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  1. You should remove a screw and take it to the local hardware store and see if they can help. Another idea would be to reach out to Full Comcast since they sell Line 6 replacement parts.
  2. I jumped the gun and sold my Helix Floor last year after buying the FM3. While I loved a few things about the FM3, amp models mainly, I was so happy with the Helix that I sold the FM3 and acquired another Helix Floor. I spent a few years gigging a Boss GT8 and GT10 so I'm no stranger to learning a complicated interface, but I just couldn't enjoy anything about the FM3 interface. Every modeller I've had has noise issues running USB while using them in 4CM with my amps. With fractal, the editor feels like a necessity so i was always dealing with the noise. With Helix, HX Edit is just a bonus and can easily do everything on the fly without it. While i am a tinkerer by nature, i just don't give a rats lollipop about changing the diodes in an overdrive so all of those crazy details in the Fractal were lost on me. As far as sound, i think Helix is fantastic and about on par with Fractal at this point. It all boils down to what people think sounds best to them. As guitar players, we all win!
  3. I think we're past counseling. I asked her to go to inpatient treatment and she refused. I asked her to leave and give me space, she refused. I called her mother, she brought two crisis councilors, she remains in my home. No one seems to grasp that she cut herself bad enough to receive 26 stitches, in front of our four year old, to me, that makes her a danger to herself and others. I will likely need to remove her from the lease (if my landlord wants to do that), cut the utilities and wait for her to leave. I can't in good conscience keep my children In the same home with her. I feel for her and her sickness but I can't support her if she refuses to seek real help. I should clarify, we are not legally married nor does our state recognize common law marriage. I call her my wife since we've been together 10 years and have a child together. So legally, meh. This hurts a lot but i need her away for a while and I need to keep my kids in a routine. @pianoguyy Yikes man...
  4. I've had a few days to reflect on this and I'm definitely seeking help. I hope my wife will do the same. So far, she's kind of avoiding the topic. But that can't last. I'm planning to drop pur son somewhere tomorrow and talk to her. My managers are fantastic and helped with a lot of resources and I'm to take as much time as I need. I appreciate the kind words of support. Especially over the internet. I posted here because i really didn't know what else to do at the time.
  5. Hey Aaron! Thanks for the reply. I'm a Cubase 11 pro user myself! Been with Cubase since SX2! I do live in washington! In Vancouver just across the way river from Portland. I'd love to collaborate with you via interwebz if there's any interest? Maybe we could do a Zoom call and get to know each other? Take care! T
  6. I went through a traumatic experience last night. My wife attempted to take her own life in our kitchen with a bread knife. I hurried our 4 year old into my other child (he's 11) and called 911. The paramedics came and took her to the hospital and she was released from there around midnight. She has been home since but we've barely spoken. I know she's hurting but with everything that's gone on in our relationship I'm not sure how much more i can take. I love my wife but she's made things incredibly difficult in the past two years. The world is a crazy place and we should take better care of each other. Sorry to be such a downer, I'll provide some levity.. I took my 11 year old to his mom's today and brought the 4 year old along. We hit the GameStop and then grabbed some lunch. He picked a PS4 game called Bee Simulator. We were playing it together tonight and the level had a stage with a band set up. Being a guitarist and gear junkie, naturally I checked out the gear. I love how accurate it was. There's a recrifier and a Line 6 Spider! Also, they even changed the headstock on the Gibson to avoid a lawsuit!see attachments
  7. Holy buckets! I had no idea that existed. How does that thing sound? The price tag is a wallet burner but damn, that looks like a smoking amp.
  8. Hey Aaron! Man, all your stuff has a really cool lofi/4 track vibe to it. What's your recording setup? My guess is "Turn their eyes to you" is the Helix. I really like how chaotic that track is. It's a departure from what i would usually listen to. All in all, i dig your style Mr. Aardvark. From the looks of it, you churn out quite a few songs. Take care, stay safe! T
  9. I always use my Helix in 4CM with a Koch Powertone Head and 4x12 cab. You do need to expirement some with levels but i have no doubt that helix into a Katana poweramp sounds great. You just need to spend some time with it. I use the full amp model (no cab, but power amp modeling included) to get the best sounds for me. I just prefer having the power amp modeling on. Make sure levels are set right and it should sound pretty badass.
  10. You can but you need to manually select the topology and class, etc. Per preset. Helix will not automatically select the optimal settings for each amp model as the HD500 does. I ran a DT25, DT50 head with Helix and a JTV-59. Great setup for sure. Just a bit more tedious to work with.
  11. Are you certain all of your computer's drivers are up to date? I'd start there. Depending on vendor they usually have a handy tool that will check that for you. Dell has Command Update as an example. Update the OS and all of your drivers if possible.
  12. If someone here can verify if the adapters I received with my Variax would work with the stomps power supply, I'd love to drop it in the post for you!
  13. Hey there! I have a Mark 5 35 Combo but before that had a Mark V 25 Head. I had no issues with noise except when I had Helix connected to my computer via USB. Wondering if you've tried unplugging the USB if it's connected? I will eventually get around to modifying the foot switch cable for the 35 combo by adding some 1/4" connectors for channel and EQ switching but haven't gotten there yet. T
  14. I've been using my Helix floor to change channels and turn EQ on and off on my Mark V 25 head since I got it a couple of months ago. It works fine. The only time i get any kind of unwanted noise is when I plug Helix into my computer via USB but that's it. Not sure if it matters but my Mark V is from 2014.
  15. I have a handwired Cascadia JTM45. I'm currently running Helix floor 4CM into the Zero Loss loop using the JTM jumped preamp and it's pretty close to the Cascadia alone dimed into my Two Notes Captor X. I need to play with the Hiwatt. There's so many great models in this thing I've never gotten around to it.
  16. I spent a couple years gigging with a full stereo rig. The bass player and I had one of each of our cabs on either side of the stage which worked great for us. We just couldn't figure out how to get the audience to care that they could hear both sides of our ping pong delay
  17. It took a couple of days for mine to be approved. Hang in there!
  18. I tried really hard to nail those tones myself. It never panned out until I got myself a strat. You will never get that glassy, thick neck pickup tone from a strat out of an LP style with Humbuckers. Even if you can split/tap. The good news is you can pick up a Mexi strat for a few hundred bucks. That's what I did. I ended up putting some Fender 57/61 pups in it but the stock pups will get you close.
  19. I like the look of these cans. What's the proper resistance to select when buying? 80ohms, 250ohms?
  20. I had my one on one this morning. Ross is a stellar guy and was super welcoming and knowledgeable. I learned a lot and it was definitely worth my time. I can't thank Line 6 enough for the opportunity to learn from a Helix pro. Thank you!
  21. I got my email last week a day or two after signing up. My session is scheduled for the 26th. I'm super stoked!
  22. I ordered a Raven Designs cover for my Helix Floor back in the beginning of may. It has not shipped nor have they replied to my emails (i sent one two weeks ago then followed up a week later). This is well after their 2-4 week delivery time frame stated on their website. I know the world is lollipop right now but i would expect a reply. If i got one saying 6 months or a year I'd say sure, that's fine. But not even a peep. I'm about to call my bank and ask them to recall my $125.
  23. Probably a dumb question but does putting on the Raven Designs full Helix Floor face protector void my warranty (I'd be removing screws to do this)? I don't gig anymore but i work from home and I jave an almost 3 year old that loves the Helix just as much as I do. Thanks!
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