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  1. Set your L3 to P.A. Reference. If you set it to guitar I would expect it to sound as you described.
  2. It might be cool to have a model of Brian Mays Deacy amp, or a Lab Series L3 like the one that B.B.King played. -Max
  3. maxnew40


    When I upgraded to the Helix from the HD500 the fist thing I noticed was how much easier it was to get a good basic tone. The next thing I noticed was that the Helix felt more like a real amp and that I don't really notice the device any longer (it has just become an extension of my guitar). If they never released another new product I would be happy until the day I die with the tones I get from my Helix. -Max
  4. maxnew40

    Glenn Delaune

    I bought some presets from him when I first got my Helix. I used those presets tweaked slightly for my first few gigs with the Helix. I have since moved to creating my own presets, but Glenn's stuff was real nice and helped me get of to a quick start. -Max
  5. I have bought a couple of Glenn's packages and one from Scott Michael Minchk. I don't use any of the packages I downloaded for live performance, but I don't feel like I overpaid or was ripped off in any way. I learned from each of those tones that I paid for. -Max
  6. I don't use the joystick very often at all, but mine has been back for repair twice now for this issue. Very quick turn around on repair, UPS picks it up on Thursday and then on the following Tuesday my repaired Helix is back on my doorstep. -Max
  7. I don't use global EQ at all (I connect via Line6 link). I do however use Cab IRs and set both low and high cuts to get them where I want them. -Max
  8. I use a Helix and an L2 for gigging. It works well for me, plenty of volume on tap (I don't play in a super loud metal band though). -Max
  9. I never try to tune when in variax mode, I have found that it doesn't work all that well. I tune with the mag pickups and use the neck pickup for the reasons phil gave. I have always found that tuning using the neck pickup works best for me any any guitar. -Max
  10. This is also a great way to audition cabinet IRs. -Max
  11. As great as the new litigator amp turned out, I think that Ben should be unleashed to create more original amps, based on different circuits from the Fender that he started with for the litigator. -Max
  12. The Litigator was great addition! I amusing it in a preset along with a Deluxe for cleans. If this is an indication of what future updates will bring, we are all in for a real fun ride! -Max
  13. The presets that I created did not change tone at all from the upgrade. either you have done something very different than what I do in my presets or you have not gone back to your global settings and adjusted them from the defaults that were loaded after the mandatory reset with switches 9 and 10, or you did put your IRs back in the proper location. Would you upgrade Windows on your computer the night before a big presentation? The Helix is basically a computer running software, treat it like one. -Max
  14. I do like to use two IR cabs in parallel, sometimes the same cab with different mic or mic positions, or two different cabs. I think it sounds bigger when you do that. -Max
  15. I think the reason is that the signal from the Variax is digital and not analog, so there is a fixed impedance that the digital signal looks for (probably 110 ohms) the digital signal would not be changed tonally with input impedance changes like it does with an analog amplifier input. -Max
  16. maxnew40

    It's here...

    Is the cream and sugar coming in the next update? ;) -Max
  17. I don't play gigs for free, and if I were to spend many hours working on and perfecting a product or service that also required the use of some of my particular experience to pull off I would probably not give it away for free unless I were wealthy enough to not need additional income. -Max
  18. Odd, our band has three L2 and 2 L3 speakers and none have had any issues. -Max
  19. I can't tell what cabinet this was from. US Custom does't really tell me much. Anybody know what cab this free IR is? -Max
  20. It is always possible that your unit is an older unit that sat in warehouse somewhere for a while. Get a support ticket going. -Max
  21. Yes I checked out each snapshot, but crystal clear cleans is not the phrase I would use for the cleans on the Friedman or the Sur amps. When I want clean I will use a Fender Deluxe or Fender Twin or if I need absolute clean with no grit the Roland JC. This is with a medium output humbucker equipped guitar. After fooling around with them I found that almost all of the gain comes from the OCD distortion that comes before the preamp model. If you step through the snapshots you will see that the preamp setting don't change, just the gain on the OCD (some of the cleanish snapshots use a seperate IR). I was able to dial down the gain pretty easily. -Max
  22. I bought the pack this weekend. They are mostly way too much gain for anything that I play, but the basssman will make it to my gigging set list. I need to play with a few of them to see if I can tame the amount of gain down a bit. -Max
  23. I have been using Line 6 products since the red bean POD and have never had a failure at a gig. Just one data point to be sure, but I don't worry about it. -Max
  24. I will probably buy this set as I have purchased two other sets from Glenn and have been happy with them. However I notice especially on the Suhr amps that his Helix simulations are missing that 3D aspect of the tone, it is hard to describe, but what I heard in the Suhr clips was nice but was missing something from the real amp. I only hear that 3D lushness with cleaner tones. -Max
  25. maxnew40

    support praise

    I had a six day turnaround from pickup to getting my repaired unit back in my hands. I have to say that I have not received the level of service and support that I got from line 6 from any company I have ever done business with. They were amazing! -Max
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