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  1. OK I'm a little late in the gamne perhaps but as a newly downloaded, never opened Helix Native owner.. is there anything I should know or be aware of or what tips would you offer in advance? Thanks! ~jR
  2. jrrjr68

    2.31 Release Date

    Are we really gonna go there already? Here's how it works... you buy Helix.. you wait... you play it some.. learn how it works.. get the feel for it. When you least expect it.. an update comes! Then you are afraid.. very afraid... will it sound better? Will it erase all my presets? ...And then... you wait..... should I install it or not???? Hmmmm...
  3. Could I connect my guitar to my laptop via 1/4" x 3/8" and eliminate my interface altogether? It seems like I'd still need a pre-amp? If so that would be great
  4. For me.. I use Helix via my Mesa Dual Rectifier 1/2 stack. I don't want to lug gear and have been through all the different scenarios. MOST small clubs don't have ample monitors let alone dedicated ones.. soooo for me I would rather use my Helix in conjunction with my rig. If Helix dies I have the real thing, and I'm not at the mercy of a sound man I've never worked with before. *Don't sell the van /trailer just yet Anyways... that's just my view. Lots of options now. I could always use my HD500X as a backup. lol They are pretty solid too and dirt cheap. I just need a few tones for my gig so my approach might not be great for others however many ways to skin a cat :)
  5. You could essentially control your laptop {native} via your helix. However if helix dies then you rely on a laptop without pedals... I get that. What about midi controller changes? IE-if Helix did die.. pre-programmed midi messages {automated}
  6. I'm asking because it's 30% off right now.. thanks for the replies guys . I didn't even consider re-amping. I am recording dual guitar tracks, with a DI track for every song I record in case I want to change the tone later. That would be nice on the mixing/production end I suppose
  7. Other than instant access to all the Helix tone via DAW.... I am guessing I would STILL need to use my interface to plug in my guitar to my laptop. So my point is.. if I still have to carry around my interface to even plug my guitar in to record.. how is this plug going to benefit me as opposed to just plugging in the helix and using it as an interface?
  8. jrrjr68

    Carrying case or bag

    I can see that happening. I have wondered how long it will be before I am detained. lol Either for the case, or my M-16 Hondo guitar with Dillinger case. :)
  9. jrrjr68

    Carrying case or bag

    https://www.amazon.com/Plano-Weather-Tactical-Case-42-Inch/dp/B00E2217I6/ref=sr_1_7?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1511735344&sr=1-7&keywords=ar15+case I'm using a gun case similar to this. Waterproof seal.. hardshell, room for cables, headphones, etc. Love it.
  10. Not so much HELIX related but more production waves.com plugin bundles are RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICED!!!
  11. thank you. I see it's a lot more narrow looking parameters.. I haven't updated yet so I don't have an official opinion yet.
  12. May be old news to some.. But with the ever growing list of guitar and bass amps.. thought this may be useful for someone. http://dshowmusic.com/line-6-helix-amp-models/
  13. hmmm... scary. Can you roll back the update by resetting to factory?
  14. that is correct.. my mistake. :)
  15. I bought a B-Stock Helix for 1000. 30 day return policy-same as new.. works like a dream. Native costs $99 if I choose to get it. Total cost ------------ $1,099 plus tax. Just thought I'd leave that right here..
  16. Not road King.. so specifically.. no. But I hooked it 4cm to my Dual Rectifier tonight and after a small amount of tweaking it almost brought tears to my eyes. (OK.. I am exaggerating a little.. I will say I repeated the words "I am really happy" maybe 6 times because I have been skeptical). I'm not sure how anyone else is doing it.. I've seen lots of different ways.. but I ran dual XLR's to Mackie mixer. Sends/returns from Rectifier to Helix and main out to input on the amp. Mind you.. I was using my studio preset I have created for recording our CD.. one of them. Anyways.. not a clean patch with send-return and minimal fx.. it was loaded. With a little tweaking of volume knobs on Helix, and send returns on the amp I had both equally matched pretty well. All fx were working through the half stack.. it didn't seem to color the sound of my amp at all even with the rectifier model and distortion engaged. A-B comprison was quite impressive.. my studio sound {which was built to sound like my rig} came through nicely on the PA. No FRFR speakers.. just our JBL's and CROWN PA's. No subs hooked up. Yet. I know I can bypass the pre-amp section of the boogie and just use it for power too which I will be experimenting more soon but if this was all I had to choose from I am good with that. But I am looking forward to experimenting more with it as to there are many routing possibilities. As for studio.. I've played my Dual Rec 1/2 stack for nearly 10 years or more now.. so I know how it sounds. I've spent many hours trying to reproduce that sound and can honestly say at times I forget the stack isn't here. I would recommend not giving up on it.. seek instruction and try again. The blend of sim to PA and my boogie all combined was heavenly. Good luck
  17. Boogie has a slave out. Run that to your other amp.. ba da boom! SLAVE LEVEL CONTROL : This 1/4" jack and control provide a signal derived from the speaker jack. Perfect for using either the DUAL or TRIPLE RECTIFIER Solo Head as a master pre-amp, or additional power amps may be connected for more power when needed. Some players use this to derive an FX Send Signal and go to other amps for their wet sound. Otherwise.. like Brad said earlier.. there are a ton of routing options. You could come up with countless combinations I think as far as the looping goes. you MUST have a load (speaker) connected when using the slave out. For that matter you could probably just as easily run out of your 1/4" sends from Helix, and one to each amp. . 1/4†OUT Use unbalanced 1/4" TS cables to connect to your guitar amp, or FRFR
  18. this was a good read. We have been considering IEM's because we rehearse with headphone amps now and digital kit and feel that would get us closer to replicating that live. Personally I like cranking up the Boogie.. but I don't want to carry stuff.. decisions, decisions...
  19. jrrjr68


    From what I understand 12's are better for lower tunings.. and djent. At least that is what the guy at Seismic Audio told me..
  20. jrrjr68

    Buying New vs Used

    Bought mine from sweetwater used.. but like new condition. I returned the first one because I bricked it during an update. but they give 30days no questions asked. Second one was better condition, and no problems at all. So Helix for the cost of Helix LT pretty much. I'm OK with that.
  21. I wish I knew that if I had just bought the HELIX a year sooner I wouldn't have wasted so much time watching other videos..
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