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    Some Amplifi Clips

    I love that delay tone in pretty bad, and the mic works well. I've got one of those mics so I'm all set and a job well done! Is pretty bad on custom tone so I can rip it off from you Phil :-) Cheers Andy
  2. Some good stuff there! I knew there would be a use case I hadn't thought of (multiple bands). I will keep this all in mind next time I speak to someone at line 6. Not that it will replace what's on idea scale etc, but it would be in support of it. Cheers Andy
  3. you've asked some good questions. I will be spending some time in the next few days to try the shortboard some more - and I'll see what I can do to test your idea about what happens with multiple delays - it's actually going to be hard to test that though, as you can't use the FBV pedals while the amplifi app is connected to the amp. but I should be able to play with the tone to have some very different delays configured, and I'm thinking it will probably switch them all on and off - as there are no settings to set in the tone for pedal control.... we shall see though!
  4. I'm 100% behind anyone voting for the features they want - that's the best thing to do to get what you want. Interestingly there are quite a lot of modelling amps that have 4-6 presets. the spider 15 and 30 are like that, as well as a lot of the smaller amps from other manufacturers like blackstar, etc. Also for non modelling amps (so traditional tube amps) there are hardly any that have more than 4 channels. I totally respect your opinion, but I'm curious for the mass market who buys these sort of products, how many presets do they really use when: A-when jamming at home (when the amplifi allows the iOS app to load and store lots of presets) and B-when rehearsing and gigging without the iOS app. anyone - let me hear your thoughts... I wanna know Cheers Andy
  5. ah, good call - I'm not a Mac Man, so I didn't realise airplay wasn't Bluetooth. yeah the Amplifi is a standard Bluetooth wireless speaker for music streaming, etc.
  6. with a young family around the house, I don't have any of my decent stereo gear or even studio monitors out any more - nor any CD's - they'd get damaged (some did before I put them all in the loft). all I have are iphone docs, small PC speakers, the TV hooked up to my playstation to stream music from my NAS box and headphones... I can see the need for audiophile quality in the world - but I can't see I'll ever need it. I'm more than happy for anyone else out there who can hear the difference and who can appreciate it, but I can't see that it will be for the consumer market until the storage required or wireless internet speeds are such that streaming or storing such uncompressed audio is as quick as MP3s are today... I think that could take a long time :-) all that said - nothing about this topic is about the amplify, it's about recorded music quality in general so I'm going to look at moving this topic to the lounge where it will fit best. despite me not thinking this is for me, it is a very interesting topic... thanks Andy
  7. Trying another cable would be a good idea. if that doesn't work you could try hooking up your FBV MKII to your PC using a USB cable, and install line 6 monkey - and use that to install the latest version of software on your FBV. even if it's already dot it - reinstalling the latest software will reset the FBV. let us know how you get on, as it does sound like a cabling or hardware issue, as myself and others have had their FBV SB MKII working with an amplify and it should show the preset letter (A/B/C/D) and name of the preset on the FBV screen - and even updates the screen when you load a new preset name from the amplify app. Cheers Andy
  8. I just checked and the only update I see is the v1.00.5 which was released on 23rd Jan. Unless I'm missing something??? So perhaps it's not a 'new' update, but it's likely all the amps out there in stores will need it as it would have been released probably too late for the first batch of manufacturers amps. No biggie though, as anyone using the app should see it and update it. Andy
  9. The bluetooth pairing button is the small button at the opposite corner to the big vol knob. Press the small button with the blue bluetooth symbol for a few secs and release it. It will flash. Now try to pair it Let us know how you get on Andy
  10. No I was saying the express and short board are available as foot switches and specifically the short board can do what you want. Just take a look at a pic of the express, there's only the 4 preset switches and expression. But if as a boost you would only need more volume then the expression could be used.
  11. check out my reply here: http://line6.com/support/topic/5787-functionality-with-fbv-shortboard-mk-ii/ as I cover this info there.
  12. check out the andertons review video - they use 3 mics for both stereo sides and the main guitar speaker. you could get away with 2 for mono, or 1 may be fine if you have the right type of mic.
  13. Rowbi

