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  1. Try Studio Output. Stack Front applies an EQ to compensate for a going directly into the front of an amp. It's an approximate of what you need but may not be what you need.
  2. 500 and 500X are the same thing. What works for one works for the other.
  3. joel_brown

    2013 HD500X

    Downloaded patches will not sound the same for you. Most of this depends on what speakers and amp you're playing through plus the guitar itself. Play an .MP3 through your computer speakers then play it through a guitar combo amp. It will sound very different.
  4. Hey you're the one who said you have no way of proving which step was the definitive solution, or which is the real culprit. You actually do and could post what really fixed the problem. Line6 can't test every piece of software and hardware in every possible configuration with their driver. The only reason I'm busting your balls is you are an IT person who should know this.
  5. The person you bought it from has to de-register it.
  6. You can prove exactly what fixed what by reversing the fixes you did and testing. Maybe the IT business isn't your calling ? Glad you don't have any problems anymore.
  7. Is that a difference without a distinction ? I always wanted to have one of those.
  8. The different output modes are just different pre-built EQ settings applied to the output signal. Most of the time you would use Studio Direct.
  9. Little more info about what's going on would be nice. This is like saying your car doesn't work how do I fix it.
  10. You don't have on-board audio built into your motherboard ?
  11. So you're saying the PODHD is your ONLY audio interface ?
  12. It's a conflict between the LINE6 driver and some other audio interface driver you have installed. The typical problem is the other audio interface driver you are using loads up ASIO4ALL.sys or some generic driver that doesn't play well with LINE6. I've never seen previous versions of the LINE6 driver resolve the problem.
  13. Drivers are very difficult to write. It doesn't take much for something to go wrong and because drivers works directly with hardware in the kernel part of the OS they blow up the entire system when things go wrong. Not that this helps, but it sounds like Cakewalk is the problem.
  14. Try a different USB port and don't use a USB 3 port.
  15. Typically the problem is other audio drivers such as ASIO4ALL.sys being installed along with the Line6 drivers on the same computer.
  16. I'd consider the Helix Stomp new for $599. It sounds a lot better and is easier to use.
  17. What do you plan to connect the PODHD to ? Otherwise your question is like asking "Can anyone suggest what guitar I should play live onstage ?".
  18. Not that this fixes the problem but you should be able to disconnect and reconnect your mouse and keyboard and have them work again. At least you wouldn't have to restart the computer.
  19. Yet another amp that chugs. We have enough options to choose from inside the Helix and PODHD to make that tone already.
  20. Sounds to me like you got ripped off with a defective unit that someone was trying to unload.
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