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  1. Thanks! For both guitar parts I used your Marshall preset (iirc it's the 2204 Modded amp model) with my Les Paul. Left part was neck pickup with guitar volume at about 6-7 and right part bridge pickup with volume maxed. I actually thought I would not like these IRs, since I also tried the OH free Mesa 412 and I didn't like them too much. Also, I don't like the Helix Mesa 412 cab too much. For Marshall sounds I prefer the Helix Marshall cabs with the 160 ribbon mic. But I think your IRs really stand out. Can't wait to try 'm in other settings. I'm also really digging your thump EQ tone shaping IR. But if I may make some suggestions for creating IR sets, it would be a Marshall 412s (from the 60s), a Bluesbraker-style 212, a Fender Twin Reverb 212 and a Fender Bassman 410 Again, thanks!
  2. Finally got it to work. I used your preset with the SM57 1,5" edge IR and the "thump" engaged. One of things that I noticed that your preset was significantly louder than my normal presets. Most of the time I try to keep the level the same as the default setting of the Helix amps and cab give. I was a bit scared to get the signal into clipping, but obviously I'm way on the safe side. Thanks again Jim!
  3. Really like your IRs; the SM57 1.5" edge is one of my favourites, as is the CV7. They have a real Cab-in-the-room kind of quality, very inspiring. I did a quick (and very dirty) recording with Garageband on the iPad, but unfortunately I'm not able to get a Soundcloud account working to upload the recording. Will try to follow up. I'll keep you posted when I get it to work. Thanks!
  4. Hi Guitarman, One thing that comes to mind when say you see things flashing is that you may have pressed and held the "MODE" switch. When you hold the "MODE" footswitch you enter the Edit Mode, where you can edit the parameters with your feet. Hope that helps! Have fun with your Helix
  5. You can set your Helix up to have 8 snapshots available, or 4 snapshots and 4 switches. If you set "Snapshot edit" in the Global Settings-Preferences to "discard", you can use the 4 switches without them being automatically saved to a snapshot. Hope that helps
  6. You sure know how to build up the tension ... Now people are going to bug you for the next update 😉 But man, you guys sure did an amazing job with 2.0. It's almost like I have a totally new device! I'm thrilled by the new possibilities and I was already a happy camper with 1.12.
  7. I'm more than amazed by the features that came with the 2.0 update. It's like a Helix+ right now. Absolutely awesome! I would never have expected that the Helix could be enhanced in such a great and drastic way. To me it seems that it has gone up from 66% to 99%; and I already thought the 66% was amazing. A very big thumbs up for you Line 6 guys!
  8. Don't forget to thank PeterHamm ...😜
  9. EdwinV

    Pad and Impedance

    Wow, can't wait to get to 2.0! This seems to be the solution for having best of both worlds. Man, I didn't even get around to checking Ideascape ...
  10. EdwinV

    Pad and Impedance

    That does indeed do trick! It sounds much better when impedance set on auto (and Guitar In Pad off). I tested with a strat and an ES-335. The downside however, I like the sound of the guitar(s) much better with impedance set to 1M without the Arbitrator Fuzz ... Anyone has any tips and/or tricks for that? Maybe this is some for Ideascape, to suggest having a preset specific option for impedance (or an impedance "block"). Not sure what would be a good solution. I'll check if someone already has suggested something similar.
  11. EdwinV