    Amplifi And Jtv

    Silverhead is right. but any JTV can plug into the Amplifi, just as a JTV can plug into any amp. you still have the controls on the JTV itself - it's just not something you can automate with presets in the Amplifi as you can with a POD HD.
  14. try the FBV Express or shortboard MKII for footswitches. the shortboard MKII has a stomp switch which can enable any of the stomp FX in the app - things like "boost and EQ", tube drive, screamer, etc. instead of that you could use the volume fx block to set the min to 80% and max to 100% (or whatever you like) and use the expression pedal as your lead boost. heel is normal, toe is lead boost. I've not tried a stomp yet, but it's on my list of things to do.
  15. here's what I found. wah works I didn't try the vol pedal or tap tempo, but I imagine they will (I'll try them next time). presets A/B/C/D switch as expected. the 4 effect buttons work, but there seems to be a slight bug where in a preset, you turn on an effect, when you switch to another preset, that effect you turned on is still illuminated, even though it may not be on in the new preset you loaded - so say you're in preset B, you then enable the stomp. you switch to preset C, and the stomp light is still on, but the stomp effect is not on. you have to press the stomp switch twice to then turn stomp on in that preset. I've asked L6 and that's a bug, but no ETA for the fix yet. bank and func2 do nothing. func 1 seems to turn on and off, but I couldn't work out what it was turning on and off - I will report back when I know more. you can't use the fbv mkii shortboard at the same time as the amplify app - fair enough. looking good so far with the 1 niggle, but once that's resolved it will be ideal. for now the work around is to press the effect switches twice (annoying, but possible). cheers Andy
  16. My understanding is the same. You can change the 4 presets but not the individual fx. But my amplifi is due with me soon so I will be trying my fbv mkii short board with it to confirm
  17. There is a handle on the top of the amplifi. It's next to the controls, where there's a recess on the top, there's also an undercut to put your hand under to carry it.
  18. Try it out. Install the free amplifi app and play a sabbath song of your choice and see what it downloads. From what I can see it will download tones based in several bits of info, including the artist name. In guessing there will be plenty of sabbath tones already.
  19. Is it because you use iTunes Match? There's another thread about that on this forum where only downloaded songs will play in the amplifi app. If you download them first in the normal player, they'll work in the amplifi app. let us know if this works for you Cheers Andy
  20. No word on that, but there's a USB on the amplifi for future use... Perhaps future use will include being able to record to a PC, which may then mean you could use with a DAW... We will have to see what happens on that for the future.
  21. that's correct. the Amplifi only has 4 presets onboard, which can be controlled wither with an FBV MKII floor controller, or with the on amp button next to the preset lights. the only way to have more presets at the moment is to use the iOS app, which can store and load more sounds. I assume this was done as a similar approach to most standard tube amps which tend to have between 2 and 4 channels, and this is usually more than enough to gig with - but I understand it's very different to some modelling amps which can have many presets. I'm not aware of any official plans to increase the number of presets in the amplifi - but there is a USB on the amp which isn't used for anything yet - maybe in the future there will be an update that allows more than 4 presets when using an FBV MKII here's some more info on the specs: http://line6.com/amplifi/specs/ hope this helps Andy
  22. Rowbi

    I Phone App

    The way I've found is to play any music, and the app will find some tones. With your finger drag the found tones down and above them a search box will appear (if it wasn't already there) and you can use that search box to search for any tones. Cheers Andy
  23. Did you figure this out or is it still happening? Have you tried it in another wall Socket in another room if it's still happening?
  24. Rowbi

    Amplifi And Bass

    Bass amps usually require lower frequency speakers and as such I'm not sure whether l6 designed this with guitar and bass in mind - the only info I've seen is about electric guitar. Also as the amp models in amplifi are from pod x3, and the bass amps from the x3 aren't in the amplifi (all the others are) I'd suggest it's not designed for bass.
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