will be in memory until you change the patches and revert back to the saved one. This could explain it.
  4. Actually that is exactly what I meant and the reason why I am trying out IRs in my DAW but technically this is missing the power amp section as well. It is a good point. Ideally the FX loop in HDs or HX should be accessible before the pwr amp section if required. But that said I think Guitar Rig and revalver let you slot effects before the power amp. It has been a while and will need to confirm it.
  5. Not too many have noticed the Flaw in the HDs and some carry that flaw over into Helix. And that is in the real world the time based effects are before the cabinets not after the cabinet block. You will see this error carried over to Helix but on Helix you can place the cab last and correct it. I recently tried to get some IRs going but as mentioned never finding a "Wow" moment. Will keep trying to really test out what is available as with IRs of cab mic room etc. I also agree that even with the cabs on the HD it is more than adequate. Once you dial in the Amp tone you like it really is worthwhile saving a few copies and do as smashmouth layed out and try different cabs and mics. For me nearly every cab has the 121 and cab resonance upped a hair. So will try it as way to better the Amp tone.
  6. As the pedal is a preamp run it into the FX return as the signal is already been pre amp'd. You have a Left and a Right return. Problem is the amount of gain you can get might clip the HD. There is likely going to be a tone suck.
  7. Interesting discussion going on here! In learning Bass it never ends building technique but a plateau can be reached by settling on what you know thus far and putting practice aside for Production. When I played in working bands as a young fellow it turned into a job for me, still a blast but along comes a family etc.etc. And resign to use a couple of 4 track machines. With Computer technology the creative recording got shifted to high gear. When all you do is create it is total joy. When it feels like a drudgery I move on. What happened is I realized that I was not a bassist anymore and worked on guitar more and bass was there for overdubs just like a real guitarist. Something happened, I got inspired to go back to bass basics and started working on techniques ( Billy Sheehan talking about being a creative practicer) Practice doesn't have to be a chore! So, I watched youtube videos on bass and practiced the basics. My Music Computer now is my teaching device. No regrets. Well not quite, I realize that there is alot to be said about specializing and taking that to the stratasphere. When you get caught up in technology as a means and you are wearing all the hats you might be lucky to have lift off. As soon as it become hard work you stop because it is a drudgery. Usually you will find there is too much impedimentia (overly complicated setup that impedes your creativity or too much gear involved to be well versed in) Strip it back and you will fee the joy once more. It includes the tweak fests like Software or modelers and the University degree needed to run a DAW and the lifetime experience being a recordist and mix Engineer as well as the quirks of Mastering. All these pull you away from total mastery of your instrument and a valuable lesson for any up and coming. There are plenty of people good at everything team up with that guy!
  8. Yes the HD sure does require some to and fro to get it to sound decent. It is still a pretty good unit but I have discovered that listening to too many Helix demo's on good monitors and going back to the HD can be strangely disappointing. lol But eventually the tweaks get something adequate!
  9. Not a bad price but not good either when you consider the COSM technology they use is older then the HD modeling tech. When I first started looking at getting a modeler 5 years ago, my first thought was to go with a big name pedal manufacturer but after trialing one out and then the HD on the same day the HD was just better and I got it.
  10. It has been a long while since I ganged two units together, so be interested in how the tinkering goes in your mancave. My backup is hooked up to my desk for vocal FX and bass FX monitoring. Usually record both a wet and dry version. I have found that my styles rarely run out of DSP on one HD500 unit for live use.
  11. This video gives you the basics on editing up a patch from the ground up with footswitch setup to control on the unit. My advice is to set up an amp model you like and get it as good as you can get it into your amp. Marshal amps tend to sound a bit brash with the HDs and you can experiment with the output mode Stack or combo and roll off some high end. With 4 cable method you have the option to use your amp's pre amp. Meanwhile, follow this to edit on the unit;
  12. Headphones are good for choosing reverb tails and zeroing in with EQ but terrible to mix on.Good pair of Monitors helps put back the room sound.
  13. Spider in the room is far cry from listening to a mic'd up amp in a live room while listening in the control room on headphones. Use the power amp option on your amp for an "in the room tone" Just use L mono out on the HD. For Monitoring thru headphones on the HD just start with an Amp Block no FX and keep at it until you have an amp only tone to your liking. Once as good as you can get it. Then use EQs to remove anything you still find undesirable in your tone. If you are not an Audio experienced Engineer you wont know if you hear a problem or not. If that is the case leave the EQing for now so too tweaking of the cab resonances. Just add a delay set around 20ms and put it in on one side of the Amp Block. This simulates a room tone. Follow this video;
  14. On your amp is a FX loop level control. The HD needs an in series FX loop on the amp for proper compatibility. I have a Marshal Hybrid that sounds shrill and lacks low end compared to my Fender Solid State when HD connected. I gave up on it. I hope you sort it.
  15. Words on a page are only good for conveying ideas and messages. When it comes to instructions that requires application just give someone without a map directions and watch their face. They'l say thanks for the directions but unless they know where you are saying they have no idea. Turn left at the next set of lights, go two blocks and turn right is about it for most. But if you have a manual or directions of use to hand you can follow with device in hand.
  16. There are a few options on the Loop hook up but simplest to start is the Guitar in HD send to the return on the second. The loop slot can go after the Amp block and it can have no cab. On the 2nd return the cab model can be used with one of the clean Amp models. No Cab only is the caveat. That leaves before the Amp FX on Guitar HD and after as well on the 2nd before the Cab model. Just like in the real World. But not quite! You could also bring the 2nd HD L and R output back to the Guitar HD FX L & R returns and use it's output. This would change which one has what amp model. If needed you could have 4 paths but as you have 2 the above will work. The midi as was said in previous post about the patch no. will be the same but the contents can be complimentary. Be interested to hear or see how it works out. Remember the FX send is a stereo TRS plug and you could run dual paths thru both with more DSP for FX.
  17. The reamping is still not truly possible without a proper reamp box but some guys have put the line level from interface of dry guitar back into the FX loop and processed a re DI from there. Give it a try. Cheers
  18. It is not like a Helix's USB. Non receptibale to a USB input. Only as Interface Stereo L or R or Edit software. Over s/pdif if your Scarlett has it
  19. There are plugins like Hornets Auto gain that adjust the output so when you tweak you are not fooled by volume changes. This type of thing could be easily coded for but would you want it. It would be like turning a Helix into a GT100! LOL Good idea about the delay times for delays except the name of a delay describes its time and there might not be much tonal difference for many. But if you could, Simply once you tap a delay time all delays map to the same time or multiples thereof!
  20. Direct into your interface is going to be lacking that Amp in the room sound you like. If you got the Helix might as well give it a chance with those Amps and if you still feel the same sell it and stick with what you love.
  21. It is an amazing bit of kit. Reminds me of the auto accompaniment on a keyboard. You do get sick of it eventually, but I got to say the simple bass makes it much more guitarist centric! Be interesting to see where they take it from here.
  22. Behringer Ultra Match would be the most affordable converter
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