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  1. any software for the X will be available for the 500
  2. the x is basically a lateral upgrade. vetta has no X model.
  3. hd500 $100 off at gc
  4. toneman2121


    hey boy, 'sup. what no comment on the new forum? been gone for a while, huh DADA?
  5. toneman2121


    that seems like something that can be available with an update
  6. if you put a sweater on in the summer you would overheat. in electronics, you're instructed to allow ventilation to prevent overheating. where i worked when i was in the service. we kept the room so cold we wore jackets in the summer because the electronics generated so much heat. that's not to say the L3t would malfunction wrapped in a sweater but it's more likely it would.
  7. toneman2121


    nobody really mention the bean or pro
  8. toneman2121


    ​line6, you will make the 500 up-gradable!! :angry: :angry: :angry:
  9. i think your using too much reverb, if as you say it, sounds like your playing in a metal box. what are the settings for the reverb you are using that give this effect?
  10. yet the 500 is still selling at the same price
  11. you have the decay up to 80% i hate to think what you have the mix set at
  12. is there no volume control for headphones either on the device or on the app you're using?
  13. all the amps in this line have these flaws, correct?
  14. ahh, so they do use the real thing sort of where you been?
  15. there was a discussion about this recently and it seems the learned gentlemen discovered the green light has to do with updating. although not flashing. are you saying the battery is not charging?
  16. toneman2121


    the pro usually comes sometime after the pedal. i'd hold off if you can
  17. toneman2121


    so the price for the 500 is coming down
  18. ok, try updating in safe mode. hold down the left soft key under the lcd screen. that should bring up safe mode.
  19. global reset - hold left nav key while powering up. check monkey. register device. try to update. after update, global reset Q: How do I register my POD HD Device? A: You can register any Line 6 product to your account here: Registration. For more detailed registration help, please see the Product Registration F.A.Q.
  20. i think you got a problem for the techs to solve, unless you can get schematics and functional description and know a little about electronics.
  21. i don't use a battery powered amp. my experience with batteries is general usage
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