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  1. I agree that the code is there and with some tweaking it could be made to work... Have a think about this though: rather than thinking the output modes are an EQ filter, what if the output mode uses a different cab? So perhaps there's a version of each cab model for each output mode. If you want to run dual output modes you need more DSP..... Just a guess, but I bet it's something along those lines, or some similar sort of factor that's made line 6 not want to do it. Shame thou - it would be ace with dual output modes... Didn't the hd300/400 used to have dual modes?
  2. I think the thing to remember is that it is possible to use a DT amp and l3/l2 speaker, but that all features may not work at their best. If you want to use a DT combo or head with open back cab the advice is to use combo power amp mode on the pod. That also means you can use an l3/2 speaker with the same mode. If you use a closed back cab with a DT head, you would want stack power amp mode on the pod but that mode won't work best with an l3/2. If you want to use acoustic guitar you'd want FRFR so using anything but studio direct output mode will slightly compromise the tone. I haven't played with the different l6link routing options in a while, but maybe there a way to have presets for elec guitar route to multiple DT and l2/3 speakers and other presets to output to only the l2/3 for acoustic guitar. Maybe still not ideal with the output mode. The tools are there to be used however you like, but not every operation will work its best when you mix technologies. But I'm sure there will be a way to get it to be workable
  3. Rowbi

    I Phone App

    yes that was the issue. the original poster asked me about this over a PM, and they didn't have the tones downloaded to the iPhone.
  4. yes the 4 presets can be changed to tones you download using the app, or tones you customise or create yourself. then yes you wouldn't need the app for a gig or rehearsal if the 4 presets you need are stored in the amp.
  5. I've just discovered a setting in the amplify app that lets you hide songs not on your device. I don't use Match, but I wonder if you did use match and you enabled that setting in the amplify app, whether that effectively is the way forward, as it wouldn't show you the songs not on your device.
  6. Good point. Just tried it your way and it worked the same. When you edit a tone you can either publish it to custom tone or save it locally to 'my tones' which I'm confident us stored within the app on your iOS device as if you check the data stored by the amplifi app then check it again after storing 10 new tones it increases.
  7. Perhaps,,, but the OP did say that after making a few changes the sound stopped changing, so I think the OP seems to know how to make the sound change, so the fx I think are likely turned on.
  8. I just turned on aeroplane mode on my iPhone and could load up one of 'my tones' in the app. So you should be one with that.
  9. Yep sorry, missed that. Fingers crossed for the new app version from today.
  10. Sounds like a bug to me. Just one thing to check - are you running the latest version of ios7? Cheers Andy
  11. It's a site to used to collate end user requests for new products or updates. It's specifically there to ensure you as a consumer, can tell L6 what it is you want without those requests being clouded by technical support and discussions. After all this is a community support forum, and the customer support reps at L6 aren't in their R&D dept. it's a bit like an election, you have to put forward your vote to be counted. have a read at this article written by the chap in charge of support at L6: http://line6.com/support/forum-47/announcement-7-post-your-product-and-video-tutorial-ideas-at-line6ideascalecom/ I only wanted to help everyone's voice be heard so that there's a better chance of the android app happening. if you want the app, what's the issue? Andy
  12. Although the stats are actually very interesting, they only mention smartphone sales in 2013. It doesn't take into account past smartphone sales from 2011-2012 where I think apple would have a larger share and should still be able to run iOS 7. Also iPod touch devices as well as iPads should be taken into account as well as the real numbers of units sold rather than the percentage. I believe that an android app is a must have these days, but without it there are still enough iOS users to buy a hell if a lot of amplifi's Idea scale is just what these things are for - so people can request new products/features. Let's get that android app made because there's obviously a need for it. Andy
  13. Well the info on the amplifi says that the iOS app is needed for the main tone creation/saving features and tone match. But it also says for just bluetooth streaming any bluetooth device is supported. So yes if you add the amplifi as just a bluetooth speaker in your iPhone or any other bluetooth device you would then be able to use the foot pedal with the amp. You may still be able to do that with the amplifi app running but I don't have an amplifi to test with yet. Cheers Andy
  14. Rowbi

