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  1. well i extract the file and then open it and i get can't open file not compatible not recognized. i don't know i used to be a drummer. don't worry about it
  2. what's wrong with submitting a ticket or calling. i think you get more individual attention, especially if you call and actually talk with someone. you might have to wait but it was a satisfying experience for me when i spoke to someone.
  3. very nice. thanks for that. if i ever get the balls to try it, i'll have some guidance.
  4. you dipped it in a barrel with colors. i don't mean to bore a$$ you but could you elaborate on your process. it really is unique and lovely :wub: . i'd like to understand how you did it.
  5. i just saw it last night. glad i watched it. and no commercial interruption
  6. did anyone see this documentary of sound city? it's about a recording studio in california started in the sixties. dave grohl put the documentary together and tells the story. although it was considered a hole in the wall, many well known artists have used the studio and produced platinum albums. with the advent of digital, the studio floundered and went out of business. they talk about the sound of the rooms being special and how the board, which was made by a man named neve, was one of a kind. all analog with 2" tape. pretty cool. it was on paladium. dave purchased the board and cut some tunes with people who had recorded at the studio in it,s prime. check it out
  7. I'd advise you to disregard this statement. ASIO4ALL is not a "great driver" it is a reverse engineered 3rd party open source attempt at faking compliance with the ASIO specifications. it's use is for products that do not have real genuine ASIO compliant drivers available... which is not the case here. where is this statement that you quoted from guitarmaniac64? i can't find it in his post. has it been removed? Guitarmaniac64, on 14 Aug 2013 - 16:39, said:
  8. Perhaps it was a first post bug or something of that nature? i'll agree with that
  9. so you're telling me 2 people read the post and missed, "note: i have already tried a global reset." actually this happened before where someone wrote something then either removed or added to the post. i read your post a couple of times before i asked if you had tried a reset. maybe you did perform a global reset. but that last statement wasn't there when i posted. hence. i didn't suggest a reset. i asked if you tried one, since it wasn't clear that you had by your statement, "This is not to be confused with the looping logo where global resets fix things." no big deal
  10. it wasn't there before i asked if he did a global reset. um um
  11. CRUSTY! where ya been . just trying to start trouble
  12. eagles played the Pats the other day and looked pretty good. so youse atlanta and san fransisco fans... don't get your hopes up
  13. does monkey see the device? indicated in the upper left showing the esn
  14. i just heard through the grapevine the reason there hasn't been an update and there won't be one is, in the near future, after they exhaust all of the parts inventory, they will announce a new modeler and it won't be called POD. THIS IS FACT.
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