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  1. I can empathise with your issue - but the only people who sell the extended warranties are the guitar stores. Line 6 don't offer any sort of warranty extension, so they wouldn't profit from anything more than the purchase of spare parts - which for a potentiometer would only be minimal (and the repair shop may just use a generic pot anyway). I think L6 would be more concerned with having repeat business from customers - as that's how you build recurring revenue by improving reliability of products. it sounds like a faulty pot, which although it shouldn't fail after a year, they do fail on all amps eventually (the usual scratchy pots). Perhaps you can have a local tech take a look as it may only need 30 mins and minimal labour and parts cost to replace the faulty pot to see if that resolves it. Let us know how you get on with the repair please, as I'd be interested to know how the repair goes. Cheers Rowbi
  2. I've never thought that it sounded much different from a ts808 reissue that I have. Of course the model is of a specific original ts807 that Line 6 own, and as we know, that doesn't sound quite the same as a reissue. I don't think you will disappointed.
  3. I wonder if the issue is a failed preamp tube. V3 is only for channel 2 See here for the manual with a description of the tubes: http://c3.zzounds.com/media/Bogner-36b3e4c12cda7ccd7d9b411f9368e08c.pdf I wonder if the boost also uses part of v3 in which case that could explain the issue. Perhaps ask Thomann to swap v3 and v4 and retest with the FX loop off. If that makes it better swap them back and replace v3 with a new tube. Cheers Rowbi
  4. Hi rubytopaz, Sorry for the confusion. I'm using the mobile version of this site on my iPhone so there's no option to quote a previous post to make it more obvious who I am replying to. My previous two posts were in reply to Luigo69
  5. Yes that's right if you also need to use your Variax as an acoustic. Line6Link was designed by Line6. It carries audio and control information. Some of that includes info about what devices are communicating. So when a pod hd500x and l2t are connected they know how they should best configure themselves. I know that doesn't agree with the settings you're trying to use, but perhaps there should have been additional logic to understand if a Variax is involved and configure differently. I don't remember about the other settings, but have you got the line/amp switched to line (near the exp pedal on the pod)? And is your master vol on the pod somewhere around 50-75% Also have you tried turning off all FX and just using a full amp model with cab, and getting that tweaked on its own without any other FX?
  6. So it sounds like you're taking a preset that sounds good on one rig, just changin it to full amp model and not re tweaking it is probably the issue. You usually need to tweak a preset if you make a significant change. Have you tried other amp models, and tweaking the EQ of the amp model to help it sound better.
  7. Have you edited the preset at all or are you using a stock preset? Does your preset (stock or otherwise) sound good when you use another amplification method (DT, or headphones perhaps)?
  8. Did you remember to change the amp model too? With combo power amp and electric guitar you would need pre amp models on the pod. The. With reference PA and studio direct you would want full amp models. I was shocked by how much low end I got with an L3t using combo power amp and electric guitar amp mode, so I wonder if there's something you missed. You can also use l6link for both though. Although both units auto set with L6link, you can manually change them to studio direct and reference and still use L6Link if you want. at the end of the day let your ears decide.
  9. Additional: In point 3, yes you may therefore want PA Mode if using an acoustic model, but it would still work in guitar amp mode
  10. Actually L6 suggest using combo power amp output mode and electric guitar amp mode on the pod and speaker respectively. Connect them together with a l6link cable and they will both change those settings automatically. You can change to PA and studio direct but I would the recommended settings good On my hd500 and l3m and l3t.
