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  1. Hope these are also on the list too DI : ** presets for each effect/amp type ** global stomp switch MIDI-controller mode - for controlling external devices ( loopers/ableton etc ) ***independent*** of which preset is being used. ( just saying' :) )
  2. Are you going to be updating your 175 pack with patches and Snapshots for the new 2.1 models ? Could do with a Snapshot preset for the Mk IV and DivBy13 too ( please :) )
  3. wasn't the Dumble based off a Fender design anyway ? Howard used to work for them after all
  4. maybe combine it with Matchless in a patch with snapshots ? one for hairy > OD the other for clean
  5. Is this ... Dumple-esque perchance ? Who's tried it already ? Do tell. I'll wait a bit before updating.
  6. The 48khz update isn't out quite yet ( unless i missed something ) and in fact i'm expecting at least one more beta to come my way to solve certain issues. But rest assured its coming :) <It would be cool for example if a metronome / drum loop could be sent out of USB 3/4 for example and then out of Helix Send sockets to a stage monitor, whilst the main looping action took place on USB 1/2 which was routed through the Helix XLRs> agreed. why not suggest this on the forum ? I don't think there IS any manual in pdf etc format I'm afraid - but there is a help thing i recall hidden away under settings. but I'm not near my iPad right now so can't be sure. I think GTL can only access the main HELIX 1/2 channels right now. But i think the dev has plans for more in the future. at least i think i read that somewhere on the GTL forum.
  7. I'm now beta testing this app - and rest assured - theres a BIG smile on my face now. I LOVE this app !
  8. thanks - will check out. Also i noticed this - which REALLY seems to want to emulate a DittoX4 or such
  9. Hmm - thanks. i'm using it now but haven't got around to MIDI assignments yet.
  10. Good news - GroupTheLoops developer responded within same day - says he's fixed it and asked me to be a beta tester on it so don't worry. Soon you'll be able to use it. I'll report back when the fix is up on the app store.
  11. GAAAAH! Group The Loop currently doesnt support 48kHz sample rates. and for USB in HELIX this is fixed at 48kHZ :(
  12. After having spent tons of time learning and preparing for loopy - some googling and scanning has revealed there are other powerful Looper apps that might fit me more. Loopy seems - after enounctering the "new breed" - to be exquisitely elegant visually and GUI wise. But lacking features. And many aspects seem unnecessarily fiddly - albeit promoting a minimalist uncluttered view. The new contender I will plump for as MYlooper of choice - is most likely Group The Loop - since it offers the opportunity for on the fly songs sections like Verse Chorus etc [ UPDATE ... don't - GTL currently does NOT support 48kHz ] Might also check out LoopTree Also - quite simpler - more like a Ditto X4 in operation is QUANTILOOP : Everest looks good - but doesnt offer me more of what i need than Loopy really. Finally - ( i think ) come across this Mac/PC based looper. But without touch doubt i'll go for it
  13. looked at that a while back - will do so again. ( audiomux ) now i'm back exploring Loopy after a long break - ( just did my first improv using just fingers and helix-itv this morning ) i'm wading thru the huge amount of options for MIDI control - hard to know where to start. I'm going to be using my Keith McMillen 12 step initially. Which of all the many mapping options have you decided to map onto pedals and why ? i'm off to read up soon audiomux and then watch youtube training vids of Loopy. <I'm loving the simplicity of it, and not sure now that I want to add my Mac back into the mix.> hear you. problem is - my HELIX is also the audio hub of my "music-room" for minimalist simplicity - the only audio interface in the whole system ( no mixer either ) and the XLRs from my HELIX feed the studio monitors. And my iMac also needs to connect to the monitors for Ableton BIAB etc.. so need both. Hopefully that USB switcher will suffice.
  14. Sadly not. i've tried. when plugged directly into a mac you can send audio from iPad into the Mac using the Show Device Browser in Audio MIDI Setup - and add the iPad as an output INTO a mac app etc. But theres no input feature. This is down to OSX. hopefully in future it will change.
  15. If they did - i'd love them to included a proper looper ( something of the power of Boomerang or Loopy HD ) in there too - and allow Control 2.0 to connect to a floor HELIX too - in order to expand it.
  16. Be warned - if you're thinking of buying an iConnectMIDI box in order to connect both an iPad and your Mac to your HELIX at the same time - all over USB and with a totally (USB) digital audio path, routing audio how you please ... You can't. I didnt read the small print - and the USB B Host port on the iConnectMIDI4+ unit that finally arrived here the other week - ONLY SUPPORTS MIDI routing not audio Shame :( I wanted to have my HELIX connected via USB to both my iPad AND my mac at the same time. To avoid plugging in and plugging out USB cables- when switching from using Loopy HD on the iPad to much apps on the Mac such as a DAW etc. There ARE USB B "Switchers" but i'm unclear as to if they work when doing audio streaming over USB. any suggestions Peoples ?
  17. What makes it harder is owning a JTV - with so many pickup-guitar options. So Preset X might sound "muddy" or "meh" to me when say using the magnetics hum buckers - if checking all the presets one by one using them. But might sound ideal when using the Strat model - or Tele - or Special etc etc .... One reason NOT to buy a Variax ! - choice paralysis ! ( the only one :) ) - gaaaaaaah !
  18. I've got a setlist dedicated to just CLEAN presets and they're mostly Fremen ones. I really need to simplify and reduce choices - so for those who own the Fremen collection and have experience with the Clean presets. which ones can safely "Go" ( for example do I need the Vox AC30 ones if I already have Matchless ones there ? ) and which ones are in your opinion definitely KEEPERS - and the most versatile ? And if you like - also mention which amp models work best as CLEAN and which ones really don't" Of course i'm using my ears - but i'd rather cull down to a smaller set of amps/patches and then tweak by ear a reduced collection as necessary. I also want to really learn a few amps in depth and forget about the others. TMC. Too much choice ! Choice overload ! :)
  19. someone on the Facebook group was asking something related to this -because he wants to bring round a friend and plug TWO guitars into his helix. I got curious too. I have guitarist friends round sometimes and wondered about this. The AUX input impedance is lower than normal gtr so only suited according to manual etc - to active pickups - i.e. PU's with low output impedance
  20. d0stenning

    Future of Helix

    Apart from my ( atypical ) request for a PolyTone. I find it hard to think that the current range of amps cannot - after suitably tweaking in a preset - cover most tonal situations. So many amps are just boutique versions of the classics anyway. Some have said that there are definitely some high gain HM type amps that are sorely missing. But as someone not into that genre I have no idea. Is it really so ? Maybe someone should do a YouTube Blind Test where someone plays a 100 REAL tube amps and we all guess which one is which. I seriously doubt many would be able to get anywhere close to 100/100. And oh..... I guess we really could do with a Dumble...
  21. Use JT59 with my HELIX and love it. Best solid body i've ever owned. Only thing i'd love to see more of in future factory presets is a decent set of JTV Acoustic model presets for the HELIX. Like there used to be in the Pod HD 500 But its a perfect combination.
  22. Am literally just getting started with it - but already its easy to see that iits way easier than Capo - even just to access ones iTunes library and playlists. And there was me thinking Capo must be [still] the best of class in this kind of thing on the iDevice. How wrong I was !
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