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  1. Do you have any ASIO sound drivers installed ? If you do then remove them and reinstall the Line6 drivers. Typically the problem is conflicting sound drivers.
  2. First of all, drivers are very difficult and very expensive to develop. Secondly, it may be other drivers are conflicting with Line6 drivers. You don't know this and the log file is only a clue in the process. it's like reading an engine code in your car. It will tell you the general area of where the problem is occurring but not how to fix it or what to change.
  3. It's common for me also. But evidently not for pianoguy.
  4. Did you have any ASIO drivers installed when you had the PODHD as an audio interface ? That's usually the problem.
  5. There's a lot a lot more factors involved than just transistors versus tubes. However, I've always preferred tube power amps to solid state.
  6. According to my Google search - it means it has a faulty memory chip and needs to be sent to a service center.
  7. Do you have any ASIO drivers installed ? If you do then remove them and try the PODHD again.
  8. Maybe he plays in a fusion jazz band that has no vocals. Not everyone mics everything up. Most bands in small bars don't mic lollipop.
  9. You need to use the Event Viewer to see what the errors are. This will help pinpoint the exact issue. It's a driver causing the problem. Just gott'a figure out which one.
  10. Do you have any ASIO drivers installed ? If you do, then remove them, reboot, and try it again.
  11. Doubt you're going to find an FRFR 4x12. Most people with modelers don't want something that big. You can get a lot of volume out of a single or dual 12 and it's a lot easier to carry.
  12. Myself and others would be happy to update it if Line6 would release the source code.
  13. You can't sync the POD's looper with anything. That feature is not available.
  14. You would need a USB to Android cable to do this. Now would you still want this ?
  15. I played guitar into an amp way before modeling was around. Even then, you plugged the reverb and delay into the FX loop because it sounded better. But do whatever you want. I'm just trying to let you know what works better.
  16. What you can do is create a patch that contains all of your common favorite items and settings such as delay, reverb, compressors, noise gates, whatever you like. Then copy that patch to a new slot and add in the amp model(s) or whatever differences you want.
  17. Realize that reverb and delays in front of an amp don't usually sound good. Everything else should be fine. You may find the OD in the PODHD is just as good as your pedal, if not better. The less stuff you have to hook up = less stuff that fails.
  18. Angel FBall might be worth trying out too. You may even need an overdrive on the front end just to push it a little.
  19. Typically the full version of the amp but you can try the preamp version and see if that works better for you. It depends on the amp/speaker you're using. Some PA Speakers color the sound more than others.
  20. You shouldn't need to turn on the FX loop block in the HD the way I set it up. I'm using the HD 1/4" outputs right into the power amp. Sounds like something on the power amp needs to be turned on or up. Can you send a picture of the the back of your power amp where the FX loop is ?
  21. I do this with a Marshall JCM900 and Marshall 1936 2x12 cab. I use the pre-version of the amp model, turn off the mic and cabs. I place a reverb and delay after the pre-amp model then run the 1/4" output to the FX return of the Marshall. Make sure you have the PODHD Master volume turned up as you can't save this in the preset. You can't use your tone controls on the amp so you must EQ it on the PODHD. It's a fairly easy setup to work with. At least with the Marshall amp, once you plug into the FX return without anything in the FX send it disables the Marshall's pre-amp section completely. It becomes a power amp with only the Marshall's Master Volume left working.
  22. Who's talking about a $50 guitar amp ? I want my nice tone I have on-stage to sound nice through the $100k P.A. If the sound guy can't do that then he's certainly capable of screwing up your modeler through the P.A. too. Yes it's nice to walk in with a modeler under your arm and if that works for you that's great. I like my tube power amps and guitar speakers with my PODHD, that works for me. When I do large events I walk out front during the sound check with my guitar and see how it sounds. If it's not right I ask the sound guy to adjust it. It's rare I've ever had an issue. I know mixes are different for T.V. and most of my performances were live. T.V. theme songs were boring but paid really good money. You can have your great tone on stage and out front too. Sorry you haven't been able to have that. It's really nice.
  23. I make sure the sound man gives me the tone I'm hearing on stage. I've done this for 40 years and played some big events, even had my music on T.V. for over a billion people when I did theme songs. So here's my harsh statement. If your sound man can't make your great on stage tone sound good out front then fire him and get someone with a clue. Now there's some truth in that too.
  24. I want it all. I want it to sound good to me and the people listening. I don't think that's asking for too much. I don't make a living at music so part of playing music is for my pleasure.
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