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    Helix II

    Prove it I say!!!!
  2. The one I was looking at was the new Disaster Area Designs Midi Baby. It's a great size for the Stomp, and you have some control over the led choices. Edit: To be clear, the Stomp won't control the LEDs of the Midi Baby. However, if you knew what you intended to control with the Midi Baby, you could set the color of the Midi Baby so that you remember better.
  3. One nice thing about the HX is that the FX blocks have their own volume controls which can allow you to subtly tweak things if the levels aren't quite right. My advice would be to start setting the HX's output l/mono to "line" level. Leave everything else at instrument. If you don't like what you hear, then go in and set the HX send/returns to line. Try that first. If it still doesn't work, well, come back and say what the problem was and we can experiment some more. Edit: Just saw codamedia's advice above which I think is more explanation on the same thing I was saying too. Use a combination of these tools. It might take some adjusting, but you'll get there.
  4. What defines a "good" price? $50 . . . hell, sure. $300? Ummm . . . you're better off going FRFR like is said above. I had a pretty wonderful acoustic amp. One day when I had nothing else available for amplification, and a bit curious, I decided to see if I could make it sing as an FRFR for the HX Stomp. It actually did much better than I expected. My conclusion was this can work as a budget option depending on how good the acoustic amp is, but if a Helix player had $300 for a FRFR or an acoustic you'd be nuts to get the acoustic.
  5. I've seen a few midi controllers that had a programmable LED. They were probably thinking about the Stomp when they designed it. However, even if you do find an external footswitch that has a LED, the Stomp itself doesn't support sending color coding to external footswitches so I think you'd be out of luck.
  6. No there's not. You have to have a device connected to view anything in HX Edit. You COULD do it with Helix Native if you purchased that. To transfer the presets to the Stomp you will need to reduce your block count and save that preset, then import it to the Stomp. This isn't necessarily as hard as it sounds even without Native. Simply edit it down to six blocks while the HX FX is connected, and then save that preset to your PC. Then unplug HX FX, plug in HX Stomp, and import that preset.
  7. That was one of my disappointments with the Stomp too in the midi realm. It seemed like it would be wise to have a preset advance or back off command. Still, with the Morningstar, you have SO many control options that I don't think having the controller emulate FS4 and FS5 is a big deal. The only thing you'd be missing out on is the expression pedal option, but you could leave that to the Morningstar too. Still, another option that I liked even better was having the Morningstar have a button set to cycle stomp modes. From there you can use the Stomp itself, while in "preset" mode to move up or down presets, and in my opinion, it's very easy to do.
  8. No it's not a global setting. Are there other blocks in the preset in use? Could you be out of DSP?
  9. Kilrahi

