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  1. I love Full Compass. I live about an hour and a half away as well and love the obscure parts you can find. Well, look at that. I never thought to read the writing on the picture. Thanks! Thanks! It probably is oxidation. I (sorry to say) haven't played this guitar much lately. I'll try a little contact cleaner first to see if that clears it up. Might still buy the part just in case...for the future. Thanks everyone!!
  2. Does anyone know if this is the updated switch for the JTV-59? A while ago, I thought I read that L6 had updated the switch because the original ones were failing. My switch is starting to fail. Just wondering if this one is the same or better. Thanks! http://www.fullcompass.com/prod/249357-Line-6-50-02-9331?utm_expid=.m9SVQa56Ry2YH1KHTbShhQ.0&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.fullcompass.com%2Fsearch.php%3Fparent%3D471%26search_simple%3Dtrue%26txtAll%3Djtv-59
  3. Here you go. I'm having the same problem post-2.0 update. Hope this helps. Pitch shift settings 100%, -1, -1, 100%, 0.0db. The Pitch Wham is the first block in the patch. https://soundcloud.com/rod-stoughton/helix-half-step-pitch-shift-bug
  4. Yes! Thanks Line 6 for addressing this so quickly!
  5. From Line 6 today : "We've recently found out that the audio cut out that you've found is due to a firmware issue, not hardware. Currently we are working on a fix that will be released as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience." ​This was posted on the Facebook Helix User's group.
  6. Don't say that! So far (knock on wood) mine has only cut out when using the toe switch. This thing better not become that Farrari that looks amazing in your garage, but you can't drive it anywhere because it might break down...
  7. Aaaaand....there it goes. After changing the wah to mono I played it on and off all morning without it cutting out. Left the unit on. Came back after about 45 minutes, stepped on the (now mono) wah and it died. So that's not the answer. Ugh. Back to square one.
  8. You might be onto something. I checked all my failing patches and somehow I had a stereo Wah for my mono path. I haven't been able to test them extensively, but I changed them all to mono. It doesn't really explain why only a reboot brings back the sound, as you would think turning the wah block off would simply restore the signal path. Perhaps it's a firmware bug? I'll keep everyone posted as I do more testing.
  9. Is this happening to any of you? https://youtu.be/PxjLhQskBOs
  10. I read somewhere the helix master volume should be turned up to 10 which is essentially unity gain. When I first plugged Helix into a board, I had a lot of hiss. I had the volume about 50% and consequently, the board's gain was turned way up to get a usable signal - thus a lot of hiss. So then I turned the Helix to 100% and the board's gain way down to compensate. Hiss gone. Here's what I've noticed though, I'm running into a Mackie DL1608. When the phantom power is on, it attenuates my Helix's sound by -10 to -20 and I have to increase the gain to compensate. Turn the phantom power off, and I get a great, strong signal to the board. Apparently the Helix doesn't play well with phantom power.
  11. Ah Ha, I forgot about the whole command center part as I have't done anything with it so far. Thank you so much!!
  12. I know how to rename a strip when assigned to a block/effect. What I can't figure out is when it's only assigned to multiple parameters OF an effect. It just says Multi and when you go to rename it, it's grayed out because there's no block assigned. Make sense?
  13. Has anyone figured out how to customize the scribble strip for a switch that only controls multiple parameters and not blocks. For instance, I always leave reverb on, but one switch controls both decay and mix for two different levels of reverb. Since the switch isn't assigned to a block, I can't figure out how to customize it. Thx!
  14. Thanks for posting this. It's great to get a starting point for what gear to use from someone who has thoroughly tested it. Question: When creating patches, how much tweaking do you have to do when going from your monitors to your phones or to your L2's? One of the things that always bothered me with HD500 and DT was having completely different patches (set lists) for the DT, and for recording direct, and for direct to the board, and for use with my L2's. I'm hoping Helix with a set up like yours means one patch for all, but with the sound and feel of my DT.
  15. Sean Halley is demoing the Helix RIGHT NOW at Sweetwaters Gear Fest.
  16. I do the same thing as grandinq. Use an FX block and send the signal from the 1/4" FX send to your PA. Regarding the Di Box, it really depends on the distance you are running a cable to the board. Anything longer than a 20' cable and I would use a Di Box to get the cleanest signal possible. I've run it both ways.
  17. Last night I played a 3 hour gig with the new 1.03 firmware. Worked like a charm. Not a single dropout. I was critical of this product earlier, but if last night's reliability holds true in the future, I won't hesitate to recommend it. Sounded and worked great! Thank you L6 for 1) Getting the firmware out ASAP and 2) putting usb ports on the product so we can easily do the updates ourselves - It was annoying with the G50 that we couldn't update ourselves.
  18. I'm so pissed. Rehearsed again tonight. Did the autoscan three different times and had dropouts on every channel. In the space of a two hour rehearsal, I had a minimum of 10 dropouts.
  19. Just got my G70 and tried it out at rehearsal tonight. Sounds fantastic and love the features, but yup, brief random dropouts. Granted, I did not scan for a "free" channel - just left it on 1. I own a G50 and it's the same dropout problem I had until the latest firmwear update. Hope L6 gets this bug fixed too ASAP.
  20. I'm replacing the preamp tubes in my DT50 112. I believe one is an input buffer and the other is a phase inverter. I ordered a standard 12ax7 for the input buffer, but I ordered a balanced 12ax7 for the phase inverter. The sockets are labeled V3 and V4 with the power amp tubes labeled V1 and V2. Conventional wisdom would say that V3 is the power inverter because the socket number is next in line to the power tubes. However the only thing I could find online is someone who "thought" the numbering system was different on DT50s. So, does anyone know for sure which socket is the phase inverter? Thx!!
  21. Help! The same thing has just started happening to me. Now I know it is not caused by knob jitter. I am playing in half power mode with the volume only a quarter of the way up in a bedroom practice situation. I tried two different digital cables and two different analog cables for the L6 link. The problem continues to happen. All three pieces of the dream rig have been updated to the latest firmware and the problem is still happening. Did anyone ever figure out what the real cause of this issue is since in my case it is not due to knob jitter?
  22. I have a Relay G50. The other day I was playing some clean tone stuff and noticed that if I hit a chord and let it ring, the sound started clear but began to fuzz, crackle, and break up as the sustain from the guitar faded. If I roll back on the guitar volume and pick very lightly, everything I play at low volume is distorted and fuzzy. I use a DT-50, so at first I thought it might be related to the tubes, but when I removed the Relay from the signal and used a cable, there was no issue. Definitely a G50 issue. I had the firmware updated by a service tech who sent it out to Line 6 when the cable connection on the transmitter needed to be repaired, so it is the latest firmware to the best of my knowledge. I've tried switching channels, I've tried Lo and Hi power. Any ideas? Thanks!
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