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  1. I'd rather see a usable Global EQ. The amps we have are fine.
  2. On my high gain tones I turn down all the treble and presence and turn the mids and bass up to about the 2:00 position. Also I had to start using my tone control on the guitar, which I found out didn't have the correct capacitor. In addition, I turned down the input impedence to 72k (if I remember correctly) and made sure I set Input Two to something other than guitar.
  3. May as well say it too. Boost the mids but make sure you're not boosting the low muddy mids. Also reduce treble and bass. Another thing is the bass player. Sometimes they will stomp all over a guitar's frequencies. Even if they are boosting their very low freqs it can still stomp all over you. Sometimes getting the bass right will help more than anything.
  4. I don't use those particular amps but I do use a pair of Marshall amps for stereo. Stereo makes a big differance, I wouldn't perform without it now. But you have to spread the speakers very far apart when playing live and speaker placement becomes very important. It's the differance between a normal sound or a very large wall of sound. I'm surprised that most guitarist don't do this. Which brings me to my joke of the day. How many guitar players does it take to screw in a light bulb ? One. Be he goes on for hours about how great he did it.
  5. 2 more days and we should here the official announement, according to what I could find out.
  6. joel_brown

    Hd500x? The above link is the announcement I found about the PODHD500x. From what I can tell it's just a faster DSP and some better switches. But in 3 days we should find out.
  7. Found this on the internet and they can't put anything on the internet unless it's true. I also attached a picture. ================================================================== The success of the current model, it seems that Line6 is about to market a new POD HD500: the HD500X. It would be the well-known gaps in the current HD500 and offer the customer a better product with the following enhancements: double the capacity of the DSP strengthen the mechanical strength of the chassis install switches at the foot of better quality increased opportunities for routing improve the signalling LED The full specifications of the HD500X would be as follows: 2 x more processing power of the DSP from the POD HD500 (completed the message on the limits of the DSP!) more routing options new stronger foot switches equipped with a bright halo 256 pre-programmed presets and 512 programmable presets amp, 25 amps guitar HD, 1 bass amp HD models models of speakers: 16 for guitar, one for bass (with 8 models of pickups) effects models: 100 + (from products M-series) up to 8 simultaneous effects 8 programmable switches (choice of presets or effects on / off) banks change buttons TAP tempo Looper: up to 48 seconds functions of the looper: register. / Overdub, Play / Stop, 1/2 speed, Reverse, Undo, Play Once, Pre / Post Tuner: chromatic instrument input: jack 1/4 ' (6, 35mm). entry to the: jack 1/4 ' (6, 35mm). microphone input: XLR, with preamp analog input: jack 2 x 1/4 "(6, 35mm). headphone output: 1/4 stereo jack "(6, 35mm). XLR output: symmetric L + R output S / PDIF: RCA (RCA), 24-bit L6 LINK XLR connector digital input Variax (VDI) stereo effects loop: jack 4 x 1/4 "(6.35 mm), 2 x FX Send / Return. CD/MP3 input: 1/8 "(3.5 mm stereo jack). MIDI connectors: 5-pin MIDI In and MIDI Out / Thru USB output: USB - B external pedal input: 1/4 "(6.35 mm jack). construction: metal chassis, pedal and switch power: Line 6 includes Size: 270 x 550 x 80 mm Weight: 4.8 kg
  8. This shouldn't even be a discussion. Get the HD and be prepared to spend time learning how to use it. Like hurghanico posted "It's not a toy for children, it's a serious tool to build your tones". At first I went crazy trying to understand how to get the tones I wanted, but once the light bulb went on I couldn't be happier. You're getting 100 effects, over 22 amps, and a bunch of mics and cabs that you can route and configure any way you want. Then on top of that it can be inserted multiple diffreant ways into whatever amp(s) you're using. Yeah it takes a while to get it sounding right. Yeah they'res a quirk or two like Input1 and 2 being set to differant things and the EQ interface that kind'a sucks. But there's a lot of helpful people on this forum to get you through that.
  9. My money is we don't have any type of upgrade option other than sell what we have and buy the new one. If a miracle happens and we can do an easy hardware upgrade I'd be thrilled and would pay as much as $100 for it. But I think ozbadman hit the nail on the head with his post.
