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  1. have you tried a global reset
  2. mythbusters polished tuds in an episode :huh:
  3. i notice you didn't say anything like, "if there is an update"...hmmm, what could this mean, huh? nyuk, nuyk nyuk nyuk. :D
  4. it's gonna take a while. don't give up. and that's all i have to say about that
  5. we want the funk... give up the funk...awwww... i think i heard an opportunity to go from a funky beat to a smooth walk for the chorus in one of those tunes. i think it's already there but i'd like it to be more emphasized, more defined. how do you like that, tbone steak oh yeah, good stuff
  6. i can't wait until the update to read all the posts bitchin' about what's not there
  7. i'm not
  8. how are you adjusting tone, with the amp or are you using the pods eq's? effects on the pod also have tone controls
  9. musicman i had one back in the 1970's. can't for the life of me think why i sold it. to my brother no less for $100. boost the mids. are the tubes ok? something that old may need a cap job. where's spacealt when you need 'em
  10. fuzzy fuzza fuzz fuzz fuzz how long have you had it? keep tweakin'. there's a lot of lollipop to go through. even vets have trouble.
  11. this is available at the line6 store
  12. I feel bad Toneman. I just wondered what that button did.... now I know FUGGETABOWDIT :)
  13. excellent long distance troubleshooting
  14. global reset. hold down the left navagation key while turning the pod on
  15. :blink: aaaachhhhooooooooooo :blink:
  16. i'm only 9448 from a brownie button and you give me a negative by mistake. now what am i gonna do, sheeez :D
  17. if you follow the link there are plenty of people who explain what your asking
  18. too much info for me
  19. PX-2/PX-2g AC: (Stomp modelers, All PODs, XT, and X3 series, XPS, Micro Spider): Output: 9V AC, 2000mA. Plug Length: 10.5mm, Diameter: 5.5mm, Center Pin: 2.5mm the power supply is 9 volt a/c not d/c
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