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  1. totally true. But that is different from recording his guitar through it and, in the recorded track afterwards (without the guitar's acoustic sound in the room while he plays), he hears both the transposed tuning AND the original try guitar sound. He can't say if it works for him or not if the basic functionality works incorrectly on his helix compared to all other people's helixes.
  2. That system sounds ideal for session players or live gigging musicians (weddings, backup bands, etc).... glad to hear it works for you! So are you doing program changes in forscore so when you go to a new sheet music it automatically sets up your hx stomp program to match the song?
  3. Then something is amiss, sir. It doesn't work like that for other people, and it went through beta testing and QA without those issues. I wouldn't know how to start solving your problem other than something in your helix general settings of some kind that is mixing dry signal into your output path. Makes me wonder if it always was mixing dry signal into your output path but you couldn't tell because without pitch changing effects it's much less obvious?
  4. Interesting. I suppose RJKole is suggsting, maybe, that he wants to literally plug something like an mp3 player (without usb?) into his helix using a dollar store 1/8" stereo aux cable, rather than connecting his helix to either a pc or mac computer. In which case, I too am stumped. RJKole..... do you not have the ability to use your helix within 6 feet or so of a computer (the typical length of a USB cable for computer <-> Helix)? Because if you CAN use your computer, then that is how you can solve this. Playback music on your computer however you like... OR plug your phone into your computer's audio input via an aux cable, so any device you use that does not have USB can be heard. Or any other path you like. Most of those guitar amps/boards that have 1/8" mini stereo aux inputs for listening to music at the same time are considered, how shall I put it.... entry-level devices, for beginners who care more about convenience and not using quality gear than about reliability and sound quality of how they listen to their music. The amplifire line, for example, and all of the line6 amps (And squier amps etc) that have aux inputs... those are for playing along to your phone music in your bedroom for fun, not for serious music making like the helix line is for. Bluetooth is not pro level at all - there is lag. That's why it only works for playing back prerecorded music for you to play along to - because if it was used for your guitar playing itself there would be so much latency that you'd be unable to play. When you get into pro level gear, you also get into pro level connectivity. Bluetooth and 1/8" aux inputs disappear above a certain price point because there are far superior ways to do the same thing using your computer - which is pretty much a requirement to own when working with the helix. Don't buy a helix (or any other pro product) if you aren't prepared to have the rest of the gear, and knowledge, needed to use it properly.
  5. ok thanks. weird though. you're running hx edit 3? are you on a pc or a mac? I've read of issues with cached or other pre downloaded versions of hx edit (2.92) already on a mac can sometimes be launched instead of the newly downloaded 3.0 version. (( would imagine it's to do with how OSX transparently makes symbolic links for downloaded files and for temp folder files and they can, in some cases, point at the wrong file, if something went a little weird during one of the downloads)).. Anyhow, glad it helps. But if it's 3.0, it'll say it's 3.0.... or else you're not running the correct updater. That much has been established by Line6 staff, I think (I beta tested 3.0 and my particular source of interest to test and retest was, in fact, the upgrade procedure...)
  6. yea totally, how did you fix it, OP? Possibly he clicked the "Update" button. Looks ghosted, but maybe it wasn't. Or just restarting the update app maybe. OP, it would be good to share this info for the rest of the world to solve the same problem in the future :-)
  7. Sorry if it came across that way. We're in a thread about 3.0 firmware. You described something that sounded like a new issue. I quoted the line that I thought was rude. If I'm wrong, then I'm sorry, as I said. Please clarify.
  8. I wonder if this is a yamaha midi transmitter support question possibly too? Just a thought that maybe you could post the same question to their forum also (assuming they have a support forum like this)... doesn't hurt to get input on two pieces of technology, not to mention forscore also. Once you DO get it running, I'm very interested to hear how it all works out for you.
  9. There ya go! :-) Glad I could validate your technique :-)
  10. Well, in REAL miking, phase is definitely affected by microphone position/distance. That's why in a studio you'll see the tracking engineer come and move one mic just like 1/4" inch or so closer or further from the cab and then go check things while you play, over and over until it's just right. Maybe line6 actually emulates mic position with time delay as well.... I dunno.
