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  1. I'd say it's pretty much a positive there's something on there you don't want on there. Burn it with fire! USB sticks are cheap. Actually I'm sure line6 would be happy to give you another one
  2. Very welcome! I figured it was a decent starting point at least for putting a good signal chain together and finding that tone we want:)
  3. https://www.guitar.com/rigs
  4. It's hard to engage the switch on the hd500x if I'm sitting down nearly impossible. .but it's there.
  5. jrrjr68

    Helix Amp Modelling

    The only thing I can tell you is get one. Stop thinking about it then go buy one some place that offers a return Sweetwater has 30 day return policy. I went to Sweetwater with full intentions of buying a Kemper had spoke to a few guys that I respect that told me just that at least try it and bring it back if you don't like it. Then after hearing a few tracks that were recorded Direct on Helix LT that Don Carr was working on at Sweetwater I was convinced I wanted to play around with it and at least give it a shot. I plugged mine in and I fell in love with it. Yes. . They are good. Really good
  6. The first unit I purchased got stuck during an update. (Floor model) It said to shut it off and start over so I turned it off and it got stuck in the boot screen and kept flashing back and forth between the Helix logo and the Helix rack logo and had what looked like a red battery flashing in the middle. No reset procedure would work so I took it back and exchanged it updated and has worked fine ever since. Weird
  7. I'm questioning as to where you purchased the Helix at now. I have heard of people buying laptops and tablets off of Amazon that were pre-loaded with malware and viruses
  8. If I were going to do this. A. Use any camera to video myself playing it. Either with track or click track. B. Grab some kind of a video and audio editor and load your video into that. C. Import your original guitar track and sync it up with the video. D. Upload in high res to YouTube so it doesn't compress the hell out of it and sound like garbage
  9. I primarily use a Boogie dual rectifier. Having said that anything else is a bonus to me. I probably won't be buying more Boogies, Deisels, Randalls, so having those options and as many high gain amps at my fingertips to experiment with would be amazing. I do think it already offers a great deal and I am happy with the purchase however one of the temptations of the "other guys" was the amount of amps in the in box. I have faith in line 6 though and I think the Helix is hands down the coolest form factor and editing is brilliant regardless of the lack of 100's of amps I won't ever use. ;)
  10. I haven't even used it yet honestly I don't know will ever even need to. I guess it's a good thing to have your presets backed up but they are all on my laptop as I do most editing on there. I've never had a problem with my line 6 gear at a show that was one thing that pulled me towards the Helix as opposed to the other modelers on the market
  11. Was this a new purchase or b stock or refurb? Just curious. I would think safe to delete as usb's are just for backing up your presets
  12. Excellent thank you. Really really hoping Line 6 will add Deizel amps soon!
  13. jrrjr68

    Amp list Helix 2.12

  14. I've researched this quite a bit before I purchased the Helix because it was an issue with any of the units, minus the powered Kemper.. which that isn't all it's cut up to be either. ​There are a few options but your solution is subjective. It's what works best for you. A: In ear monitors. ​B: FRFR Powered monitor C: Power amp to use guitar cabs ​D: What I've been doing all along with HD500x.. straight into boogie with small gain adjustments to blend with amp. worked great for me however I am trying to get away from the gear hauling approach so for me... my solution will be in ears, but with a powered frfr monitor because not all clubs have monitors so unless the crowd is back far enough to hear FOH we'd just look pretty silly without stage volume. ​I didn't necessarily want a modeler to replace my Boogie live but for streamlining the recording process. ​I do like the fact I don't have to lug speakers around anymore if I choose not to though. :)
  15. I was wondering if there is a current amp reference sheet, possibly with updated information as well as amp names and references? ​All I have found was an old screenshot of the original amps. Thank you
  16. Sounds legit to me. I kind of figured all of this technology would negate the old school techniques. Appreciate the input.
  17. I was wondering what method of recording the Helix produces the best results? Recommended preamp or recording direct to computer via USB? I have not tried USB yet because I was told a preamp we give you more head room for recording but I've noticed a considerable change in my tone by the time I track guitars. Currently using a Zoom r24 interface
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