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  1. Rayk86ss

    Best Tones Available

    Are Amplifi tones and Spider V tones the same? If so, I found the "Buddy Guy lead" tone to be very nice on my used Spider V. Also... Does anyone know if it possible to attach tone files to a message on this thread? This would be a good way to share tones for those of us who do not have access to the tone cloud. Thanks
  2. Rayk86ss


    Of course there was always the old flip the switch on the Les Paul trick... Speaking of which it would be nice to have the amp automatically change presets when the switch on the guitar is flipped. I can think of a few ways to accomplish this, but a plug and play solution would be nice.
  3. Rayk86ss


    I don't think it sucks at all, but I'll admit that there is more of a learning curve to this software than I expected. Here's a little problem that I noticed (sorry if this has already been discussed to death) You've chosen a preset that has multiple parameters for a given effect (example reverb). You think it sounds pretty good, but you decide to turn the reverb knob on the amp just a tiny bit. Surprise!! All of the little bar graphs representing the underlying parameters for that reverb effect change A LOT. You decide to put the knob back where it was, but discover that the only way to easily get the tonal quality where it was is to reload the preset. Line 6 has made an amp with amazing signal processing ability and this makes it all but impossible to adjust everything with front panel knobs. Because of the complexity, they really need first rate software to manage all this.
  4. Rayk86ss

    customtone page?

    How true! Garmin from a few years ago is a good example. They hinted that they would provide Apple Macintosh capability for their GPS products for several years before they finally got around to it. Garmin was a pretty big company at the time with a lot of talented engineers on staff, but the reality is that providing a reliable interface to all of the different phone and computer operating systems is a huge task that sucks up a lot of good engineering time. I'd assume that Line 6 is a bit smaller than Garmin, although Line 6 clearly has some digital signal processing genius people. At one time I carried three different laptop computers to do my job. (Windows XP Service Pack 2, XP service pack 3, and Windows 7) None of these machines were ever connected to the internet, and each was for use with a software package that would not work quite right on the others. It is a real pain to design software for your customers only to have somebody else (Microsoft, Apple, or Google), make a change so that your software no longer works right. It is also a lot more fun to concentrate on your core business which in the case of Line 6 seems to be DSP and audio.
  5. Rayk86ss

    Will the Tone Cloud feature ever be added to the PC app?

    Full windows support would be great. I just bought a used V60 for over $100 less than the price of a new one at my local music store. I wondered why the store had two new looking but used V60s on the floor? Had the previous owners traded in these amps for some reason? Now that I own one, I can see that the capability of the Spider V is just amazing, but there is a learning curve that goes with all this tech. I'm an old guy. I have a one year old Android smart phone, but I never do anything smart with it--it is just a phone. According to the Google Play store, my phone is not compatible with the Spider Remote App. No worries--I'll buy a cheap used phone that is compatible and duck tape it to the amp with no SIM card in it. Even without using downloadable presets, the capabilities of this device are wonderful. Perhaps this is a good thing? I can play with various combinations of compression, noise gate, chorus, and reverb to create my own sound. For those who just want to play instead of tinker, the Spider V may not be the best choice right now.