  11. Some good ideas in this thread, especially from the OP. L6 has a new place to suggest ideas, and for others to vote on them. I understand that the most popular suggestions are then more likely to go into future updates. See here: http://line6.com/support/forum-18/announcement-7-post-your-product-ideas-at-line6ideascalecom/
  12. not in the UK part of Europe, which is where I am... we invented shoddy power :-)
  13. Some good advice there from Phil! Nothing further to add with the preset youre using except keep plugging away at it and you'll get to the bottom of this issue eventually. Another thing to try would be to use a blank preset and start with adding the fx loop and see how that works with no other fx or amp model. Just in case something else in your chain is causing the issues. Cheers Rowbi
  14. Sounds cool. Well u know where we r if u need anything. Rowbi
  15. I've had several Marshalls and my 6505+ all hum on occasion when in standby, and its usually caused by shoddy power quality in nasty gig venues. But if it happens all the time in outlets that don't cause other amps to hum, then it may be a fault though. Just wanted to suggest that in case you don't have an AVR to hand, but they're a good long term investment if you value your gear. Cheers Rowbi
  16. Yes that should work, as I think that pedal is capable of sending multiple MIDI CCs. Here's the line 6 midi guide: http://line6.com/data/6/0a06434df0f650914b2056015/application/pdf/DT%20Amplifier%20MIDI%20Implementation%20Guide%20-%20English%20%28%20Rev%20A%20%29.pdf My advice would be to Have a look in the manual for the fcb and see if you can find whether you can send enough CCs at the same time to set amp, cab, reverb, and all the other settings you'd want to set. Cheers Rowbi
  17. Heres my take on it all, some of which Zap and lef have already mentioned. The louder you play the less a cab model will affect your tone. Just FYI. The cab models work very well with the line 6 speaker in the dt25 cabs/combos, but let your ears tell you the answer, as they know that sounds good to you. Full amp models will usually sound best for lower volumes and DT low vol mode, and pre models for louder and DT full vol mode. But again, let your ears decide. If using l6link, I would advise combo power amp output mode, not front. But let your ears help you decide what's best for you. Cheers Rowbi
  18. The external pedal doesn't need calibration. This means that only certain pedals will work, including the line 6 ex1. Are you having issues or is it working fine and you were just curious about calibrating? Rowbi
  19. Here are some general use tips: Use full amp models. Use additional direct output mode Switch to line output level (not amp) if you have that switch. Don't max the master volume which could clip the mixer input. Use balanced outputs on the pod if you can for less interference from the cables, especially if using long cables to the mixer. Hope that helps Rowbi
  20. Can you confirm where each cable is connected (both ends), as I've used 4CM before and it worked really well with wah and OD before the loop and verb/delay after the pods loop. Cheers Rowbi
  21. Part DreamStage + part DreamRig = DreamStig

  22. yes that's right use the XLR jack (L6Link). What I was talking about was that if you're using the DT amps standalone you can deep edit them using MIDI now. that in itself gives you a few more details about how to setup the POD + DT (using L6Link) to sound the same as a DT standalone. But just trust me, there's no super magic going on, you can get the same tones from a POD + DT as the DT gives standalone, but with the POD there's lots more extras too! so I'd say use the POD and DT with L6Link
  23. I took some time with the DT50 a long time ago in a studio as I was on the DT50 beta team, and one of the lead sound engineers who worked on the amp models couldn't understand at the time the issues people were having around that. I didn';t struggle to get just about identical sounds, but the key to getting that to work was the following: 1. Understanding which 4 POD HD amp models were used in the DT amps (this was communicated incorrectly on more than one occasion. 2. Remembering to include the default cam model in the POD when comparing it to the DT 50. It was assumed by most that the cab model wasn't in use in the DT, but in fact all the default DT models run with the corresponding default cab model turned on. Now with the latest DT25/50 firmware, you can have total control over that with MIDI or an iPhone/iPad. 3. the DT50 and DT25's default 4 voicings weren't the same in both amps. 4. remember that there's a chance the tone is affected a tiny amount by individual component tolerances, but of course that will only affect the tone a tiny amount. The HD300/400's master volume seemed to interact slightly differently than the POD HD500/Pro with the DT50. not a big change in tone, but some near max master vol settings on the HD300/400 seemed to make a tiny tonal change. All that said, if you setup the gear in the right way they sound the same... the trick is knowing what settings are needed, but now you can see all the settings in the DT's using MIDI so there's no challenge to knowing that info like there was when the amps very only just released. I second Zap's suggestion of a DT25 being enough for small/medium gigs. hope that all helps. Rowbi
  24. He sure was one cool cat! (As Rich Renken would say). That's a good pic Zap of me with Nick and Rich @ Messe 2011 :-) RIP Nick
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