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  1. I'm glad you got Helix working again, at least. I updated to 2.20 just a couple of hours ago and had no problems whatsoever. The Line 6 updater software did need updating first, though. I wonder if that has anything to do with what's happening at your end. Anyway, good luck. I hope you manage to make it work next time.
  2. That's bad luck. A power failure hitting you twice like that is just cruel. Third time lucky?
  3. Just a thought - if the Line 6 updater is recognising Helix correctly but won't let you retry installing 2.2 could you perhaps reinstall the earlier version then retry with 2.20? The power failure during update hasn't happened to me yet, luckily, but I felt nervous about it this evening as there were glitches in the power last night.
  4. As you can't connect at all it would be worth trying a different USB cable, just in case a defective cable could be the cause. Rebooting your computer, and Helix, is another simple thing to try.
  5. I don't see it that way. Implementing certain ideas could make Helix less usable for some so being able to vote against those ideas is valuable.
  6. Hah, yes, my post wasn't too well thought out was it! What a shame we can't just have the algorithms from those devices. :-) I guess my sentiments were really that I would like something similar sounding, quality-wise, in Helix.
  7. I would like to see nylon string guitar models introduced - far more useful to me than the sitar and banjo models. That said, I'm very pleased with my variax as it is.
  8. I believe the JCM800 modelled by line 6 Had been modded in some way. I would like them to model a stock JCM800 as well but I suspect that won't happen. The Plexi model is great though!
  9. OP, you aren't alone in hearing this undesirable noise, and the noise has regularly been referred to as 'squirrels' on The Gear Page. In the early days of having Helix I heard and disliked the noise too. With the current updates, though, the sounds seem much better and I suspect there has been some tweaking going on behind the scenes, plus it takes a while to become familiar with what each of the less familiar amp controls and various eq cuts can achieve. My Helix has never sounded better and I wouldn't want to be without it now. Update 2.20 is just around the corner as well. I guess what I'm saying is I wouldn't be too hasty to write off the Helix and, as you got it second hand, be sure it is running the latest firmware before making a final judgment. Good luck - I hope you get it sounding to your taste.
  10. Another vote for Sony headphones here - MDR7510. Helix sounds great using those.
  11. Tweaking the sonic hedgehog model may get you quite close. Actually, I'm hoping Line 6 will include a Boss DS1 model at some point as it's a classic 80's rock sound.
  12. Different string positions accentuate the various harmonics at different levels so eq cannot fully compensate for different pickup positions. I'm not sure why you wouldn't just include a neck pickup in your design. The other way might be to incorporate modelling of some sort such as adding a GK pickup and using a relevant processor (I'm not sure whether it's feasible to incorporate variax technology - i.e. whether it's even available to buy separately).
  13. I agree. Helix Native is a great innovation and I will happily pay the Helix owner reduced rate asked. It can't come soon enough!
  14. Much though I love Helix, I too hope for a reverb update. The reverbs do seem to be the weak link and don't seem appreciably better than those found on budget multi-effects. In fact the reverbs on my TC Electronics Nova System sound much nicer to me. Helix deserves this update.
  15. It's a very nice guitar and the emerald green is a gorgeous colour. I bought one just before Christmas and couldn't be more pleased with it.
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