    Android App

    From my own experience L6 never like to confirm any future release of anything until it's actual release day. Fingers crossed it will happen but we will just have to wait and see :-) Andy
  15. In response to the OP There's some good info here: http://line6.com/amplifi/amp/ Also check out what Andertons did in their demo vid of this, as they used 3 mics (2 would be fine for mono) or 1 at a push. To fully bypass the internal modelling an successfully use an alternative modeller you would be best to use the aux in and it would use all speakers and wouldn't then go through the internal modelling. I have also seen in the app that you can turn off all the amplifi amp modelling and fx, so it may also be possible to use the guitar input - but I can't test it to guarantee. Hope this helps Andy
  16. That's a really good question. Amplifi app matches I think on at least song name (and probably more). So I just tried it with 'Metallica - Nothing else matters' and of the 4 tones found, one was clean. So it would seem Amplifi app will bring back various relevant tone results - but I'm not clear on whether it's smart enough to select some clean and dirty if the 2 types of tone both exist for a certain song, or whether it's random, or popularity based. Your idea of storing both tones and using a pedal should work (with amplifi app disconnected) so that's a way to do it, as would storing 2 tones into your app as 'my tones' which you could specifically recall with a tap of the screen. Not sure if bluetooth iPhone pedals may work with the app? Might be an option. Hope that helps a bit. Andy
  17. All I've been able to find out is there's no confirmed plans for an Android app yet. I'll keep digging, but for now, my advice would be if you want an AMPLIFi and you intend to use it with an Android app - I'd wait until it's actually confirmed officially by Line 6.
  18. I don't think L6 ever said they would make an Android app for the Stagesource gear as far as I heard. Paul H in the Andertons video is the official L6 demonstrator, and as a L6 employee I don't think he would have said an Android app was due later this year in such a video if he didn't know it were true and planned. I could be wrong, but I'm inclined to believe what he said. I'll ask around and see what I can find out though - can't guarantee I'll be able to find out more though, but I'm willing to try. Cheers Andy
  19. It's already stereo. No slave required. Check out the main Amplifi pages on the L6 website as there's some cool info about how it is stereo FRFR and also a guitar amp as well as having we/dry post amp FX isolated.
  20. some good ideas there. to add to what you said, don't forget that the Vetta tones were XT based. X3 tones (as I understand are in the Amplifi) are the same basic amp models but using a higher sample rate. so the Amplifi tones, while not HD, are theoretically already superior to a Vetta II. To make sure the right people at L6 see your ideas (as I think you make some great points) please head over to here: http://line6.ideascale.com/ and make a suggestion. If enough people over there agree with your idea, then there's more chance it will become a reality in the future. Cheers Andy
  21. No probs. sounds like you're well versed in using a daw. Also you're trusting your ears which is all important. If you hear the latency then you're right to leave the slider low and find a way to make that lower latency workable without crackling. The spdif advice from others may work. Perhaps I didn't explain myself well. USB interrupts do use a bit if CPU and spdif may not. But if you're going to spend a lot on an internal spdif interface then it might be worth getting the upgraded CPU as you mention. Cheers Andy
  22. USB I think usually uses a little CPU so that's perhaps why people suggested another input method. That's a fairly decent CPU though with a total of 10GHz of CPU. Have you already optimised your operating system to stop anything unnecessary from running and taking up CPU? Google has lots of guides to help on that. Is there anything else on the fx side that you can use only when post processing rather than when playing live? Or bounce a track using lots of plugins to audio to free up CPU? Or course keep the original track too but disabled and not processing fx. That may help. Sorry I don't have more, but I hope this helps Andy
  23. As I recall it, LVM is still a tube amp (there's no SS amp in there to use as an alternative), but as part of the volume drop it means there wouldn't be as much power tube distortion. So the amp switches to using full amp models instead of preamp models from DSP. Is there an issue with the sound when on LVM to make you want to try changing tubes to get lower power?
  24. Ah good call. I do not use match, I store all my music locally as the majority of time I use my phone to play music is in the car driving to/from work. And the phone signal is not so good on that journey. I imagine this is something for the FAQs if music has to be on the iOS device to function correctly. Good find Phil
  25. Strange. When I use amplifi app it just plays music out the internal iPhone speaker as I have no amplifi etc connected. Are you on iOS 7? As I saw somewhere that the app only supports iOS 7
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