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  1. I've watched a lot of videos... and this one is really good IMO. {Not my video or claiming it to be I just thought it was interesting and covered a lot of bases with the HELIX} Hope you get something out of it.. covers a lot of functionality of the Helix. Good stuff.
  2. Good troubleshooting. Very interesting. I generally cut back my mids and bass... but then again I run a dual rectifier so I probably wouldn't have noticed. But props for investigating the matter it sounds like you at least have a handle on it.
  3. whenever my tone sounds like crap.. I spend about an hour trying other things before I think of that but generally that's the case. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's like the OP described.. fine for about a half hour or so then turns to mush.
  4. great, and informative answer.. thank you for the info on this
  5. hello sir. It may sound crazy.. but ry to leave distortion gain at 0 or just above slightly.. back off gain on amp to like 5 -6.0. I have found the distortion adds a little punch regardless if gain is turned up or not.. and for me.. what sounds right in monitors {more gain} didn't sound right in recording. Two cleaner guitar tracks panned lefft and right combined will add more gain in the end and can blend them nicely to play well with each other.
  6. No one uses amp modeling for live performance. ========================================== No one.. No one at all. Except Metallica, Megadeth, Testament, 3 Doors Down, Periphery, Deftones.. {insert endless list of bands here}. Since when do bass players call the shots anyways unless you're Kool and the gang
  7. Great answer. I want them all really lol . However.. I am pretty darn happy with the Helix.. so I've saved about 4K so far. So far I spend the extra dough on a nice Jackson 7 string and going to get a set of powered monitors and try Helix stand alone. It's pretty darn sweet.. I don't feel like I am missing anything really but I haven't tried Frax or Kemps. And I might add.. the interface, and versatility is what sold me on it. The amps are good.. some are superb. I feel it's a litte more blues friendly but I can get some brutal high gain tomes te more I experiment the more I dig it. I say pull the plug and get one or the other you have a trial period to check it out. But beware.. I had 30 days to try Helix and it took most of them before I was convinced. I'm not taking it back. Ever.
  8. Primarily.. with an Aguilar 751 Bass Head.
  9. hahaa! it may just be a matter of tweaking everything enough to taste
  10. I thought the same thing. My dual rectifier will crush with no pedals at all. I have to add distortion pedals, EQ, if not compressors, more EQ now.. it's maddening. And I haven't even tried to play it live yet
  11. Check these babies out. I've been hearing some good things about them. I am probably going with a 12-15" speaker because of drop tuning.. but at any rate Seismic will also do custom builds. $489.99 PAIR!!!! :0 https://www.seismicaudiospeakers.com/products/powered-10-inch-coaxial-monitors
  12. Again a great point. I haven't tried the helix live yet but I was certainly hoping that if I had a few powered monitors I would get the feedback I do from my dual rectifier. It is kind of an issue in the studio for me now.. I may have to bring in my real amp for some solo stuff.. I'm still trying to capture that.
  13. From what I understand.. the new mesas are grounded in between switches so that causes a problem with the way the helix controls the amp. Helix uses open collector transistor which is not compatible. I'd say don't throw away your footswitch just yet.
  14. If you can make it sound good at home no reason you can't plug it into a PA and get the same results. It's the same thing only louder lol I haven't used the HELIX at a gig yet.. but I'm definitely going to be spending some time tweaking it in with our PA before I ever attempt that. Worst possibly scenario I take my amp too and run helix to FOH and mic the boogie. That had amazing results with the HD500x.. I really can't wait to start experimenting further but for now I am tracking. I've been splitting my signal after the amp and putting a cab on top and back off mic a bit, then put IR on the bottom.. it seemed to level things out a bit to my ears. When I started recording my presets I hated the sound I was hearing.. then I started dialing in the Helix along with the entire mix and it changed things a lot and I am very happy. I don't know what kind of FX you use.. but my chain was simplistic really.. so plugging line 6 straight into my amp always worked well for me and eliminated my hush units and EQ's in my rack. Since your loop doesn't work maybe try that aproach? It took time to dial that in too. what works at home doesn't work with my amp.. I eventually started backing off the gain on my head and using the models and L6 distortion and blended that with my boogie. Hoping to eliminate all amps and cabs and go with in ears.. maybe buy one of those L3's.. I dunno. So many options,, so little bread
  15. HAhaaa... I dunno.. I hear things from all the different products I like.. if you can afford all of them why not
  16. Which one would you say produces best recording results?
  17. May have been said.. but moving the mic back gives a nice full sound. then add a little reverb to taste.. ba da boom ba da bing... amp in a room . to add to that.. I've been trying a mixture of IR's and cabs.. before split, after split.. after amp...every way sounds different. It's almost like EQ'ing going through the options. I've been pulling up the working file and dialing in things to that. It's like pre-mastering.. I love it
  18. I dunno.. I'm just thankful for the DI recording option because you can change anything anytime you want and experiment until you go crazy.
  19. Well said.. that pretty much covers it. I've decided even if I DO get something else the HELIX will be controlling it. / But for now... I was running my Boogie dual rec. Half stack with HD500.. ran pedal to FOH.. and had amp for reference. I like this so much I am probably going to do the L3 or whatever the Line6 speaker deal is with the built in mixer.. etc. It's a no brainer. I only need a few tones.. clean.. maybe effects.. blah blah.. dirty nasty, clean nasty, and solo w/wah and delays.. this thing is really fun to play with and experiment. Any tone you DON'T like.. can be removed. Unlike the previous releases. There are a lot of tools, and pedal combinations that can get virtually any tone. I've added a few OWNHAMMMER IR's..still trying things out. But overall I feel it's well worth the money and can't see myself without this pedal And no line 6 isn't paying me to say that
  20. well.. I went to the store to buy a Kemper.. instead picked up the Helix because a well trusted rep informed me unless you buy the pro profiles I'd be disappointed. Decided to give this a try and haven't looked back. I've had doubts.. but mostly in my ability to set it up properly.. after hours of experimentation I am rather pleased. But yes to each his own is right.
  21. jrrjr68

    Helix case/bag

    $30 bucks https://www.amazon.com/Flambeau-Outdoors-Tactical-Case-Large/dp/B00C3MFDKK/ref=sr_1_102?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1494990596&sr=1-102&keywords=Tactical+Gun+Case
  22. jrrjr68

    Helix case/bag

    inside dimensions are 12" on the bottom and tapers up to nearly 13" X 36" bottom to 36 3/4" . It leaves just enough room for when I get the foam filler I plan to trace and cut out spots for my cables and additional pedals but the foam is salty. I'm not sure on the retail fr the case this was a garage sale special so probably around $5.00 PLANO GUN GUARD is as close to a model as I can find. I found this one on Amazon for 68. It's a little bigger... but that may not be a bad thing.. mine is kind if snug in there.. I'd rather have a little more padding. Like they cut out for the gun... that's what I am talking about.. https://www.amazon.com/Plano-Weather-Tactical-Case-42-Inch/dp/B00E2217I6/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_200_tr_img_3/147-9054490-5880610?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=0SPR1P4BD169RXEGD95A
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