  10. Then I'd suggest getting a MultiMeter and checking for voltage out of the power supply.
  11. He needs to set his EQs to what sounds good. If he's unable to do that he needs to find another job.
  12. The answer is both. The Line6 Editing software for the PC is fine but the PODHD doesn't require it. Line6 built a decent editing interface right into the PODHD without having to use the PC Editing Software. I personally do both. If I'm going to be building a tone from scratch I'll use the PC so I can see everything without flipping through a bunch of screen pages. If I'm going to tweak a patch then I'll just do that right on the PODHD. My only recommendation is to hook it up to a PC so you can make backups of the tones you create.
  13. Hold down the left arrow key when powering up and it should perform a reset and be ok. I had this happen to me also.
  14. I already owned Marshall tube amps and cabs since 1990. Well before buying anything from Line6. Sure I could plug in a TS9 into the preamp and connect a delay into the FX return then dial in a little spring reverb and it sounds really good - been there. However I like the PODHD studio output into a pair of Marshall power amps and stereo effects I can get live. Plus the total control I can have over every detail of tone. It's amazing what the PODHD has, not just in tone but how configurable it is. The downside to this is, it can be difficult and frustrating for new users until they learn how to use it.
  15. I also have a Marshall amp, well two that I run in stereo. I also use the Studio Direct out into the FX returns and like that method the best too.
  16. Plan on using your PODxt for the next few months until you get the PODHD sounding like you want. You'll go through the 5 step program. 1) The PODHD is really cool and has a lot stuff 2) I'm struggilng to get the tone I want and the EQ sucks. 3) I'm going back to my old POD 4) I read Meanbobo's website and I'm starting to get the tones I want 5) The PODHD is incredible
  17. Put a digital delay on path B and set it to 25ms delay and Mix on full. Adjust as needed for stereo effect.
  18. Also try adding a tiny bit of 250ms Delay.
  19. I had a similar but not as severe problem when connecting to amps. I use the 1/4 outputs to 2 amps using Studio Direct mode into the effect returns. At home the left amp would hum and the right amp would be fine. There were on differant power circuits. When I played out it was fine. Now that I've moved into a new home both amps work great. Atleast in my case it was just bad grounding in the electrical outlets. My suggestion would be to try them all on the same circuit or maybe switch to a differant circuit and see if it's an electrical issue.
  20. I use the PODHD into the Effect Return of my amp and, atleast for me, using a PreAmp instead of the Full Amp and still using a Cab in the PODHD works best for me. Even though I'm going through an Amp and Cab already. Also the Studio Direct Out is what I use too. My experiance is, try all the settings you can. Which ever one works best for you is the right one. The good thing about the PODHD is it has lots of different ways it can be configured. The bad thing is it has lots of differant ways it can be configured.
  21. Atleast for me I killed Presence completely and reduced Treble a lot. Then changed the Input Impedence from Auto to 70k. I use the Studio Output setting into the Effect Return of a Marshall amp.
  22. toneman, no need to sound defensive. We can discuss and disagree. Besides I didn't totally disagree. And btw I have had people all over the world hear me play. I used to do studio work for Fox TV and co-wrote/performed theme songs back in the late 90s that were played world wide.
  23. Although slightly off topic, I disagree with the statement "Tone Is In the Fingers" to a point. Yes the more talent you have the better you sound. But I've always said a great guitarist with a crap sound sounds like crap. But an average guitarist with a great sound sounds great. Back on topic, the PODHD is difficult and complex and that may not be for everyone. I struggled for months with it and was very frustrated to the point of almost giving up and going a differant direction. Then I finally got it working the way I wanted and I couldn't be more satisfied. I use a somewhat differant live setup than most. I have a pair of Marshall amps in stereo, spread on opposite ends of the stage, and the PODHD allows me some very nice features to control the stereo effect. I came very close to giving up and buying something else like Kemper, Eleven Rack, or AXE-FX. I'm very curious to hear the comparison from someone who seems to have had a similar experiance to myself and a number of other people.
  24. Be very patient and take your time. I almost threw my PODHD away twice and went back to my previous equipment. I've never been so frustrated in my life. Then the lightbulb went off and my tones started sounding the way I wanted them. It was all worth it but it doesn't come easy or quick. Imagine if someone gave you 100 effects pedals and 25 amps and said "Here, hook it up anyway you want and here's some cabs and mics too". You'd go friggin' nuts for a month. That's what the PODHD is like.
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