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  1. Here is a video using that new pack I might buy it soon a long with the core tone bundle or i just buy that new marshall 82 from the core tone bundle And if you must have Helix only here is another one
  2. Hmm i really want a standalone version as it is much faster Anyway a simple "workaround" is to make a standalone version of the vst version using savihost and and rename the savihost exe to whatever the Helix dll would be called when it released So if Helix natives Vst dll file name will be say helix.dll just copy the tsavihostx64.exe file to the same vst folder as helix.dll is located (I choose to have all my vst in different folders named after the type of effect it is so its easy to find them in my Daw) So for me i copy the savihost exefile to the Gtr Amsims folder and then i rename the tsavihostx64.exe to helix.exe and make a shortcut and place it on the desktop. And when you click on the shortcut it load Helix native plugin. And savihost support Asio drivers so no problem with latency remeber to dl the one called Vst2 tracing = tsavihostx64 if you want to make a "standalone" version of a 64bit plugin and x86 if the plugin is a 32bit plugin Another option is cantabile performer lite but its slower since you have to first load the cantabile then load the plugin On my mac i use Hosting AU
  3. What ?? The OP said high gain sound in the video starts at 05,30 and thats NOT the shive thats the Mesa MK IV the Shive comes after that
  4. I only saved bundle one time this was last year in may before 2.00 And i had some problem with some preset i made after importing the bundle So i asked for help on the Helix FB group and he said i should save setlist instead. So after that i never save bundles only setlists and it has been working fine as Helix remember everything even the colors above the FS on my snapshots.
  5. Put in some silicon Lube Lube LUBE :D Its important that is silicon not anything else.. the "normal" WD40 is no-no i read here and elsewhere
  6. It has happend to every update for me since FW 2.0 i think? Maybe even the version before 2.0? To fix this after i have done the update and did the normal FS 9-10 reset and then imported my setlists and IR's i just hold down FS 10-11 and turn on Helix and let it rebuild the presets for the new FW after that it never happen again. Somehow Line6 dont include that in the update description.
  7. He call them "tone imprint IR" LOL And it is a simple tone match IR,s No EQ preset will get that job done you need more stuff than just an EQ to match an EQ curve. You can do this yourself as long as you have an isolated track of the tone/track you want to "match" Or if you have the option so you can record a friends boutique or very expensive amp.And then match the IR so it will have that EQ curve so it,s sounds just like that recording so you will get the flavor of that amp. But you need a tone matching EQ plugin/software like iZotope Ozone or similar and Voxengo deconvolver or similar software to make a test tone frequence sweep so you can make a macthing IR. There is even tone matching software available that is said to "match" a specific music genre so your mix when mastered will sound similar to that genre This one have 100 band EQ & 8 Multiband Comp WOW
  8. did you read the description of the Marshall? it says "Tthe stack four inputs, EL34 tubes Both the Normal and Bright inputs of this legendary Marshall® 100 watt beast. First produced in 1965 (note that the “1959 “ is a model number and does not indicate the date of manufacture) is often referred to as the “original†Plexi, featuring two channels and four inputs. It was utilized by Pete Towsend, Eric Clapton, and most famously, by Jimi Hendrix at his Woodstock performance."
  9. Is it this pedal? If so did you use the aux output? And did you make sure you have the right exp for the volym block or the effect parameter you will use with that pedal? I have an old Boss FV-50L i use with my Helix and it works fine for volym. I have to change to logarithmic instead of linear so i get a smoother volym sweep.
  10. Meaning? I dont follow you? English is not my native language. Anyway i do whish and hope they fix those digital artifacts in future updates. So it is on pair with Kemper & Fractal as for now it is not up their it is mostly due to the stock cabs but also some coding in the amps. In every Heiix vs Axe Kemper videos you can hear it I know many people that dont play this kind of music and they really dont care. They think it sounds great. But they might not like something in the more "clean sounding" amps like the Fenders or Vox:es etc and for me they sound ok for what I need even if the Vox AC30 really dont sound like a real Vox AC30 it lacks that Vox "shimmering" or whatever i shall call it. Many of the amps still have that digital "blanket" in the sound its not really pleasent to the ears. So for those who like those amps i hope they "fix" those issues aswell. If Line6 Helix coders do what Line6 have been doing with all off their modelers i have used over the years there will be no "fixing" at all on any of the included amps. They will only add more amps as it seems what people are wanted instead of improvment on the ones that are in the unit already. But is still "hope" they work on fixing those issues.
  11. 3 days? Yes this was my experience aswell But i said to myself hey others can make this thing sounds good so can i And i have 30 days of returning period before i need to send it back lets try it a bit more. And i never sent it back I am still not really satisfied with the high gain tones but my hopes is that they fix that in further updates. Here is a tip you should include some EQ blocks in your patches and move them around in the signal chain and play with them to hear where they fit in best you dont need to do HP/LP filtering on IR,s if you use EQ blocks. When it comes to tweaking the ampblock you need to play around with the sag and ripple and all other "non real life tweaking" parameters to find your sound it is still gonna sound way more pristine then the rack sound you have in your mind as modellers is really the sound of an amp+cab+mic sound i.e what the audience is hearing or the sound of a recorded amp in a studio.
