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Community Answers

  1. my first grandbaby Cecelia one year old click on photo
  2. why would the info box refer to the pod hd pro?
  3. have you disconnected usb and midi then start it?
  4. the op's thumbnail shows no new updates available and version 2.2 as newest and installed and this is an old post. the help and info box shows this item up to date. the only error i see is regarding transferring tones. am i missing something? the only thing i can deduce is flash memory is blued out and the op mistakenly took that for meaning it needed updating.
  5. could be the battery. try to reset. hold both up and down arrows while turning on. hold until something appears on the screen then cycle off and on. i think that's it.
  6. set all amp controls to zero, except master volume, then recall a patch to find if the problem happens again
  7. as i look through the equalizers available on edit, i see most parameters are in fact in percentage or decibels
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