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  1. File this under: "I should have noticed that..." The biggest problem with the 2.0 models, for me, was the low output of the Spank models. So I tried boosting the pickups in all Spank models to the max 6db. It sounded better, but still not as loud as my American Strat. Then I noticed the "Preset Volume" on the bottom left of the Workbench HD interface. Genius! I raised the preset volume of all Spank models 4db and set the pickup outputs to +4.5 db. Perfect. The "preset volume" resolves the other thing that bothered about the Variax. The volume of the models is designed to match the guitars that Line 6 modeled. So the Lester is naturally loudest. But I want all my models to play with the same output, so switching models in in mid-set (or mid song) doesn't require changing pedal or amp settings. So I went through all the models and matched their volume to the Lester model. Then, I adjusted the height of the actual pickups in the guitar so the their output matched the output of the Lester model. Then, I connected the Variax through Workbench and played each model vs. the Lester model. It takes some time, but I raised each model to match the output of Lester. I did this because the output of Lester is actually really close to my actual Les Paul. Most of the models needed a little extra output. One of the acoustics needed a db reduction, so I typed in -1. I'm sure many veterans of Workbench knew about the Preset Volume. But it sure was a perfect fix for the minor gripes I had with he Variax. I don't usually like to tinker with stuff this much, but it was well worth it! Spank sounds damn good now! Thanks
  2. oehman

    Multiple Major Issues Since Installing 2.0

    So glad I found this thread. I updated to 2.0 but then had presets that locked up Helix. I was sure I had installed the 2.0 App. But when I checked my version, it was 1.2. Must have downloaded, but not installed Thanks to Glenn for troubleshooting for all of us!
  3. I sold my HD500x within 2 weeks of getting the Helix. Zero regrets. Played a dozen shows with no backup. No problems.
  4. Has anyone been using the Libraarian to reorder songs in their set lists? I've been using it to back up/restore Setlists after installing updates. I used it once to drag & drop a custom tone into one of my Setlists and it messed up the names on a bunch of presets and deleted others. That was a couple firmware ago. Since then, I just do it on the Helix itself. But that's a little tedious. I have a show tomorrow night and am contemplating giving it another try....
  5. oehman

    Using Helix Librarian to rearrange Setlist

    I just rearranged my setlist using the librarian. Checked each preset and everything looks good & sounds good. Much easier than doing it on Helix. not sure what I did last time that caused the setlist to get the wrong names assigned to some of the presets or what caused some of the presets to disappear. Maybe it was a bug that got fixed in a software update.
  6. oehman

    Impulse Responses by cabIR.eu

    The free Orange sample made it into a few of my presets. Very nice! I am tempted to buy the Marshall cab package. But the Helix versions sound pretty good. And the sheer number of IR's you get with these packages is, in a way, a deterrent! I just don't want to load a bunch into Helix , scroll thru all of them and get bogged down in that whole process. Maybe if we get snowbound and am able to justify a few hours of tweaking... The soundcloud samples on cabIReu make it all very tempting. Hard to belive these are not actual amps recorded in a great studio.
  7. I set the Helix black knob master volume all the way up. XLR set to line level. Trim on my Mackie mixer to zero and fader at unity. Then I adjust the Helix amp model channel volume so that the meters on the Mackie are at the top of the green, occasional yellow - never red. Setting the amp channel volume doesn't effect the tone of the amp. And the meters on my mixer are just a starting point. The perceived listening volume can vary from what the meters are showing. Especially when switching between clean and distorted amp models.
  8. I have the Helix & DT25. I uploaded the radatats pesets and they work great with L6 & midi cable. The power amp reconfigures (class A or AB) to match the amp model. I guess I'm confused what the 'topology' change would do. The DT25 has 2 channels and each channel has 4 preset positions. Isn't that what Topolgy signifies? Just the 8 positions that you can access in standalone? Once you put Helix (or HD500) into the DT, doesn't it throw the 'Topology' need out the window? You can configure Helix (or HD500) to change amp models and reconfigure the power section. Helix just needs an extra midi cable to disable the preamp section of the DT and communication how to configure the power section. So it's a 3 cable method instead of 2. Is this correct?
  9. oehman

    Helix Brown Sound?

    Sounds better than any VH patch I've tried to create. Did you upload it to Customtone?
  10. oehman

    Big Volume Knob

    I think there are only 2 ways to adjust the overall volume of a guitar path without effecting tone: channel volume and output block volume. I always use channel volume because all you have to do is hit the amp button and the channel volume is instantly accessible. To get to the output volume you might have to push the joystick several times to get to the output block -And risk accidentally turning the joystick... I haven't used a K12, but it looks like there are several factors that could boost the volume. Most noticeable, If you use the 1/4"/XLR input and have the switch set to microphone, but Helix output is set to line level, it's going to be a hot signal going in and the K12 is going to really boost it, making it crazy loud and possibly distorting it. I have a L2M and really like it. It's my stage monitor for my guitar and vocals. The loudest I've had it on stage is about 1/2 volume. At 3/4 volume, it could blow your hair back!
  11. oehman

    Big Volume Knob

    I set the Helix black knob master volume all the way up. XLR set to line level. Trim on my Mackie mixer to zero and fader at unity. Then I adjust the Helix amp model channel volume so that the meters on the Mackie are at the top of the green, occasional yellow - never red. Setting the amp channel volume doesn't effect the tone of the amp. And the meters on my mixer are just a starting point. The perceived listening volume can vary from what the meters are showing. Especially when switching between clean and distorted amp models.
  12. oehman

    Global EQ ?

