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  1. Sometimes, even if the venue we are playing at can only do mono to FOH, I will run stereo to my in ears because it sounds so good. Very inspiring to my playing. Sounds huge.
  2. Definitely the firmware update process and IR management.
  3. I have a similar issue. In my case, the metal clip on the inside of the Helix output broke off inside my unit. I am out of warranty so have not pursued getting it fixed. Still works fine, just doesn't lock the XLR in.
  4. My Helix sounds phenomenal through my Sony MDR7506 phones. $80 on Amazon.
  5. I believe Stryper is using Helix on their current tour but honestly can't remember where I saw it (get it,Honestly;) May have been posted on the Helix FB page.
  6. He has talked to L6 service. It happened in an air conditioned basement with plenty of ventilation for the Helix sitting up on a pedal board. The only thing that went out was the Helix. I played my Helix at a gig last Saturday where the heat index was 110 and the unit was on for 6 hours with no issues. It's a mystery right now but L6 is aware of the issue.
  7. This is a copy and paste from a friends Helix User Group post on FB. I am the witness in this account. Has anyone else experienced this? Makes me worry this could happen during a gig... Had my buddy over after work to take care of some gear. Was having him check out the Helix presets I had setup for gigging... About 15 minutes in my Helix just powered down outta nowhere and was completely unresponsive. No power, swapped cables, outlets.... Nothing. About 10 minutes later it powers back up... Anyone have anything like that happen? Completely weird and I have a witness to it too...
  8. So we have been begging for scene functionality since Helix was released and now we are going to fuss over 6 characters? Can't we just be happy for snapshots?? I am!!
  9. My half step down pitch shifts are unusable as well. All garbled up. Please fix Line 6!
  10. Agreed. Fantastic patches. I have most of his Helix releases.
  11. Ever since my Vetta crapped out on me an hour from home at a gig, I have always had a backup for any rig. I picked up a Randall RG13 that I throw in the truck now. It has enough power to push a cab plus a direct out. Decent tones to get through a gig in a pinch. Of course I have never needed a backup since that bad Vetta day. Just like I have never used the emergency generator in my garage. Better safe than sorry, though. I worry more about a drunk chick spilling a fruity drink on my Helix than it ever dying unexpectedly.
  12. mjorden

    Firmware update??

    Saw some noise on The Gear Page about a potential Firmware update, maybe today. Anyone else hear that?
  13. I have recently started using Ownhammer IRs and have had the same experience. The IRs feel more realistic, dynamic and alive. However, unless it is my imagination, they seem to eat up more DSP resources which limits what can be done in some patches. Would love for the stock L6 cabs to sound as good. I would even buy a cab model pack for the convenience factor.
  14. Great post. Couldn't agree more. I got the sh!t kicked out of me for posting that video.
  15. Thanks for the great review. I miss my Roadster but just can't haul around a bunch of amps and cabs because of a shoddy back. The Helix gets it done, although I do hope for more cool stuff in future firmware updates. Currently loving the editor.
  16. Loving the editor. Using MacBook Pro running latest OS with no issues. Thanks Line 6 crew!
  17. +1 Gunpointmetal said it better than me...all I'm trying to say is I love the Helix but it could be better for my personal preferences. I'm officially done talking about latency. Thanks for listening.
  18. I am not saying other modelers do not have latency between patches. I'm saying the Helix is noticeable to the point that it is challenging to use in a live situation unless you want to "time" your changes. I have not had this issue with other modelers I have used including: Fractal II, Kemper Rack, POD Flextone 1x12, POD HD 500, HD 500x, POD X3, POD, POD 2.0, POD XT, POD XT Live, AXSys 212, Spider, DT25, an old Digitech model, a Zoom, and probably several others I can't remember. I understand this is the nature of the beast, so I'll wait to see if things improve. As you can see, I am a long time, dedicated Line 6 customer. In the meantime, tell me this is normal and acceptable for a $1500 product...yes, these are fully loaded patches, and yes, some of this could be accomplished within one patch...but that's not how I prefer to set things up. Never have had to before...maybe I just expected too much from Helix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om67KGQn600
  19. It drives me crazy that Line 6 does not believe this is an issue. It is disheartening as a long time customer. Yes, there are in patch solutions, but I prefer to switch patches like I have with every modeler I have owned. I hope it will be addressed instead of giving work around or reasons why it isn't an issue. I'm a loyal customer and it's an issue to me.
  20. I just used the L2M for the first time at a gig last weekend and it was perfect. Used the L6 connection. Helix master at 12:00 and L2M only about a third up and it was plenty loud in a large theater. I am in an 80s band that covers everything from Madona to Motley Crue. I would also highly recommend the wheeled carry bag.
  21. I did a gig last night in a large theater using the L2M for the first time. I had my Helix master at 12:00 and the speaker not even half way up. It was plenty loud with a ton more volume left if needed. Use the L6 connection. Sounded great.
  22. I am totally onboard with gunpointmetal. I have always set my modelers up to have a clean, dirty, saturated, and solo patch. Worked great in previous Line 6 modelers, my Fractal, and my Kemper. Everyone keeps talking about workarounds (just hit the button a half beat ahead) or ways to do it within a patch, but that is not the issue. The issue is I have a $1500 processor that can't execute what I would consider a basic operation. My buddy has an AX8 coming today. I am curious to see how it operates and the latency. I have zero complaints about the sound quality of the Helix. Just wish I didn't have to tap dance to play a song.
  23. Switching between patches is still unusable in a live situation. Frustrating. I get you can build complex patches to accomplish a lot within one patch but for a $1500 unit you shouldn't have to create workarounds.
  24. Awesome! Thanks for the time and effort put into this.
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