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  1. contact line6 directly and explain your situation
  2. i assume you are highlighting flash memory
  3. i wonder what the percentage of hd user, who are satisfied with the performance of the hd, to the users who are disappointed with the performance of the hd.
  4. t i think your best set is to contact line6, either buy phone or support ticket
  5. until somebody can answer your question, i found this which i think may be related
  6. to avoid them leaking, take them out. i use them all the time and i can't remember them leaking on me.
  7. this sounds like a bug that needs an exterminator.
  8. to me, from your photo, everything is up to date.
  9. the eleven rack is the best modeler in the multiverse. nothing can beat it. not even the real gear. it turns you into a guitar god.
  10. the delay in changing patches is 1/10 of a second. i know this is a problem you are having. i don't understand why that delay is, which seems a very short time to me, is so critical in your usage.
  11. 6 x 1.2 = 7.2 6 x 1.5 = 9 with a difference of almost 2 volts, the amp might not operate correctly. there is no mention of a charger integral to the amp in the pilots guide
  12. with the 500x coming soon, you can probably get a new 500 at a good price. check ebay.
  13. i think if this thing is real, the 500 price will drop and the 500x will be sold at $499
  14. i know your not going to believe me but when i posted those pics i tried ten different ways and i got lucky one time. i just tried to do it again and failed. the truth is i forget
  15. how will the dsp chip be upgrade :rolleyes:
  16. i don't quite get the first part...and i'm no stranger to the second part :o
  17. why is it that when i search for 500x at the site, the page you have linked doesn't come up
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