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  1. Maybe have the bank up and down act as page up and down while in 8 snapshot mode?
  2. Hmmm. Don't remember. Bridge p rail obviously no. Can't rmember if the 69 was originally routed for single coil or boat routing. The standards have the boat routing.
  3. Have not seen 69 or 59 harnesses at fullcompass. Have emailed various folks there. Unresponsive would be understatement.
  4. Very nice! Are thise lipstick pickups GFS? Have thought about swapping the neck p rail on my 69 to another lipstick pickup. Mine is a duncan but I always wanted to try some lipstick humbuckers.
  5. I am doing the same with Maschine. Still figuring out some tricks.
  6. Have the mainboards. Not the harnesses. Since I cannot find harnesses at fullcompass or line6, sedning in for repair makes sense. tech opens it up. Gee. . .it aint working because it doesn't have the switches, knobs and harness. Let me order one. . . ..
  7. Nope. All my transplants are working fine. I have a 69 with mainboard, output jacks, pickups, tuners, neck etc. just missing the control harness I believe. May plug it in without that stuff to see if just the variax side works. Obviously mags would not go down VDI and would need to control it via VDI. My nephew has been learning guitar and wants to start playing in church. If I get him up and running with a variax, may get him a HD500x to go with it. I also have a 59p in similar state. Have the mainboard, bridge, jacks, pickups blah blah blah. Just need the harness I think. That one I may keep stock. My next two transplants already have the donor guitars. A variax standard and a JTV89. First timw purchasing either. The 89 will go in a three pickup warmoth les paul, the standard may go in a firebird. Maybe a strat, maybe a les paul special. Lol. I guess another option is getting a standard for my nephew but he has been playing two 69s. One without the electronics at home and the purple one I postwd in the warmoth neck thread. So he digs the 69 more than the standard. Got a b stock standard off ebay for 423 bucks. A lot less than when I was paying 1500 for new 59s!!!!
  8. What if I have a JTV59 in need of repair? It works perfectly, has everything except the main board and the harness for the pots.
  9. Funny that I have spent time on acoustic patches to get them to sound more piezoish. New word.
  10. Analyzing the economics of it by only thinking about units sold of the wireless, does not tell the whole story. How many people would buy all three IF it was wireless? Not sure, but all the coolness of the Variax and Helix combo are useless without VDI. Also from a marketing standpoint. Any big guns thinking about using the "dream rig" combination of variax and Helix live, will have to decide if they can handle using a VDI cable.
  11. Do this all the time. It never sounds 100% like two guitars but I dig what it adds. I have a 100% wet delay on one side between 15 and 30ms depending on how "wide" I want it. Then adding any other minor differences each add to the "2 guitar" sound. Different amp on each side, different cab, different slapback, different reverb. I even go as far as different phaser, chorus or flanger. More of a dual mono than stereo deal. Listening in headphones really helps set it up. On many patches the E and B strings sound wide, the G and D less wide and then wider again on A and E. Just playing a scale will have the separation change depending on what part of the neck you are playing.
  12. I put a warmoth neck on a 69. I have planet waves on mine. Mine used to be on an old variax 69 and is a tilt back headstock strat neck. Flame maple, rosewood board, standard thin, 6105 stainless. Made a huge difference. IMG_ IMG_3029 by toasterhombre, on Flickr 0957 by toasterhombre, on Flickr
  13. Lets say Garbage wanted to use the full goodness of a varix/helix combo, but going wireless was necessary. Maybe they decide to not get 18 helix racks, some variaxes, controllers and yeah a few wirelesses.
  14. I have always thought a wireless VDI as a marketing product. Though I would buy one for sure, two almost sure. I think more "big guys" would buy into the whole dream rig ecosystem if it didn't mean being tethered to a POD with a 25 foot cable. Having Helix change guitar "presets" tuning etc or using variax volume and tone as expression pedals is the coolest new idea in years. . . if you can be 25 feet from your Helix and are not a spazz like me. I absolutely hate cables.
  15. You know once I hit sound cloud and saw the name I immediately thought of Axis. Unfortunately back in those days I remember seeing the name a bunch but was not familiar with the music. One day I heard a track on the radio with some guitar tones that immediately made me say Spencer Proffer. Sure enough the disc was produced by him. He had recently done an Outlaws reunion CD and I hated what he did to their songs. I had heard many of them live before the CD and the CD versions were way different. I chalked that up to trying to fit on 80s airwaves. However when I was able to pick out that the same guy produced and Axis disc just by the guitar sounds, it seemed like a guy that made everyone sound like him. Sort of Jim Steinman style. Song and playing sound great. Will have to dig into some of the Axis stuff. Thanks for posting.
  16. Am I nuts or isn't that how HD500 works? I have been wanting to turn on or off FS in my HD Pros but they only toggle as well. Midi clock has to be near the top of the list as far as new features added. Also if just using delays, midi sync is less essential. Delays are fairly forgiving and if you just program a tempo into the Helix you should be good to go. Pattern trems and other type effects are much harder to sync.
  17. Fractal and Atomic have 1 or 2 products each. Many are complaining that the amplifire FW is "late". I am pretty sure the CLR is not getting many engineering cycles these days and no FW is in the works for CLR. I really can not see complaining about Helix already. . .
  18. I am pretty sure my first x wire digital wireless was over 700 bucks back in the 90s. It just did one guitar signal but no noise, sounded like a cable. I know you guys dug it as you bought them a few years and companies later. Plus think of how many extra batteries you'll sell! lol
  19. I will pay $1,495 and buy two. Add that to you and you have three ;-)
  20. after som very predictable threads on how FAS or kemper users returned helix because it isn't as good. It is refreshing/funny to see Helix getting returned for a GNX? lol
  21. People want 15-60 day trial periods and buy stuff they pretty much know they will return, yet they don't want open box. . . . .. . . . Line 6 has zero to do with these trials that is a reseller issue.
  22. Hmmm wonder if the boards in the Standards are the same. I hope they are not in some "coffin" assembly like the old Variax 300/600. I doubt it as they have mag pickups. I see good deals on standard, b stocks from time to time. Only problem is I prefer two pickup guitars over 3 pickups most of the time, at least as far as xplants go. To think the first 3 JTVs I bought were all 1300-1500. Since then I have got them cheaper and mostly used. Even bought the parts off a guy that wanted just a JTV59 as a "normal guitar". Last christmas I put back together two JTV 69s without the "guts". Gave one each to two nephews in the dominican republic. I also gave a younger one an epi mini flying V and all three got Zoom G1ONs. Those lil zooms are incredible for like 70 bucks.Both are learning but one is learning faster as he is more into it and lives nearby. For beginners in a third world country they have guitars and pedals that are way better than most learned on. Better than my first guitar as well. I also have a JTV59 put back together without the guts. Harder with 59s as I used the bridges on three of the xplants. I think I have a bridge or two laying around, since two guitars got graphtec TOMs. I will likely try and change the stock JTV bridges for Graphtecs as well as they just sound better. Problem is the posts are slightly different. Not sure I want to have the holes drilled bigger so may resort to modding the graphtec bridges. Have a 59P goldtop getting reassembled with it's original bridge, and may do a 13 pin or just leave it as a very decent LP copy with p90s.
  23. I am traveling but can certainly do that once I get home in about 2 weeks. Though posting pics on this forum is a PIA, lol. I may also pull all the knob connections off the lap steel and see what if anything still works.
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