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  1. what do you mean that you've tried different voltage levels?
  2. people have been asking for more dsp since the release of the hd500 3 years ago. a week ago line6 released an hd 500X with 2x the dsp. now you ask for more dsp. :wacko: :blink:
  3. this is what they listed the 500 on the 11th
  4. toneman2121


    no problem. i don't know about that, but probably not. just sell it with the warranty. you'll probably sell it quicker, but i wouldn't ask for more than $300. it's used, new 500's are going for $400 and it's the "old" model
  5. is the xt's power supply original?what power supply are you using for the pod. does it look like this?
  6. check input settings. i get hiss when input 2 is set to mic
  7. somebody switched machines on you or didn't put the correct ones on
  8. there's a hole in the center of the post, correct? somehow the string is trapped between the gear and the mounting plate
  9. toneman2121


    if you bought the warranty at GC called pro coverage, it is transferable. it's in the warranty booklet, i had to look it up
  10. how about turning the knob on the underside of the tuner to unlock the string
  11. after an update/reflash you must perform a global reset and pedal calibration or you get what happened to you
  12. toneman2121


    i'm 99% sure the warranty is transferable. there is a FAQ somewhere in the knowledge base. and i'd plan on loosing a little more than $100 because i've seen new hd 500 for$400. but with the warranty transfer, which is excellent and i also have it, is a good selling point.
  13. i believe that has to do with the spider valve amps
  14. when you use the term "bad" do you mean as in bad lollipop or just plain bad. if you mean just plain bad you should get him an amp. no amount of fx or amp modeling is going to enhance his tone if it's amplified through crap. along with the learning curve for tweaking the hd, might discourage him even sticking with the hd, there are plenty of good amps out there, new and used, that are comparable in price. if you mean the amp he has is bad lollipop then go with the hd. right now guitar center has the hd 500 for $400 which was previously $500. the brand new hd 500X is $500 with some better processing power and some better construction. but is basicaly the same as the 1st gen 500 in terms of modeling amps and fx. the hd series has the same fx as the m13 i believe.
  15. toneman2121


    t the pit mix is my kid's, i just got this hound mix from the rescue. i started a new pet thread, but nobody came :( :)
  16. is the xt's power supply original? that is, input 120VAC output 9VAC. and you are using a stepdown transformer to bring the voltage input from 230VAC to 120VAC.
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