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  1. Sometimes it works great, at other times I can be 2' away from PGW and it cuts out! Well I'm in a small APT, w/router 10' away can't really place PGW in another room. I purchased a Dean Exile select 7,guitar with Pod go wireless, the 1/4" jack is placed at a angle w/ metal sleeve around 1/4" guitar insert that's causing the wireless problems. With a regular insert jack like on my ESP I don't have those issues.
  2. I'm having the same problems with interference from somewere if I touch my studiolive mixers faders and my guitar at the same time, or if I'm running 1/4 outs to amp same thing it's really pissing me off I made a ticket I unhooked everything in my studio but the helix and a way to monitor it and still buzzing like a chainsaw I think it's my helix rack that is running out of warranty really quick like, I'm stumped I tryed everything I could think of Ive had no problems before, but since I got a new studiolive mixer with touch sensitive motorized faders it's been a big problem even when I take the mixer out of the signal I still get a buzzing noise out of the 1/4 outs. I'm pretty sure I got a pos unit from Line 6 and hope they can come up with a solution before my warranty runs out in a couple weeks! Do I have to purchase the extended warranty to get a helix loner while mine is being serviced? I think they should send me a new one that wtf I think!!!
  3. I'm having the same issues, with Studio one pro 4.6 only changes preset sounds when I turn monitor off and back on in Studio one. I end up using Helix rack hardware to record, but it would be nice to have native available and operating the right way if my rack is not in the studio.
  4. I'm having the same problems it rebuilds on every bootup.
  5. I had same problem with my rack and after much frustration and bitchin I plugged my Helix back into my USB hub after 6 hrs of trying to update and it worked, so much for following directions it screwed it up, thought I had a $1400 boat anchor!
  6. I was having trouble loading firmware too but I hooked it back to my USB hub and it worked!!
  7. Hey update, I hooked it backup to a USB hub like I had it before, they say not to so I hooked it direct to PC well that didn't work so I tryed it with my Helix rack plugged into my USB hub and WTF!! It worked!!! Hallelujah !!! Only took 6 hrs to figure out!!
  8. Samething happened to me now I can't do nothing with it I can't even reload my backup files
  9. I have Helix rack and controller and Helix native. Im hopin at some point in a future firmware update there is a way to utilize the Helix hardware foot controller in native,it has a USB on the controller for something. Or would it be possible to use a ground control pro now to bypass and switch presets and snapshots?
  10. Sorry to jump on your reply but I have an eleven rack, helix rack and helix native too, I wanted to use the true z input of the eleven rack w/o effects to feed the helix native through PreSonus 24.4.2 AI. Would it be any better than using the helix rack buffered pass thru to do the same?
  11. I got the latency issue worked out on native some what it's better than it was but still have to turn off the green Z to switch or tweak the presets in native. I didn't have this problem when I loaded the native trial in S1-3 back when line 6 launched native. I'm pretty sure it's got somthing to do with a update in Windows 10 that corrupted the files from line 6 website that I had to deal with when I bought native,I had to turn off some search filters in Windows to allow native to load right, might have to uninstall and reinstall native, if PreSonus has fixed the issues in S1-3 already. When I had the native trial PreSonus didn't have the low latency Z monitoring yet, I'll have to open a ticket with PreSonus support too I suppose. I have the helix rack too and found it best to record guitar with the rack as interface through the multi outs, records dry track while your monitoring full fx from a stereo track then I switch back to using Studiolive AI as interface then use native as a plugin to tweak settings as I monitor dry track, no need for the green Z for monitoring recorded dry tracks. Thanks for the info Doug6string!
  12. I recently purchased native and found a bug in Helix native in Studio one 4 with the low latency z monitoring. When enabled and your editing Helix parameters nothing works till you turn off and back on the record track arm in Studio one 4. you have to set your parameters on the Helix and then enable the low latency Z monitoring in Studio One 4 to record but that isn't gonna work if you want to implement midi automation. If you have it off the latency is not workable.
  13. I'm having the same problem on my Windows 10 PC, I used the demo on the same PC and it worked fine I had no problems at all now that I bought it,it won't work!!!
  14. I downloaded and installed the latest version of helix native but studio one 4 pro,my DAW of choice does not recognize it nor can I find were in the heck I installed it. I rescanned my vst's on my DAW to allow new vst's, to no avail it won't show anything it's just not there, I used the demo version of helix native on same PC not to long ago with Studio one 3 and it worked flawlessly,in fact I tryed it in both versions of studio one, nothing!!!!
  15. I loaded the demo and it worked fine in studio one 3, now I bought the helix native and it doesn't work I've tryed every thing on knowledge base and Sweetwater support knowledge base every fu%#^%€<>€in thing!!!!!!! It won't work!!!'nnn
  16. FukinA15

    helix usb

    no way, I got family in springs, my parents own La Fiesta Mexican restaurant in Hart for almost 30 years, small world!
  17. FukinA15

    helix usb

    I figured it out it was in the way i had it set up on the sound control panel,thanks guys!! Im not to good with computers Im a musician not a tech guy but now i have to be thanks again!
  18. FukinA15

    helix usb

    Using PreSonus Studiolive 24.4.2ai mixer/interface I can take the Helix out of the sound control panel and it will still put out the signal from the helix USB 1/2 with the volume on the helix at 0db all the way down and I will still get a signal comin out of the mixer/ interface main outs, I can mute the channels that are coming from the helix xlr's into my mixer with the channel volumes all the way down and it will still get a latency delayed signal coming from the helix USB 1/2 coming into my interface and coming out of my main outs. The only way it will stop is to go with xlr or 1/4 outs, and go w/o multi outs in the helix or unplug the USB making the HX editor unusable.
  19. FukinA15

    helix usb

    no Im not im using a Studiolive AI for my interface,and i got to my sound control panal and it dosent matter if i disable it or make it my default device the volume on the Helix can be all the way down the USB signal comes out of my main outs from my PC. the input from the Helix XLR's outs on my mixer/interface channel can be muted and it still comes out from helix USB over my main outs of my mixer/interface I have a ticket on line 6 support but they want me to attach a video of my set up,its driving me nuts i can unplug the usb but then i cant use the hx editor or put the helix in xlr outs instead of multi outs but then i cant run my 1/4" outs to my live room, if you could help me out id be most grateful!! thanks!!
  20. FukinA15

    helix usb

    Im getting a signal from USB 1/2 from the Helix all the time even with no volume on the Helix its coming from the helix USB to my PC out to my main left right on my interface in multi out on the Helix. the only thing I can do is unplug the USB or run XLR outs I cant get rid of it!!! WT!! HELP!!!!
  21. Thanks for the advice will try it both ways,
  22. I'm just wondering what's the best way to run my set up, sorry so long a sentence.lol
  23. Hello I was wondering the same thing, I'm running my Helix rack 1/4" outs to a Marshall 9200 monoblock 2x100 watt all tube power amp with no tone stacks just a A/B voicing switch on each amp, xlr's are going to my studio monitor system I've been running amp/cab sim on and found some great sounds coming through the Marshall going into some 15" peavey floor wedges for now till I get some passive frfr 212 cabs, it's a heavy 80+ lbs beast but it stays in my live room sounds like a freight train coming through my studio tremendous volume!
  24. you know what would be great is to have a guitar insert right on the foot controller of the Helix Rack for people who dont use a wireless systems you have your ethernet cable then you got your guitar cable running to the helix rack my guitar cable gets tangled on the foot controller, just a thought
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