    Pad and Impedance

    This is really interesting; I will try this out later. In my humble opinion I've been thinking that - although I'm extremely pleased with the Helix - the fuzz face model does not sound very realistic (in contrast to e.g. Tube Screamer and OCD [i have those myself, can't judge the others] ). Hopefully this way I will get more out of the Helix (although I'm more of a Germanium Fuzz Face fan than Silicone). For other people that are into fuzz and more fuzz variations, you might consider voting on:!/739897-23508#idea-tab-comments
  12. Helix app 1.12 in combination with the 1.12 FW indeed fixed the USB problem of my late 2012 iMac and OS X 10.11.4. Now there is an update to OS X10.11.5 ... Anyone tried this on a Mac that previously had connection problems? Is the Helix connection still working?
  13. Wow, I really enjoyed listening to that. Awesome playing and awesome tone! Thanks
  14. Both presets work OK. I've re-saved them, but this does not solve the message during booting. I totally acknowledge that this is not a real problem, but was just wondering if this is normal behavior.
  15. Hi all, I'm really enjoying my Helix. I think it's a great sounding tool and super easy to use. Currently, I'm using firmware 1.10.0. During booting, I see the message "Rebuilding Preset 664" and "Rebuilding Preset 668". If I'm correct, this means preset 24 and 28 of setlist 6. These are presets I imported from Customtone. Is there a way to correct this, or should I just delete these presets? Thanks!
  16. i've been experiencing the same problems with a late 2012 21.5" iMac and latest version of El Cap (10.11.4). With the Helix app (from 1.04 to 1.11.1) either it does not connect or it loses the connection after a (short) while. This can either be directly in a USB port on the iMac or through a USB 3.0 hub. Audio recording does not seem to give any problems (have not been testing this extensively, though). Yesterday, I tried an old USB (1.0) hub. This seemed to solve the problem for the Helix editor app. Have been able to connect for longer than ever without losing the connection. Was able to export the bundle several times without any problems. Since it's USB 1.0, obviously it's not supporting the Helix as audio interface. Anyway, with the USB 1.0 hub (had nothing else lying around) my connection problems with the Helix editor app seem to be over. YMMV of course.
  17. I think the quality is good and I think it fits nicely. I'm not too sure how well the backpack will hold in the rain. Top and bottom seem to be padding (probably some kind of foam I guess). I'm not too concerned about the pots, but one has to handle it with (at least some) care. It's definitely not a flight case.
  18. I have the UDG Urbanite MIDI Controller Backpack Medium (U7201BL), not the Flight Bag. I don't think the Flight Bag will fit the Helix, but haven't tried. It might be a typo, but it seems a bit unlikely.
  19. I would like to suggest to add a Marshall Super Bass amp to the Helix. Most preferably a '67 model, like the one Paul Kossoff from the Free was using. I hope a lot of you guys will agree with me ...
  20. I think the A/B routing possibilities of the Helix are very nice. However, when a foot switch is assigned to select the A or B path there is no visual feedback showing which path is active. Perhaps it's possible to highlight the active signal path?
  21. What OS are you using? It seems to be a common problem with Helix app on Mac OS X 10.11.4. I've read that some people had success using a powered USB 2.0 hub, but haven't tried that myself. Yesterday I had success with using a Windows 10 PC. As far as I am aware, the only way to import IRs is with the Helix app.
  22. Unfortunately, yes. Recording through USB goes flawlessly, so does updating the firmware. For Mac, as far as I know there is no workaround. I'm using a laptop with Windows 10 at the moment ...
  23. You can select them all by clicking on the first, hold down the "shift" key and clicking on the last. Then push "export". However, if you're having the same problem with the Helix app (1.04 or 1.10) and Mac OS X 10.11.4 as I do, the Helix app will freeze before the export is ready. So I did them 1 by 1 instead. I've understood that this is a problem of OS X 10.11.4 (at least). Somehow, I can record perfectly through the USB interface and also the Line 6 updater works fine, but the Helix app cuts out every time (sometimes no connection, sometimes the connection is lost after a while). Either directly in a USB slot or through a (powered) USB hub, it makes no difference. It does work under Windows 10 though ... :(
  24. I think this is a nice solution too: the UDG Urbanite MIDI Controller Backpack Medium (U7201BL). Comes included with internal padding to make a nice fit. It has three additional zipped pockets to store e.g. a tablet/laptop/sheet music, cables and a few pedals.
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