  12. Well on 3Sigmas website they have a recorded metal riff and some clean arpeggios for ever cab they have captured. The metal riff for 4X12 and the clean arpeggio for some of the more "common" clean sounding cabs like the Roland JC120 and Vox AC 30 the PRS Archon 2X12 cab have the metal riff even if that amp is having a really great clean sound What is great is that it is the same riff and single arpeggio for every cab Ownhammer on the other hand have their sound demos using full band "songs" which is odd as the guitar tone isnt heard that much as it would be if they choosed guitar only. There is some few of those demos that start with guitar only without anything else like on one demo of the the Diezel 4X12. And almost all other IR makers put out demo tones of their IR,s CabIReu even have their customers putting up their tones on the website which is great. BUT Redwirez dont have any demo sounds at all which is really bad. But that really dont answer your question. As it isnt you who is playing and everyone is playing different and also sound different even if they choose the exactly the same gear But those sound demos can make you choose one cab over another cab.
  13. Well since i own some of Chris Beavers tonematching presets aswell as yours my IR bank is almost full anyway i have some slots over for some 3Sigma and Ownhammer IR,s Chris Petrucci pack fill up 25 slots alone since he did them with the Rectifier at first then they released the MKIV amp so he redid all those presets and also did a new tonematching IR for the MKIV. And his Metal pack fill upp 10 slots add to that all his free tonematching "song presets" and 66 slots is filled And those who bought his mega song pack should have no slots left i think :) Then we have Glenn with his tonematching IR,s It is very clear we need more IR slots in a future Helix update Its no problem for me for now as i only use Helix in studio so i can load in and out new IR and presets whenever i want I always rename IR and numbered them so its very easy to load them in the right spot and you also numbered your IR,s so no problem for me.
  14. "Intelligent!You meen foolproof? Right? Because most people have no issues whatsoever with updates I have never failed and if something have gone wrong it have alöways been my own fault as i have missed to save something important or havent put back the right IR to the right location or havent changed globals to what it was before i updated. But if we could do the update and save globals before the update and then just reload global settings again would be cool.. And of course a better IR management but it isnt that much work to rename and number those as there is programs that fixes that..
  15. Yes those squirells are a little bit annoying But whats even more fun is that you say the high gain sounds is fine when it is not fine at all I cant believe you didnt hear that? Well we all have our favourite guitar tone and we all go for that sound I can live with the squirell sound thats for sure but i cant live without a very good high gain sound thats why i choose my real amp for high gain instead or choose a Helix ampblock and the poweramp on my real amp. Its the same with delays reverbs etc and i guess you wont find a digital all in solution that will have everything fixed so it sounds like the "real deal" i also use Helix only with IR the built in cab is the one who does that noise not the amp modeling.. Still on some amps you hear that digital artifacts even with IR,s so i think they didnt rewritten all models..
  16. Just to inform you there is people who really like to use a better interface than using Line 6 built in interface.. I almost never use Helix interface the only time i use it is when i record a take and want to have a reamp track othewise i run it XLR out to my own studio interface and frankly it sounds way better than using Helix interface
  17. Is it possible to get the Mark IV describtion in English? I dont understand spanish
  18. So it says "You do not have permission to view this topic".if a post is deleted can a a mod confirm that.. Shouldnt it say this thread dont exiast anymore or is deleted? Maybe we can test if you get the same respond if i start a thread you answer and then i delete the thread? I also find it interresting that a person delete a thread that is very big and have many pages of interresting conversations in it and also why did he/she deleted it? And even more interresting that now two threads are deleted (as you think) and those two are the the one that i responded a question very strange. I have been a member on this forum several years and it has never happend before and now ity happens two times in a row with a conversation that sort of had the same "topic" isnt that strange?
  19. There is no christ duh!! what is a glitch? So now ity is ghlitch on TWO different topics yeah thats odd whats next? 3 topics? 4 topics? you do know that some mods on forums behave like dictators?So why would this place be any different is not like Line6 hangs over their shoulders and look if they do a good job.Man you really need to learn alot about people..
  20. I am NOT partanoi why do you even say that? Stop saying nonsens i know what i talk about..
  21. maybe but i cant even go to the thread i dont have permission to visit the thread i tried from my notification email also.. Even more funny now it happened again this time on another topic (Tonematching) wow i think i gonna leave this site as there are some dictator mods in here who clearly dont like my opinions about some stuff..
  22. Oh i am pretty sure they sound the same Someone recorded a preset when we where on v1.04 and after v2.0 rerecorded the same preset again no it was no difference in tone. But please do a roll back and try record a dry clip and then run it reamped thrue Helix on a factory preset then update and do the same thing I have mine on repair right now its on 2.10 so if thsy dont do anything with the software it will be on 2.10 when i get mine back i can do the same and then update to 2.11 and we would know for sure..
  23. dont know as it was some time ago i dont visit so often so when i clicked on my notification icon which had 3 unanswered notifications and clicked on the post i made i got this mess.
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