    HX Effects Advice

    I'm worried I don't understand your questions. For example, on question 1, you're just wondering if you can have the HX wah before your "real" OD pedal? The answer is yes, use an FX block. However, in question 2 you mention the FX block which means you must know about them, so I'm thinking I don't get what you're asking? As for question 2 ... huh? I have no idea what you're asking here. You want to use a "real" modulation pedal but you can't because your HX Effects is already using a modulation block? That's how I understand that question but the solution is too obvious (remove the HX block) so that must not be what you mean.
  10. Nope nothing . . . If I HAD to guess, and again, it's just a guess, but I don't think it's going to work in the way you're envisioning it. For example, the Pod HD500x was once their premier modeler. Now it's their budget modeler. The Firehawk FX was less a new device and more a reworking of all previous models including the Pod 500x. So the budget modeler you're paying with now was, once upon a time, part of their premier modeler tech. That technology transitioned into the budget modeler once the next evolution had been released. If they're smart, I think this is how they'll do it in the future. Someday . . . and I think it's a ways out, but someday there will be a top of the line successor to the Helix. At that point, rather than invent a new budget modeler with new budget model designs, they will instead have the old Helix transition into the budget model. Maybe they'll even do a new piece of hardware, similar to what was done with the Firehawk, that offers the older HX line in a new way. That approach is what makes sense, and is a better use of their capital.
  11. Definitely agree to the need to hear the actual sound. For example, in your first description you described it as follows: "second later there's like a static noise" This description sounds very similar to the "squirrels" phenomenon, but then later you described it as a "metallic hum" which doesn't sound at all like it. This isn't your fault. Describing sound is hard, but it's why an actual audio clip will do wonders when that's possible, or if that can't be done, posting the preset for others to try and mimic it.
  12. That's kind of my conclusion too. I''m a nitpicky perfectionist, which you wouldn't know by hearing me play the guitar. I've always loved music though, and when I was as young as 3 years old I'd lay in front of my parent's stereo speakers and listen to songs . . . and hear strange garbled noises occasionally, randomly, it was clearly related to its attempts to play music, and yet it wasn't music I was hearing. I didn't notice it if the stereo was loud and I didn't have my head up to the speaker, but obviously they were still there, just drowned out. These noises bugged me, but I learned to live with them. Years later my parents upgraded to some much nicer speakers, and I remember I was excited that those noises would likely be gone. They weren't. Still there. Still imperfect. Over the years I came to realize that that kind of imperfection seems to live within ANY attempt to produce sounds. Over time, I came to forget about them. Fast forward decades later, when I first got the HX Stomp, one late night I was playing on headphones . . . and heard it again. I wasn't expecting it at all and it irritated me in the same way it did when I was 3, but at the same time, I also couldn't help but conclude that IF they are in the original amps then surely they MUST be in the model. Now, if I could snap my fingers and and make it go away, I would. I've heard some claim Fractal finally eliminated them (I don't know, as I've never had a device to study that intently), but even if they have, it's not worth me ponying that much extra money for it. I've heard some people say that what irritates them about Line 6's version is it sounds fake - they agree they're in real amps, but those squirrels are "done better." Without knowing why they're there, I really can't speculate. Could they be removed? Do they sound fake (since the real ones sounded fake to me that's hard for me to fairly judge)? Is this the territory of the Helix 2? Bottom line - nothing is ever perfect. Helix comes pretty damn close, squirrels and all. Hell, I'm just glad they aren't *?!@#!ing frogs.
  13. Yeah I get it they're controversial . . . but there's a very good chance it's what the OP is noticing. It depends on a number of variables (how close they listen, experience with gear in general, with multiple types of speakers, what they're using to hear their HX). To the OP, check out this thread. I found it to be the best example of the subject and it still has some audio examples up that might fit what you're hearing. If it's not, then at least you can dismiss this possibility and move on:
  14. It sounds to me like you're hearing the amp artifacts or what anti helixers commonly refer to as "squirrels." It's present in not just chords, but in all notes and it's more easily detectable in some amp models than others. If I'm right, and that's what you're hearing, it's not a mistake as such stuff is present in real amps too, we're just not used to hearing our full blooded amps in the way we often listen to our HX. Are you using headphones to monitor? It stands out even more there.
  15. I think it's a decent idea. I use a Spider V 20 sometimes and it works well. My assumption has always been to be profitable they can't be the MOST amazing FRFR and instead functions more like a "poor man's" version. With that said, can I claim I hear problems with it? No.
  16. Well . . . I mean . . . isn't it more important to let us know what you think? You are the one who paid for it. My two cents is it LOOKS cool . . .
  17. Yeah I think the LT is a solid deal and when I would debate trading up I always envisioned the LT, not the floor. It was the mic preamp (I fancy myself an acoustic crooner - not everyone agrees) that made me even consider a floor. I have to stress that the deal I landed on the full floor was flat out crazy (IMO). It was basically a pristine floor for the cost of a new LT.
  18. So I've been a Stomp user for about a year now. I haven't been at all disappointed in it. It's been my baby and I've taken it everywhere. Sometimes with a pedal board of additional pedals, often just on its own, and I've just been thrilled. So I sold it. Bought myself the Helix floor. I was looking at a mic pre-amp to use with the Stomp which would have been a decent chunk of change. Then I realized I had a bunch of unused gear that would sell for a lot, and that the Stomp would sell for a lot . . . plus I own a Variax . . .saw a great deal on a mint used unit and suddenly found myself clicking "buy now." And yeah. It's arguably complete overkill, but I'm really excited to be able to do EVERYTHING now. I'm hoping to have the same experience as everyone else, namely rarely needing anything else anymore. The Stomp almost pulled it off, and so now I'm thinking this might just put the nail in the coffin of gear chasing.
  19. Weird ... the manual method worked just fine for me. Still, glad you found a way.
  20. would need to get a variation of Android's "on the go" cable to tell your phone it needs to be in USB host mode. Then it theoretically would work, but there might be a unseen hiccup.
  21. Yes, you could do that.
  22. That sounds more to me like a hardware defect. I would open up a support ticket with Line 6. I've never had it "fade out." It sometimes . . . very rarely . . . if I change a preset goes completely quiet and I have to reset.
  23. What you said doesn't at all fit what they're describing. Perhaps you should describe your scenario further.
  24. I largely agree with the above poster, except for the part about using the Spider V's effects. In my opinion, the best way to go is to treat the Spider V like an FRFR. I created a flat mode preset with all internal amps/cabs and effects disabled. Then I'd use the Pod 500x to output to it. Do everything sound wise within the Pod, with the Spider V used only as amplification. You could mess around with the new "classic" speaker mode to see if that gives you a better result then the original hi fidelity mode, but that's about all I'd tweak.
  25. I wanted to weigh in that this is now my fourth update with the HX software. I came home from work, connected everything in 2 minutes, and updated everything in five. Smooth process. No problems. I highly recommend this update!
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