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  1. Yes it actually is against the law. Older rental units are grandfathered in but not when it comes to safety such as GFCI or 3 prong outlets.
  2. Uh, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to rent out an apartment with 2 prong outlets in the U.S.
  3. What country do you live in that only uses a 2 prong outlet ?
  4. Just put a noise gate in the front of the chain.
  5. This is a 5 year old post. Contact Line6 support for help with this.
  6. It's been 4 and 1/2 years since this thread was active. He's probably moved on.
  7. I liked mine the best for heavier tones when I plugged the POD into the FX returns of an amp and used the PreAmp version of the amp models. But it's made to be connected a lot of different ways so experimentation is required. I play in a Black Sabbath tribute band which is heavy metal but somewhat blues based. You may find a tone you like with headphones or even straight into a monitor or mixing board. I haven't heard of too many people using it in front of a clean amp unless it's for the built in POD effects only, such as distortion effects or wah. Otherwise you're basically plugging in an amp tone into another amp tone. That usually doesn't work well.
  8. For the best sound - it depends on the tube amp and what type of sound you're looking for. Give us a little more of a description of what you have and what type of sound you're looking for.
  9. This is the PODHD section of the forum. There is a separate PODGO section.
  10. It would be nice at this point if Line6 could release the source code for their PODHD Edit and let the community improve it. I understand the product is at the end of it's life cycle and I don't expect Line6 themselves to make any further updates. I'm getting tired of squinting when I run the PODHD Edit app.
  11. Because they didn't do a good job writing the editor app.
  12. If all you're using the POD500x for is modulation, I would sell the POD and buy a pedal.
  13. My guess is, they probably use a contractor to write the drivers and it's very expensive. For the most part, the driver works fine. The PODHD line is at the end of it's development cycle and they are concentrating on the Helix line. So why spend a bunch of money for the small percentage of people having issues with an old product at the end of it's life.
  14. The product is not going to be updated anymore. Usually the bluescreen problems are due to other ASIO drivers being installed in addition to Line6 drivers. There's countless posts about this.
  15. I wanted to pick on you but decided to just be helpful instead.
  16. Also if you are using a DAW, you may have loaded in a general purpose ASIO driver such as ASIO4all.sys. These drivers do not co-exist well with Line6 PODHD drivers. To find out if you are using ASIO4all.sys, go into your DAW and somewhere under it's Device connection properties it should tell you what it's connecting to.
  17. Don't help him Pianoguyy. I grow tired of whiny lollipop people who want everything handed to them. Aww, gee, you the first person in the world who's computer didn't do exactly everything perfect. Wah wah wah. I think you need this new medication called Triactin. That's short for Tri actin like a man. Now if you want to start over with a mature post explaining your problem and ask for assistance we'll all be glad to help.
  18. I agree with pianoguyy. One tone is all you need. If you have a good tone, you don't need to change it unless you're playing it through a different amp/cab that colors your tone differently.
  19. Took me about 5 minutes of using Google to locate the above link.
  20. You need to open a support ticket on this. When did you purchase your unit ?
  21. It's worth saving up a few more dollars and getting this. Otherwise you're going to be disappointed.
  22. And if you get your program working, please build a Windows and Mac version of it also.
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