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  1. IdeaScale suggestion: Command Center: option for FS LED to toggle even when MIDI assigned to a foot-switch isn't being sent in toggle mode. (i.e. its set to momentary ) Some devices that can be controlled by MIDI commands - such as iOS loopers - expect MIDI Notes to be sent in MOMENTARY mode - not toggled. But the feature at the receiving end DOES toggle. However when pressing a stomp in MOMENTARY mode there is no visual indication of which mode the looper is in. So even when a foot-switch is setup in Command Centre to send out MIDI Notes in momentary fashion - to have the option for the LED to toggle on and off each time the foot-switch is pressed would be really helpful. So for example QUANTILOOP has a DUB button and mode. This can be toggled on and off - and there is a visual indicator of the mode in the QUANTILOOP app display. But unless there is an equivalent LED for the foot-switch which is sending NOTE or CC messages that toggles on or off then it isn't clear from looking at the HELIX as to which state the looper is in.
  2. HX EDITOR bug: UPDATE - I've now raised a support ticket for this - Nr 312668 In Command Centre editor window - for FS1 and FS7 : the switch LED and Customise Label properties don't appear. This means that one is forced to create or edit any scribble strip panels for the two switches via the HELIX itself - which is quite laborious when one needs to do this for a lot of presets.
  3. I used to own a POLYTONE too - it replaced my tube Burman Pro 501 tube amp and was much more suited to arch top guitar ( Gibson L4 in my case ) I might buy that POLYTONE IR later. But would love a Polytone model. In the meantime I use a JTV arch top model and actually find that non-tube-amp and often non-amp-at-all presets with a speaker actually work quite well with arch tops. In particular when using the JTV arch top models it seems to be the case that its too easy to lose some of the hollo-wbody arch-top-ness with the models once one puts it thru a tube amp model. So definitely - like with real arch top and acoustic amps its a case of LESS coloration == MORE.
  4. Ah thats the one i'd want - the MiniBrute II - since I used to own one. Might buy the IR. Thanks for the heads-up !
  5. And .... of course ..... a POLYTONE combo :)
  6. I am using iOS QuantiLoop + AUM with the HELIX and would like to be able to send a dedicated pair of USB outputs - for example 7-8 to the HEADPHONE outputs. This is for monitoring and pre-auditioning reasons. So that one can audition something on cans before opting to send it to the main outputs. Having the means to route USB 3/4 or 7/8 to one of the output jack pairs - or even the Headphone output would be really useful. Currently its possible to set up a kind of monitoring scheme but it has to be done for EVERY patch one is using. Instead - this needs to be assignable at GLOBAL level not just per-patch. This is especially useful for "live-electronica-jam" situations where one might be auditioning synth patches or loops generated in the iPad before making a choice and using one.
  7. My bottom line is that any patch created on the original HELIX should be playable on this new box. It needs to have exactly the same DSP and CPU power. I might be willing to compromise on omitting the looper ( since i don't think its enough for modern performances anyway ) but the unit needs to support impulse responses. And have all the amps. Sonically and sonic-option wise It needs to be a HELIX. Frankly the only constraint on it needs to be size limitations. Not cost. I'm fine if the unit ends up costing way more than other units like those mentioned in earlier replies here. Same analog quality circuitry throughout. Otherwise it degrades the HELIX brand. And would cause confusion. <limited display.Only one in, TRS balanced 1/4" outs, maybe one loop but seriously, not even that. Headphone output. ONE EXP jack.> Yes i'd accept most of those limitations. Don't mind even missing the headphone output if it saves money. One exp jack for swells -if one needs more control over snapshots etc... . It would be handy to have an extra USB A socket to plug in external MIDI foot pedal units too. And as i said before it must have the same USB features as the original.
  8. Yes. Including IRs. Because the idea would be that any patch created on the (big) HELIXes - can be transferred to this HELIX-mini and plays identically.
  9. All i'm after is a HELIX that I can fit in my Guitar gig bag - So I guess basically a HELIX-Pod :) I love my floor HELIX. I just want to minimise what I have to take out for those jams and open mics where i'm only going to get to play a max of 3 songs or less - and don't want the fuss, or when the sight of a huge floorboard just makes the FOH guy or jam-organiser balk and just tell me to go thru a normal amp! People are often allowed to bring and use small pedal effects - like loopers - to open mics and jams - to plug into whatever guitar amp is available there for everyone - but a full-size pedalboard-riga like HELIX sometimes raises objections - and a "keep it simple man - just plug yer axe into our amp" type of comment Oh........... and I want the Moon On A Stick...... as always :)
  10. i'd like to be able to take to very small gigs, venues and open-mics so I don't always have to lug around my full-size HELIX floor unit. So a HELIX the size of an AmplifireBox could fit in the pocket of my Variax JTV guitar-case!. The IdeaScale is here for you to up vote: Such a unit would have to be able to have a USB socket capable of audio ins and outs - in order to connect to an iPad or iPhone. Just like its grown up sibling. The AmplifireBox doesn't have this. But being a HELIX the HELIXbox would need to. Ideally it would also be able to provide power to the iPad over USB when connected to a wall wart.
