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  1. It’s been a while since I tried, I don’t think the 8mV low end is the problem, but once it exceeds 3V, the parameter will set to minimum and stay there until the next sweep. I haven’t tested ANY of this under Helix Core, though I’d venture to say that since it’s a hardware function it wouldn’t be affected. MIDI is probably your best bet, it should be easy enough to assign with the “learn” function.
  2. That's exactly why my Roland PK-5 is on it's own board. I thought of combining them, but that would be a monster. :o
  3. I had my Helix for a year and a half and the possibilities with the Variax over VDI had intrigued me from almost the start. A month ago I bought my JTV-59, and while I'm still in the honeymoon period, I've been quite pleased with it so far. The one major thing about it though, is just like the Helix, you need to do some tweaking and not be afraid to get your hands dirty in Workbench, which has its own learning curve. It's got some playability out of the box, but it really shines when you make it your own. When you couple it with the Helix, you get a lot of flexibility and options, and you can bend your sound around the modeling's shortcomings. There's a lot of places to get lost crafting a tone, but when you do, it's gold. While it's never THE exact guitar you're modeling, especially in terms of feel, it's close enough, and even closer in a mix. I've yet to have any real issues with palm muting. Maybe my technique fits it well or something. The neck is FAT though, as some have said. I came from a PRS S2 Standard 24, and it's manageable for me, and I've got fat hands and short fingers. I've heard some complaints about the acoustic sounds, but they're quite good enough for me with a mic preamp and some reverb. You definitely need PA range for it though, the acoustic models sound like trash through a regular guitar amp, but then again so does any piezo acoustic. Unfortunately I can't really speak for the resonator or banjo stuff, as that's not really in my style. I will say that I can get lost for DAYS messing around with the Coral Sitar model. I thickened mine up with some parallel pitch, fattened it by stacking a middle pickup on top the bridge pickup, and did something I can't recall to make the drones stand out. I'll crank it into drop d and before I know it, it's 2:30am and I'm still wailing away on it.
  4. I found an old, dirt cheap Behringer GMX212 with stereo power amp inputs that I'm using now. It's a little harsh on more distorted stuff, probably a combination of the Jensens it uses plus the open back. With some tweaking it works pretty well though, and absolutely soars on cleans with a JC120 block.
  5. Call me crazy, but I'm trying to visualize the tone in my head but I can't recall a Rush song by that name. Are you referring to Distant Early Warning?
  6. I'd never heard of the guy, but if he was featured on Mesa Engineering's Instagram, he's gotta be somebody.
  7. Totally realistic viewpoint there. Even if I was lucky enough to score one, I’d never be able to take it out of the house, let alone gig with it.
  8. That's a sad thing right there. I'd love to have a 2290, but the high price of entry combined with the fact that they can go south that easily keeps me away.
  9. Not quite my style, but I do dig his creativity and sense of humour. I love the integration with Helix, so I'm close to pulling trigger on a Variax of some sort, I'm just on the fence about which one to get. I like a lot of the Shuriken features, but I don't need the longer scale length. It's down between a 59 or an 89, I have likes and dislikes about both.
  10. Not from what I can tell. That's a pretty characteristic Oberheim filter sweep, much like the one in Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'. I tried to duplicate it with the Helix's existing filter selection over the 3 note generator, and the envelopes aren't really long enough, nor do they have that particular character. Unless someone is familiar with something in the Legacy filter selection that I haven't explored yet, of course. I can get somewhat close on my Minilogue, but that's a totally separate analogue synthesizer. *EDIT* Man that video is dripping horrifically in pure 80's vibe. :lol:
  11. I think the confusion is more or less because the Dimension D was never really intended to be a "chorus" effect as much as it was a spatial expander. I think the modern translation would be more along the lines of the four program buttons being "presets" of the signal path through specific components. Basically Roland saying "here's four of the best sounds we could come up with on this hardware, pick which one best suits what you're doing in the moment". That thing originally dates back to the 70's, when effects technology was far from what it is now.
  12. I briefly thought about just that with the Lonestar. Then I came to my senses and remembered that I sold my Heartbreaker because I was tired of the chiropractor bills. :lol:
  13. Yeah, but not quite like this since the Archon or so. :lol:
  14. Umm, yeah. About those two new amps. Straight out of the gate my new faves. I was having so much fun I forgot about the reverbs.
  15. Same here, that was a GREAT preset! It may not be a great amp by today's standards, but man that thing was fun back in the day.
  16. Almost... There's no amp model for my old AX2/212 yet. :lol:
  17. Perhaps it's just my area, but it seems like everyone has had a Metal Zone at some point. You can pick them up at any pawn shop for like $30.
  18. I know everyone is tired of Marshalls in the updates, but I'd be down for a Jubilee/Lerxst Omega considering I'm a huge Rush fan.
  19. For simplest use through loop, output via Send 1, return in stereo via Return 1 and Return 2. The Lester G is mono in with mono or stereo out. It's not designed to be fed a stereo input. Alternatively you could run it between the Helix and your speakers, but then you wouldn't be able to use any post effects on the faux-Leslie sound.
  20. I run a tip/sleeve CV signal into my EXP3 port all the time and have zero issues. I just measured it, and I get +3.23V open, 8mV closed, positive lead at the tip, negative lead at the sleeve. This is coming from an Electro Harmonix 8-Step Program, with the depth set to 5 for Helix compatibility. If the 8-Step is set wrong, and puts out the whole 5V signal, all that happens is that the parameter being controlled resets to minimum once the 3V threshold is exceeded and you need to sweep the control voltage to reset it. There are no ill effects that I've found. I also have a Korg SQ-1, but I don't bother with that as it sends 1V, 2V, 5V, or 8V depending on setting, none of which are really convenient for parameter control on the Helix. You'd need to see if your theremin has settings for maximum control voltage, and limit it to 3V to make it work properly. Otherwise you'd need some kind of external voltage limiter, or to simply stay outside of the range to the theremin where the CV would exceed 3V.
  21. This is how I have the Pitchblack Pro in my rack set up. Tuner output option to Send 1. All of my Helix 1/4" feeds go into a patchbay at the bottom of my rack, and the Send 1 input is mult'ed to the tuner and the signal dead ends there. That way there's none of the dreaded, subjective "tone suck". As long as the tuner is powered up, it gets a signal when the Helix tuner is activated, and goes into standby when it's off. I then have the option of using whichever tuner is more convenient at the moment.
  22. Mine lives in a Diago Showman. Granted I'm not using a Mission pedal at the moment, but I'd imagine one would work just as well.
  23. Yes, highlight the split block and press the joystick. You should have A/B, Y, and Crossover options. You can select the split frequency and the reverse option directs which paths the high and low signals go to.
  24. Outboards can come in handy if you start down the rabbit hole of layering multiple amps and cabs in a single preset, as cab and IR blocks eat up a bit of DSP. When I got my Helix I ended up selling off all of my pedals, and the only outboards I use bring something to the table I can't already do with the Helix, or produce a particular sound I know I can't duplicate.
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