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  1. I spent a couple years gigging with a full stereo rig. The bass player and I had one of each of our cabs on either side of the stage which worked great for us. We just couldn't figure out how to get the audience to care that they could hear both sides of our ping pong delay
  2. It took a couple of days for mine to be approved. Hang in there!
  3. I tried really hard to nail those tones myself. It never panned out until I got myself a strat. You will never get that glassy, thick neck pickup tone from a strat out of an LP style with Humbuckers. Even if you can split/tap. The good news is you can pick up a Mexi strat for a few hundred bucks. That's what I did. I ended up putting some Fender 57/61 pups in it but the stock pups will get you close.
  4. I like the look of these cans. What's the proper resistance to select when buying? 80ohms, 250ohms?
  5. I had my one on one this morning. Ross is a stellar guy and was super welcoming and knowledgeable. I learned a lot and it was definitely worth my time. I can't thank Line 6 enough for the opportunity to learn from a Helix pro. Thank you!
  6. I got my email last week a day or two after signing up. My session is scheduled for the 26th. I'm super stoked!
  7. I ordered a Raven Designs cover for my Helix Floor back in the beginning of may. It has not shipped nor have they replied to my emails (i sent one two weeks ago then followed up a week later). This is well after their 2-4 week delivery time frame stated on their website. I know the world is lollipop right now but i would expect a reply. If i got one saying 6 months or a year I'd say sure, that's fine. But not even a peep. I'm about to call my bank and ask them to recall my $125.
  8. Probably a dumb question but does putting on the Raven Designs full Helix Floor face protector void my warranty (I'd be removing screws to do this)? I don't gig anymore but i work from home and I jave an almost 3 year old that loves the Helix just as much as I do. Thanks!
  9. You guys should really post this in the stickied bug reports thread. The more that do, the faster a fix is deployed.
  10. Did you guys post this in the stickied bug reports thread?
  11. Here you go Helix homie! Helix LT has a total of 12 footswitches. Helix Floorboard/LT 1. Holding footswitch 5+6 on boot restores Global parameters 2. Holding footswitch 7+8 on boot restores presets and setlists ”THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 3. Holding footswitch 8+9 on boot restores presets, setlists, and IRs ”THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 4. Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot restores presets, setlists, globals and IRs (restores factory bundle) "THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 5. Holding footswitch 10+11 on boot will rebuild your presets in the latest loaded firmware 6. Helix can now restore by clearing only the current preset instead of wiping out all presets. While holding footswitches 11 + 12 7. Helix can now, after firmware 1.06.5, enter update mode manually by holding footswitches 6 + 12
  12. I purchased your carvin IRs and your Red 2x10 IRs. Thanks again. I'm having fun playing with them!
  13. This is super cool of you! Thanks! I just got my helix a little over a week ago. I haven't gotten into IRs yet but I'll stash these for rainy day experiments. I'm sure ill have plenty of those coming up! Thanks again! T
  14. Do you own a Variax? Maybe that's what you're referring to?
  15. Man, that's a great collection. I replied to your post on Reddit too. Glad you're enjoying your helix as i am. Mine arrived last Saturday and I'm doing the slow dive too.
  16. So, I've got a helix, JTV59 and a DT50 head. Spent a few hours with everything set up. Checking out amp models with effects and whatnot. Not really an issue, more of an inquiry. I think ill set up a few templates with some different options selectes for DT settings. But some of the models allude me. Take the Archon as an example. I couldn't find actual specs on this amp as far as which topology to use. I guess topology IV will be good. I understand pentode/triode for wattage, etc. But has anyone documented their experience with which topologies to use with which models at all? Why re-invent the wheel i guess? I know it's all subjective in the end but there's got to be someone out there with some starting points? If not, i may just throw something together on my own for the community to take a gander at. Thanks in advance!
  17. Man oh man am I excited! My wife ordered it for me on the 13th. With everything going on we both had been working from home all last week. This is a welcome distraction for sure. I fired it up and it's already on 2.82 firmware. Its getting paired with my JTV59 and my DT50 head and DT25 combo. Already sold my HD500X! Any tips for a newbie like me? I've been trying to wrap my head around all I'll be able to do with this beast.. Stay healthy friends!
  18. I got a DT25 combo in trade 3 years ago for an Epiphone LP i had bought that i just couldn't bond with. Being an HD500x user and Variax JTV59 owner i couldnt say no! I fell in love with the combo. My old band that split in 2009 got together for a reunion show or two and i ended up gigging with the DT25 instead of my Carvin V3 head and 4X12 cab. I got compliments both gigs from the sound guys and both almost said the same thing. "I saw you loading in a line 6 and almost died but that thing sounds great!" I started keeping my eyes peeled on local CL ads for any DTs. I found a DT25 head for $200 locally. I went to dudes house and he led me to his studio. Walls covered in beautiful PRS, LPs and the like. 2 Diezel VH4s in the corner. And he let me try it out. I played it for 5 minutes and passed him 2 bills. I've religiously used both amps since i got the head. I'm not in a band and i dont gig now but i jam a lot. I always wantes the DT50. Finally found one on GC used for $395. it'll arrive next Tuesday. I'm sellimg the DT25 head to my coworker for $350. I'm excited to rock the DT50!!! If L6 were to update these and start selling them, i'd probably buy a helix and a couple of their heads too!
  19. Unfortunately, no. It uses a standard mic cable for the included footswitch. It does have 3 TRS control Jacks on the back to use a midi switcher for control though. I do wish it had midi like my Carvin V3 (which sadly is in dire need of repair)
  20. I scored a jtv 69 about 2 weeks ago. Pretty much loving it so far. Yesterday I took delivery on my new egnater vengeance head and hd500x (after trading my hd500 to the other guitar player in my band) and man, I'm loving this thing in 4CM. It sounds phenomenal! Kudos line 6! You're kicking Boss/Roland a** with this thing. The HD models are far superior to COSM models. just wish the head had midi. That'd be a game changer for me. For now, I tapdance!!!
  21. To the OP - Thrice is amazing. My band covers "Firebreather" To Las video - I understand not liking metal or anything heavy but seriously, obre Los ojos my brother. Perhaps you might tube down a bit sometime and enjoy the pleasures of something outside your typical regimen. To call it "noise" well, that simply makes you ignorant.
  22. Well, I took the plunge. I've been wanting something new for a long time. I had an HD500 and traded to the other guitarist in my band for a very cool Ibanez he had. He was a skeptic but took the 500 home and fell in love. I got gas and bought a JTV to use with my Spider Valve. GAS is never ending as we all know so tomorrow I'm taking delivery on a brand new HD500X and an Egnater Vengeance head. I think my rig will slay now. :-) I noticed latency in my 69 but it's not a biggie. I don't play much acoustic. The sitar is amazing so I may find a place for that. I hate switching pups when playing and tap dancing. I'm stoked to go from beautiful position 4 or 5 strat clean to heavy, dark, molten Lester bridge with just one tap of a footswitch. This thing is going to save me headache for sure!! Anyway, I'm stoked! Thanks line 6!
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