  11. A HELIX quivalend to the AmplifierBox would be SOOOO cool. I NEED ONE ! Along with my HELIX - for small gigs or open mics.
  12. I often wonder if there is a lot of "goodness" and good sounds hidden away behind some of the existing effects but i'm just now experienced enough with them to tweak them into producing good sounds. For this reason I think it is high time and would be extremely helpful if an update to HELIX added a new feature: PRESETS PER EFFECT TYPE. Line 6 could then provide an experly created set of FACTORY EFFECT PRESETS for every effect model type. There have - of course - been IdeaScale requests made for this. I might be mistaken but I seem to recollect from somewhere that AxeFx has had presets-per-effect-type for quite a long time now. L6 already nicked one good idea from Fractal: Snapshots. Time now they did the same for effect presets too? Of course in the world of DAW effects - whether built-in of effect plugins - it is commonplace for the vendors to provide factory presets to get users going.
  13. I think there might be some bugs related to setting up HELIX stomp switches to send out MIDI notes - when also using Snapshots. I am finding that for some reason my MIDI assignments disappear for some reason. To try this out I would reccomend your developers download Quantiloop - and then try and make a patch which ALSO uses 4 snapshots. assign some midi note out ( MOMENTARY ) messages to - say 8 stomps to control Quantiloop. You will need to do this 8 times - since each snapshot remembers its own set of midi assignments - so can mess up things easily. I just spent an hour doing this. There is also an issue with stomps somehow getting stuck in the NOTE OFF mode so when i flip between presets - i have to go into each stomp in command center - then temporarily put the stomp into LATCH mode - then press the stomp ( to reset it for note on/off messages ) ... then turn the stomp mode back to MOMENTARY after this... All not optimum. Here is the support ticket.
  14. I ***SO**** agree with this. The way in which one uses the HELIX - the way one uses it to control external devices - issues around levelling volumes... there is a TON of ways in which this great product can be made even greater. And none of them involve merely adding more models. Particularly amps. Effects ? yes sure - as long as its just not minor variants of "same same". In fact maybe it would be better to just refine the way tubes and components are modelled currently - across the board - getting rid of the "fizz-thing".. better accuracy etc.. than simply more models. Although when it comes to effects i think - yes - more is good. But it would be nice to have an update where NO new models get added - but the actual functionality of the HELIX - workflow - etc etc just improves vastly.
  15. HELIX has great potential as a MIDI controller. i'm currently working through all the issues of setting up a preset to control QuantiLoop via HELIX. One big area of hassles - as others might have noted - is that - if you use SNAPSHOTS in a patch that will also be sending out MIDI notes ( or CC ) to something - the snapshots can easily by mistake end up memorising different sets of MIDI commands. Now this may be what you want. Or not. I've just had to go through each snapshot - and entering the MIDI notes i want on every pedal - again and again - for EACH snapshot. Also worth bearing in mind for Quantiloop and most likely Group The Loop and Loopy - is that one must use MOMENTARY notes, not lathed. And i also spend tons of time undoing stomps that were in the wrong mode. set to send NOTES ON. Currenlty HELIX firmware really needs improving for this sort of thing. And its doubly problematic - because haveing done this once for a patch - one then has to do it again for every patch.
  16. That is a very moot assertion. Althought the FCB is great value, it has no scribble-strips and support for its firmware clearly isnt ideal - its not the most friendly device to configure.
  17. This blog article - which refers to an iOS app PeerTalk - might shed some light.
  18. Are you referring to the fact that currently the HC connects to the HELIX via some kind of ethernet cable ? Or if you are referring to a USB link between the HC and an iOS device - are you saying that iOS prevents certain kinds of communication over USB ( via camera kit etc ) when the iOS device is acting as the USB host - which are only possible are possible when a Mac or PC is acting as the USB host ? Clearly an iOS device - acting as USB host **can** communicate audio and MIDI to a connected device - otherwise one couldnt use - say - Quantiloop - with a HELIX directly. But are your engineers saying that other protocols ( such as TCP/IP along with - for example OSC ) that can be - and *are* used over USB when a PC/Mac is being used - are not available to iOS devices ? This might be the case but I find it unlikely but am willing to be corrected.
  19. Speaking of which... heres an FR for L6 to sell HELIX style MIDI foot controlers. Those scribble-strips baby! so much potentiall
  20. @L6 Devs: Helix Control has a USB port. Seems to me it could make a superb customisable MIDI foot controller - for controlling iOS loopers and pedals for example. Would a future Helix Control FW update be possible to make it into a USB MIDI Controller? Also - A HELIX Control style MIDI foot controller that had just 8 - would be cool and good value ( HC is only around $350) And in fact a Line 6 Scribble-strip based MIDI controller that had even more stomps - say 18 - on three rows would be awesome. And would undercut what is already available but over a grand in price. This scribble strip tech has SO much potential.. Line 6 product managers... are you listening ? :)
  21. Would be nice - although L6 have said ( a year ago i tihnk ) that theres not enough DSP power yet in the iOS line for this. Also - i'd prefer the option for a dedicated small box for this. A HELIX "minimal".
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