  11. Based on how audio electronics works.... I suspect the "overheating" concept isn't far off. It's probably one of these 3 thigns: - a cold solder joint - a single component that is out of spec (it can't handle running at the higher temperatures it is supposed to be able to run at) - a component or circuit (power supply?) is generating higher heat inside the unit than is within normal operating parameters, causing other parts of the circuit to have issues as they overheat. That is just circumstantial... I don't know the specific helix workings, but it does have a built in power supply, it does have solder joints, it does have components that could stop working if they were out of spec (just a random bad IC or something could do that, and would have gone unnoticed during manufacturer testing as it runs fine for first hour). The problem with all of that is it would require a receipt and to be within warranty period to get repaired without having to foot the entire cost yourself. I do hope I'm wrong, but I believe that if there was a firmware related issue that actually caused this problem, more people would experience it. The interesting thing is that if it ran perfectly under 2.92 for you or whichever version, I wonder if there is any way shape or form that you could have it reflashed to the older firmware and keep using it, assuming you can't get warranty repair done? Anyhow I know that's not a very positive post :-) And I'm not looking at the unit, nor would I be qualified to do so. But I do know electronics, and any one of my above 3 scenarios could and does happen in electronics once in a while. So, at the very least, it's 3 possible ideas for you to consider suggesting gets looked at. One thing about cold solder joints - if that IS the problem, then hitting the unit (pretty hard, like don't damage it but give it a good rap once or twice on different sides)... that might actually let it contact again and produce sound (make sure you are generating guitar noise at the same time to see if it helps). That wouldn't be a solution, but it would be a pretty solid diagnosis... and could help someone with serious surface mount soldering skills to maybe find the problem component and fix it. Surface mount soldering is WAY beyond my skills.... but there are people who can do that stuff, with the right tools. But that isn't a perfect test, and the other two issues aren't typically going to be solved by physically shaking the unit to regain contact between two parts that have lost electrical conductivity.
  12. That's incredibly rude. They JUST released this firmware. There are ALWAYS bugs in new software/firmware releases - it's impossible for there not to be since customers always do things that are slightly different/unique from what the QA teams and developers test, no matter how thorough and rigorous their testing is. Give them a GOOD length of time to assemble and finalize a list of bugs with highest priority/shortest release time and then to actually solve the bugs, test all bug fixes. retest EVERYTHING since most bug fixes touch on code outside of just the single item being fixed, and then deploy it. Bug fix releases typically take a long while to come out, and they can't fix everything in every situation, specially so if they can't reproduce it. Also - please submit your bug on official channels since it's possible you are the only person who has encountered it so far... and certainly you'll be one of the first. It could even be the position of your acoustic sim pedal in the virtual pedalchain, such as before a compressor or whatever (just an example, not saying that is it or that a compressor would cause the problem).
  13. Oh, you mean you missed out on that promo??
  14. Did you follow the instructions that tell you about what to reset on your helix after the update to gain access to the new presets etc?
  15. also don't forget the other new pitch shift effect, poly capo (as someone mentioned above). The one that allows different qualities of the algorithm with more lag but higher quality or less lag but very little latency.... so much power we are given with the system to make it do what we want.
  16. Make sure your instrument is perfectly in tune first. Makes a big difference. Also set your levels carefully before the poly pitch block. I was on beta for this and learned that those two things can make or break it.
  17. By the way, I had my free lesson with Doc today online - one hour on skype. amazing experience.... learned a ton, solved some of my problems/questions, got some good suggestions, and also got to talk through some of the 3.0 features as well once I literally lifted my helix up to the camera to prove I was running beta fw (which makes sense). What a great guy Doc is - and so informative. Also emailed me back later with a corrected answer to one of my questions from the lesson! Line6 is one heck of a great company
  18. I just did it to request looper features. ... ... ... kidding....
  19. I just wanted to point out how tiny the kemper file is! The cab model is roughly 50ish kB for both helix and axe (they should be similar, same concept). The kemper which is the cab AND amp all rolled into one model made using their built in system is really tiny! Very very interesting.... how the heck do they make their files so small? It's the same sort of concept as making a cab model for helix or axe, after all... fundamentally... just a "hmmm" point of interest observation by me, not a real discussion question. I haven't bothered looking into how kemper saves it's files, or the specifics of the file data. I would though presume that there is far less time, (fewer samples) in the kemper model compared to the cab models for axe and helix. Just a guess though. Kempers tend to sound amazing, so it's not limiting anything...
  20. Who knows. I said, "Whatever cgar18 said, I'm the opposite". And look what happened? LoL kidding kidding :-)
  21. Cool, I'm in. And for anyone wanting to know what's new in 3.0, well, to quote the world's loudest band, "It's one louder, i'n't it?" NDA signed.
  22. Registered - we shall see! LoL Anything to help. I've done lots of this kind of thing and am used to following NDAs, which might help. But whoever does it, I'm happy they're entering that level of prep of final builds of the firmware! Very exciting!
  23. Chorus on guitar WAS the 80s. plus, humbucking pickups in an ibanez style shape guitar played fairly clean or at least without anything adding to the sustain of the instrument... hard attack, short sustain, fairly clean, not much high treble articulation, relatively thin sound... chorus that's in general though LoL.. not specific to yoru song which I haven't listened to yet.
  24. Someone mentioned that you have to install java runtime 32bit, not 64bit. you can run java runtime 32bit on a 64bit os ok, I think? worth a shot folks LoL. Although I own a helix lt, I also recently solved a major problem with my old xt live, and now it runs too, so I'd love to be able to edit it in an app too. I haven't tried this yet, and don't have an extra machine that I want to trash the 64bit java runtime on currently, but I guess maybe uninstalling 64bit java then installing 32bit jre (java runtime environment) is worth a shot if you aren't using java for anything else current.
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