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  1. Hi Guys, Haven't been able to update to 2.50 yet, but I'm very curious to know what is the general opinion on the quality of the legacy effects. I don't have experience with the gear they are deduced from. I've read they are supposed to sound a little bit better from the Helix, but what can I expect? Can't wait to update, but in the meantime thanks for your response!
  2. This should be possible, but may depend on your DAW. For instance, with Logic Pro X you will be able to set it up that way. As mentioned above, the "aggregate" functionality gives even more flexibility as you can use multiple audio interfaces simultaneously. I'm using Helix, a Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK and a Focusrite 2i2 in this way.
  3. There is no 8 stomps option in the global settings. You can enter the stomp mode by pushing the "Mode" footswitch (FS6). In the global settings you manage the "other" Mode. Hope that helps!
  4. So many users, so many tastes ... For me, there's no such thing as too many Marshalls 😉 And I love fuzz! That's where the Helix is lacking the most to me There, I said it
  5. Not a dumb question at all. Check out the manual that can be found here: It is the "Helix App Pilots Guide - Rev B" This forum is actually quite handy if you have questions. Cheers
  6. EdwinV

    saddest tone

    Often I read here on the forum that the factory presets are pretty sad ...
  7. You may set up your Helix (and presets) in such way that it either outputs through e.g. the jack output into your 2525 head without Helix amp/cab models and through the XLR into your FRFR with Helix amp/cab models. You may be able to combine it all in one preset. Alternatively, you may consider purchasing this from Glenn Delaune. Not sure how close they are compared to a real 2525, because I haven't used one myself.
  8. EdwinV

    Helix 2.21

    Besides the 'normal' rebuilding after the update to 2.21, mine hasn't done that at all
  9. You haven't mentioned how you are using the Helix, but coming from a Helix FRFR-setup I would use one of the Marshall amp models for that kind of flavor.
  10. You can't do that with your 2061X. I know where you're coming from; I have one myself and it will never leave. At first, I also just bought the Helix and ran it into my 2061X. In order to use the amp and cab models from the Helix, I got myself a TS210. Have to admit my 2061X hasn't had much playtime lately, since the Helix is sooo good. And with the TS210 a convenient rig to take to rehearsal. Although the 2061X is amazing, the flexibility (but also sound quality) of the Helix for now has the edge for me
  11. Not sure if I understand your question correctly. If you now have presets with Amp+Cab blocks (single or separate Amp and Cab) and you just want to have the Preamp, you just add the Preamp to your current preset (given there is enough DSP). You would be able to bypass the Amp+Cab block to keep it 'clean' and if needed you can copy the amp settings to the Preamp. You could even set your presets up to compare the Preamp -> Guitar power amp -> guitar amp speaker to the Helix Amp+Cab models. Helix footswitches can be assigned to switch between several blocks and parameters. You may even split the path from the Preamp to output to the 1/4" outputs and the Amp+Cab to the XLR outputs. In that way, you could hook up a FRFR to the XLR and compare both options. It must be noted that the FRFR option is not the same as an 'amp in a room' but rather reflects the sound of a recorded (with a mic) amp and cab. For me, the latter has become my preferred setup, but both options can be made to sound great and as always YMMV. Hope that that helps
  12. Good to hear you figured this out. I haven't seen this; I almost exclusively use the hardware UI for creating/editing presets. You may want to report this in the Helix Bug Reports thread.
  13. PeterHamm described in detail how to set this up. If it doesn't work by following his instructions, I think there may be something wrong with your Helix
  14. What happens when you connect the send to the return with just a single cable?
  15. No one mentioning the Marshalls? The JTM45, Plexi, JCM800 and the Modded JCM800? Leads me to think they may be underrated, at least in this thread up to now. I think they are great!
  16. You should definitely be able to do something like this. Some questions: Did you use the menu button and then selecting the "Controller Assign"? Are the parameters you want to change colored white and between brackets? You mention that you have other patches that do work like this. Have you tried to recreate this patch from scratch? You may have a corrupted preset.
  17. Owning a Helix floor unit, I'm actually very glad Line 6 released the Helix LT. To me that means even longer support from Line 6 for the Helix platform, which is a great thing!
  18. Call me old fashioned (but I have a Helix), but I just created a new submission: I would really like to have a fuzz face model that has selectable transistors. Several Germanium and Silicon versions would be awesome. NKT275's, 2N's, 2SB's, CV7003's, CV7005's, BC108's, BC109's, BC183's to name a few. With the 'Transtronic process' one would think this is not too far fetched? If you agree, please upvote Thanks!
  19. Just created a new submission: I would really like to have a fuzz face model that has selectable transistors. Several Germanium and Silicon versions would be awesome. If you agree, please upvote! Thanks
  20. Probably only available last saturday ...
  21. Guitarlory, I was in doubt whether to respond to you. After your post #477 I thought "why bother", but your post #478 made me turn that. First of all, it's my impression that the general attitude in this forum is that people are really trying to help each other. English is not my native language either, so sometimes some is lost in translation. I can understand why some people react to your post(s) as they do, because with a certain frequency guys show up on this forum that only complain about the Helix and don't seem to appreciate any advice. It's all negativity, and I can understand that that is sometimes tiring for some people here. I must admit that my first impression of your posts on this thread was not really inviting to respond. This thread is on the content of a new firmware update and you were complaining about things that are not in there as opposed to what is in there. Besides the point often mentioned that one should not buy something for what it may become, but buy it for what it is, you started out with mainly negativity. The common reaction is that you get back negativity. Despite that, there were some guys that really trying to help. To me it seemed that you weren't really open to help, and that may well be a language thing as you indicated you're no native speaker either. But we all have to realize that Line 6 is not making the Helix only for me or you, but they follow their philosophy in how to serve "all users" best. For you, the amps are not that important but for me the current delays are fine. And I think reverb sucks period, so what's in there is more than sufficient for my needs. Stating that the quality of competitors is better means nothing. You might as well be stating that you like the effects/amps/cabs that were used for the modeling by the competitor better than the ones that were used by Line 6. That can be a legit argument, but then why not get the competitor's tool? And if the competitor is really higher quality to you and that's the most important thing to you, why not go for that? The issue you're experiencing with the 4CM may be real or you may be able to improve with some help. I don't know, but Digital_Igloo has been trying to help there. You've obviously not experienced that as help, but as a bystander it certainly looked like that. But in order to being helped, you have to be open for help. Only you can decide if the Helix suits your needs. Nothing is perfect, so it's all about concessions (hey, I'm Dutch 😉). Whether you're able to live with the downsides is totally up to you. If you can, try to see if the advice you get can help you move it to a higher level. If you can't, Helix may not be for you ... All in respect man, just my two cents
  22. Not sure about them sounding better; I've had that impression before with a previous firmware update. If I remember correctly, there was a guy that did a re-amping with the new firmware to compare it to the old and found no difference. So from then on, I reackon that my ears are getting more and more used to modeling ... (Who would have thought that for a tube amp aficionado with a great love for AnalogMan fuzz boxes [which I still am])
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