    I usually dial out low end by using the low cut on the cabinet section of the amp. A cut at 80 or 100 Hz works well. But with IR's I don't think you have that option. Probably best to insert the 'high cut/low cut' EQ block into your path. Usually a global EQ is going to effect all of your presets. Dialing out the bass on the amp section is going to change the tone and drive of the amplifier.
  13. Is this possible? I've dug into the menus and it doesn't look like it. If not, I'll post on ideascale. Would be cool switch to another model (or tuning!) in the same preset. Some songs, I like to kick in an overdrive and switch pickup selector at the same time. Seems like Helix should be able to send control commands to the Variax.
  14. oehman

    Factory Presets......

    I think there was a bug in the original firmware versions that had the microphone on cabs default to SM57. It made most of the amp & cabs sound pretty harsh. So updating the firmware really improved the sound.
  15. oehman

    vocal recordings via helix xlr preamp

    1) you can adjust the gain in the Global Settings. I set mine to 30 and it matches the output of the trim control on my Mackie board. 2) I am using a Shute Beta 58 for live vocals via Helix. The pre sounds as good as the pre in the Mackie DL1608 to me. 3) I'm not using a preamp block on my vocal path. Just boosted the signal globally. I have compressor, delay and slight reverb. I also put in a harmonizer block set to + 3rd. Uses sparingly, it's pretty good.
  16. oehman

    SRV Patch?

    Nothing that comes close in Helix Custom Tone. I saw this on You Tube http://youtu.be/iMkAtus77K0. He uses a HD500. Wish he would post his patch so could mimic it with Helix. I tried with my Hd500 a while ago and then for about an hour last night with Helix. I can get a good SRV tone, but nothing like that. So hard to get enough gain on the high strings so they sing, retain cleanish 'tank' on the low E & A. I think half of the Stevie tone is in the hands on the player. And I have never been able to get as close as I've liked.
  17. oehman

    Helix – Reliable for LIVE use ???

    I've done 2 shows solo - acoustic JTV. Everything went really well with 42 presets used (one per song). Used the Helix looper for about half the songs. No issues that were not my own fault - I'm still a little new to looping and stepping on 2 footswitches at once can throw a wrench in things. Played a show with my band Friday. Helix was perfect. I only use a wah on 2 presets, but they were fine. About 40 different presets (one per song). No glitches. Helix is running guitar and vocals to the Mains and to my L2t floor monitor. It's the best, clearest, most inspiring sound I've had.
  18. oehman

    Factory Presets......

    The info about the '57 mic bug is huge. I almost never change microphones on the different cabinets. I just quickly scrolled through the 50 or so presets I've created. Almost all of them have 57 mic on them! How did I not notice that? I've been using the high cut on the same page to dial out everything over 10k. Changing the cab to another cab & back again replaces the '57 with the default mic. Looks like I'm doing more tweaking....not that I'm complaining. This this sounds so good already and is so much fun!
  19. oehman

    the very small percent of problems

    I've been turning it on & off 3-4 times a day for the past 3 weeks and it seems to boot to the HBSOD about 1-2 times per week. I always back it up to my PC after making extensive tweaks, so it's not that big a hassle. I haven't figured out what causes it to do this. I only had it freeze up once. While saving a pre set from one set list to another (on Helix not the app) No freeze ups or issues while playing. No regrets getting it early. I sold my Hd500x this week. But I'll bring my laptop to my show later this month just in case I have reset & reinstall presets. I'm running firmware 1.02.2 - 4e4971d
  20. oehman

    Found a Helix case

    Just picked up a Zeikos ZE-HC52 Large Rolling Hard Case Perfect fit and not too heavy. $79 Amazon.
  21. oehman

    Adding input 2B

    I'm trying to use paths 1a, 1b, and 2a for guitar and use 2b for vocals. But I can't figure out how to get the mic input on path 2 to only feed path 2b. I see some 'mixer' style templates in the Template set list. But how did they create 4 separate inputs to do this?
  22. oehman

    Adding input 2B

    Perfect. Thanks!
  23. oehman

    "Master" volume and "Drive" should be on same page

    I personally use the channel volume a lot more than the master. Once I've dialed in a decent amount of grit, I rarely go back to the master, especially on the vintage models that had no master volume. But the channel volume is the best and most accessible knob to level volume between presets. I set my volumes by singing and playing to backing tracks and recording to make sure the guitar volume is just right. I can kind of tell from doing it so much how much I need to adjust the channel volume to sit better in the mix. The master volume is far less predictable and impacts the drive and tone.
  24. I purchased a L2m this past summer and it had the fan rattle issue. Not a huge deal, but a little annoying. I took it to the local service guy who took a week to look at it, ordered a fan and installed it 2 weeks later. Took it home and it still rattled. Opened a L6 service ticket and got a call the next day. I was hesitant but packed up the L2 and sent it cross country for repair. My tracking showed they received it a few days later repaired the same day and shipped it back. Yes - less than 2 weeks later, I have my repaired speaker. Awesome totally awesome!!
  25. oehman

    Adding input 2B

    Anyone? Bueller?