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  1. You responded to a 2 year old post.
  2. The person you responded to posted this 5 years ago. Glad it was helpful but the person is probably not around.
  3. Pretty much. It's great they have such a variety of Helix devices now at a wide range of prices. Look carefully at each one to make sure it does what you need. There's a reason for the different prices and that means less flexibility and features as the price gets lower.
  4. Make sure to try a USB 2.0 port or just a different port.
  5. No question, go with the POD GO. It has the current Helix tones. And yes I understand what a blues hard rock guitarist is and your link was exactly what I expected to hear.
  6. You don't want to use it through a USB hub. Make sure it's plugged into it's own USB 2.0 port and if that doesn't work try a different UBS 2.0 port.
  7. You're not the first person that's done this. That's why I mentioned it.
  8. Sounds like you need to increase the number of buffers on your PODHD. Or try a different USB port. Also try to use a USB 2.0 port also.
  9. Try another amp or plug it into a PA mixer. If it still doesn't work then it sounds like you need to send it to a Line6 authorized repair center. Make sure your volume on the POD is turned up all the way. Sometimes it's the simple things that get us.
  10. There are issues with USB 3.0 streaming audio with older devices built for USB 2.0. Backwards compatibility isn't as perfect as we'd like to believe. This is not just a Line6 issue. I just went through this on a TASCAM audio interface. I'm not going to guarantee this is the solution but it's cured the problem a number of times. As far as device drivers from Line6 for the PODHD, that ain't gonn'a happen.
  11. For starters, what is a #25 ? Is that the 1/4 inch output ? I assume the guitar amp works fine without the pod and has sound ?
  12. Sounds like a capacitor going bad. A Line6 authorized repair facility may be your only choice but it may end up costing what you paid for it. When I had my PODHD repaired a few years ago it cost $75 to fix it but back then the PODHD was $500 so it was worth it.
  13. It's not just Line6. A friend started having issues with his Tascam 1604 audio interface. It started randomly locking up about 6 months ago. I told him to see if it was plugged into a USB 3.0 port, which it was. He switched it to a USB 2.0 port and so far it's working great again. My understanding is there were some tricks you could with USB 2.0 and audio streaming that weren't exactly supported. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with supported programming methods only.
  14. Basically it says to remove the Intel USB 3.0 drivers and run the Microsoft Generic USB2 drivers.
  15. I had this happen a few years ago. For me it was a bad power supply.
  16. You installed every version of POD HD500x Edit ? Did you also install every version version of Line6 Monkey ?
  17. ANALOGY: Is Apple still doing updates for their iPhone 4 ? Well yes but only because if they didn't it would stop working completely. Other than that if you want new features buy the new product.
  18. As a retired computer software engineer, most people do not start doing backups until they go through what you just went through. No matter how many times I warned them. Then they come crying to me to fix it. But after losing important data, they all did backups regularly. I guess it's just human nature. Computer rules: 1) A computer will fail when you need it the most. 2) Reboot and see rule 1.
  19. This is why you're supposed to do backups. Line6 edit gives the option to backup either a single preset or an entire bundle of presets.
  20. And what ? You'd buy the 3 amps you need for $39 and Line6 would go out of business ? Also it takes time and money to write the code, setup the infrastructure to deliver it, the people to support it, all so they could make less money ? I have over 1000 channels on my T.V. and maybe use about a dozen. Yeah what you say sounds great in theory but in reality it's difficult to do. It difficult to write code for these specialized processors then the hardware changes underneath you're code, maybe not significantly but enough where it takes time to fix or re-write code. Then bringing forward older amp model code to newer platforms. Plus the time it takes to just actually model the real amp and try to replicate it. I'm thrilled they give us what they do for what little they charge for it.
  21. And maybe blame Apple for not supporting 32bit apps.
  22. It's $449 dollars and it's sound is on par with the Helix or AXE FX. Thank you Line6 for finding a way to make great tone very affordable.
  23. It's $449 bucks. You want the other stuff then buy the Helix . They had to cut features to make it cheap. I think they did a great job.
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