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  1. macOS 10.13 and 10.14 has implemented an additional security layer for kernel extension drivers, such as the Line 6 audio drivers. After the Line 6 device is connected, the customer must open the Security Control Pane and accept the Line 6 driver in order for the device to be recognized. Typically, but not always you'll see this message when your driver gets blocked, or is not available for use with your DAW: However, sometimes the driver gets blocked and the message won't appear. Your driver and hardware simply won't work. In either case, you'd need to approve the driver in System Preferences > Security & Privacy: Additional information about this change can be found at For some cases if the "Allow" button does not change anything, or the "Allow" button does NOT disappear after clicking. Please try these steps: Go into: System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Select 'All Controls'. Then: Go back to System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Press 'Tab' until 'Allow' is selected > Press 'Spacebar'. Note: the Privacy & Security page may need to be unlocked before 'Tab' will work.
  2. Seems like every couple months it's the same post about MacOS. This has been answered so many times I almost remember the the answer off the top of my head and I've never owned anything Mac. A couple of searches for past posts about this and you'll find the answer.
  3. Maybe it's the amp or a cable and not the PODHD. I would keep a set of headphones around and plug them into the PODHD next time it goes out to make sure it's the PODHD and not something else. I know you're in the middle of a gig but you have to diagnosis exactly where the problem is before trying to fix it.
  4. It's the same. The rack unit has a few more routing options and jacks but sound wise they're identical.
  5. The OP wrote this in April. Doubtful if you'll hear from him. But a lot of other people will help you. I use a 50watt Marshall into a 2x12 cab with my PODHD. I just use the Marshall as a power amp and plug the PODHD using the Studio Direct setting into the FX return of it. Then I use the PODHD for all my FX and PreAmp modeling. One cable into the PODHD, one cable from the PODHD to the amp, and one cable from the PODHD to my floorboard. Seems like most people use a P.A. speaker or some form of FRFR powered speaker for the PODHD. Then the tones you create are more likely to sound good going direct into a board. I personally like the added coloring a tube amp and guitar speaker give me, but that's just personal preference.
  6. This thread is from 2014. Please look at the dates of the last post before replying.
  7. Big deal, a few bucks extra for a cable... I'd be thrilled if that was the only thing I could find to complain about.
  8. joel_brown


    Do you have the ASIO4ALL.sys driver installed on your PC ? If you do then get rid of it. That's typically the problem.
  9. The driver is called ASIO4ALL.sys. Why don't you try and have a more competent conversation.
  10. You're welcome. Glad to hear the problem is fixed.
  11. I had this happen to me once and it turned out to be a bad power supply. Check the voltage output of the power supply.
  12. This is a very old topic. Look at the dates.
  13. I didn't develop it I'm just telling you what doesn't work together. ASIO is a generic driver. If you have other hardware then get the device driver written for it. Don't use generic drivers like ASIO4ALL.
  14. You can't use ASIO with the PODHD. You're lucky you were ever able to do that. This has been explained over and over and nobody ever seems to listen. I even said it a couple times in this post. This is the last time I'm going to say it. YOU CANNOT USE ASIO DRIVERS WITH THE PODHD DRIVERS.
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    This is a small request but can we have it where we don't have to keep signing in every few days to this forum ? I don't think we need that level of security for a Line 6 forum. It's not like we're developing top secret weapons here.
  16. And like I said earlier, this person could have just made a mistake.
  17. Did you even lollipoping read the posts here ?
  18. I would call the repair center and tell them what you found. They may have just made a mistake - we're all human.
  19. Reverb can use a lot of DSP. Sometimes selecting a different type of reverb will use less DSP and fix the problem without effecting your tone very much.
  20. Just buy a footswitch. You can pick them up used pretty cheap.
  21. Do you have any ASIO drivers installed ? Like ASIO4ALL.SYS ? They don't play well with Line6 drivers.
  22. It sounds like the PODHD is way overdriving whatever it's connected to. You didn't give much information as to how everything is configured. Do you have the PODHD going into a DAW or something ?
  23. Intel motherboards are very picky about having the right version firmware installed.
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